Our In-depth 4Sleep Bed Review for 2018 – How Does it Perform?

As high-performing individuals, who understand the importance of good sleep, 4Sleep founders wanted to design the perfect memory foam surface with improved qualities.

The result is an 11 inches thick mattress, with an all-foam structure distributed in 4 layers (hence the name). According to the producer, the layers are designed to work together for optimal comfort and firmness, while creating a highly-adaptive surface.

Backed up by 20 years of experience and an advanced manufacturing plant based in the USA, the 4Sleep snooze surface made us curious. As a result, we decided to further investigate the claims by reviewing the mattress.

If you’re interested in buying, continue reading our in-depth review, but if you’re just browsing, here is our summary.

The 4Sleep Bed Advantages You Will Love

  • Great Pressure Relief – Given that all four layers are foam, you can imagine why the 4Sleep offers great pressure relief. Even so, the layers are specially engineered to accommodate any body shape and remove any pressure when you’re lying down.
  • You need a snooze surface with minimum motion transfer – Foam is always used to reduce motion transfer, and the team that created 4Sleep went a step further. They added a layer of super resilient foam that works with you when you move and isolates most motions.
  • A bouncy surface that’s not too firm – The cool thing about this snooze surface is that it doesn’t give you the standard quicksand impression you usually find in viscoelastic.
  • Ideal sleeping temperature – The most sleeping surfaces today will just wick the temperature away, but 4Sleep is designed to maintain the ideal temperature so you’re comfortable and happy.
  • Good edge support – Most beds in a box have poor edge support because the foam loses shape when you get closer to the edge. 4Sleep implements an innovative support system that keeps the bed together when sitting or rolling closer to the edge.
  • High-quality at an affordable price – Because your order goes directly into their factory and there is no middleman, the price is remarkably lower than what you see in brick and mortar stores.

The 4Sleep Mattress Disadvantages You Might Not Love

  • It is not a spring product – Because it has an all-foam construction, the bed doesn’t have the push-back effect you may enjoy on a spring surface. The top is bouncy, yes, but it is not as bouncy as a hybrid or a full-innerspring.
  • It is not a traditional memory foam feel – Traditional viscoelastic is slower in response and it takes a bit for the surface to return to its initial shape. This is what gives that “hugging in” feeling you may like. 4Sleep is bouncy on the surface, with support where you need and when you need it.
  • It’s not available for testing before purchase – While this is true, 4Sleep is available for testing after purchase, as you have 100 nights to see if it good for your needs.

Interesting Construction of Foam

Reviewing Foam Construction

As we mentioned before, their beds are made of four very special layers of foam. However, everything starts with the thin, breathable cover made of a combination of Lycra, polyester, and viscose. The important thing is that the 4Sleep Cooling on Demand cover has the same heat and moisture-wicking properties you only see in sports apparel.

Now, underneath the cover, you’ll find this layer combination:

  • The top layer (1.5 inches, 3.5lbs memory foam) – The surface starts soft, with this gel-infused viscoelastic material, that provides the sleeper with contour and pressure relief – Just like the following three layers, this one maps the pressure points of your body to provide support where you need it. Finally, the gel opens the foam’s dense structure and keeps the surface cool.
  • The second layer (1.5 inches, 3lbs foam) – This is the layer where the mattress starts to feel bouncy, which allows you to move freely. It’s also the layer in charge of motion transfer isolation.
  • The third layer (1 inch, 3lbs foam) – As part of the super resilient layer, this foam comes to help the layer on top in bounciness and responsiveness. These two layers also participate in the pressure relief, offered by the first one.
  • The Base (7 inches, 2lbs foam) – The base provides the product with durability and acts as a solid support for the layers on top. This foam is designed to be the orthopedic support in the mattress, and takes care of your spine alignment and controls sinkage.

Finally, we also have to mention the edge support layer. This is made of two strips of foam, 2.5 inches thick, placed on each side of the layers two and three. With the help of these elements, 4Sleep doesn’t lose shape when you sit or sleep on the edge, and you can make use of the entire surface.

Firm or Soft?

4Sleep – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

After having reviewed it, we think the 4Sleep is a medium-firm with a tendency towards firm. However, you can’t really think it’s too firm or too soft, because, after a while, the surface reaches a balance that’s just right for you. It just may take a bit to accommodate to your body,

Everything starts a bit soft, because of the memory foam layer on top that creates contouring and absorbs most of the motion. Still, the layers beneath are firmer and provide enough support so you won’t sink into the mattress.

In our opinion, back sleepers and stomach sleepers will find this surface most accommodating. Side sleepers that tend to wake up with numbed limbs may need to try a softer product.

The Perfect Temperature

Temp Control While Sleeping Analysis

4Sleep mattresses can actually give you the perfect temperature due to the revolutionary gel technology in the foam layers! The gel is specially designed to absorb heat when it’s too much and release heat when the surface gets too cold.

The result is an amazing snoozing surface that gets hotter when you’re cold and cools down when you feel hot!

How the Motion Transfer Performs

Pressure Points and Motion Transfer of Bed

The layers in the middle are the ones in charge of motion transfer, but the entire surface is designed to absorb movement. The idea behind this concept is to allow even the lightest of sleepers to enjoy rest, even when they’re sharing the bed with a partner or a pet.

The super resilient foam is engineered to be responsive and bouncy when you need it to be, but absorbent of movement when it’s time for sleep.


  • 100-night trial – Since you’re not able to test the product before purchase, the producer gives you the chance to test it for 100 nights after. This way you have the time to get used to the bed and see how it performs in your own home.
  • 10-year warranty – The warranty covers the entire product, as long as you are the original buyer.
  • Free shipment & returns on all beds– 4Sleep will be delivered in a box, to make the installation easier, and the Company will come pick it up for free if you want to return it.
  • 100% American-made mattresses – Your order goes directly to the factory where the product is made and then shipped directly to you. Everything is done locally, which allows them to cut off the costs.

Ratings of 4Sleep Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score
Practical Choice

If you are looking for a high-value snoozing surface, 4Sleep is the practical choice. It comes with amazing features, it is easy to install, and the price is definitely affordable.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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While reviewing 4Sleep, it is not the only company to consider an all-foam mattress design, we have to think about the level of experience and dedication that stands behind the final result.

Each layer is specifically engineered to serve a purpose, from softness to support, from contouring to bounciness. In combination, the four amazing layers in this snooze surface manage to offer one of the most exhilarating sleep experiences you’ll ever try!

In conclusion, 4Sleep may look like just another online foam mattress, but it has what it takes to stand out from the crowd!

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