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There’s an old saying that one should best invest in solid and durable shoes and comfortable and high-quality beds. This is because we spend most of our time during our lives, either in one or the other, so it’s natural to want to have them suitable for our needs.

We think that the Airwave Bed was designed having this particular thought in mind: to sleep in a bed designed to help you with a well-rested sleep and ensure a wake-up full of energy for the day that is about to start.

The most particular thing about the Airwave Bed is that it’s not like any other bed out there: the components of the mattress are not made of memory foams or springs, they consist in a special resin fiber that is commonly used in the fabrication of fishing nets.

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Airweave Bed Will Certainly Improve Your Sleep Experience

  • It’s a firm mattress that doesn’t mold at all, even when pressed with hard objects. This is extremely beneficial for a person’s back, as it keeps a steady and consistent form, to an extent of 9 years without having any visible deformation.
  • The Airwave breaths far better than the other mattresses because of the “airfiber” material that allows up to 90% air to cross through. The advantage here is that it doesn’t keep the body odor and it is extremely easy to clean when the case.
  • Ensures a calm and relaxing sleep which can be visible in the morning with improved moods, a higher amount of energy and a rested body.
  • Heat retention is another strong advantage in favor of the Airwave bed that is clearly noticeable when the mattress is covered up.

 Airweave Mattress Probably Will Not Improve Your Sleep Experience

  • Pleasant sinking, some people have tried the Airwave bed and didn’t enjoy their sleep because their bodies are accustomed to soft mattresses that allow the body to deep in. Doctors recommend that for a perfect sleep, it should be as firm as possible.
  • It can be uncomfortable for side sleepers because the body is forced to stand still only on one side when it would be more comfortable on a softer fabric.

Architecture & Construction

Architecture of the Mattress

The Airweave bed is available in all sizes, and at its core, the mattress is made out of two airfiber layers Single layers of the “airweave” resin fibers construct both the support core of the mattress and the comfort layer that comes on top. Given how they are structured, the layers evenly support the weight of the body, which has a tremendous impact on releasing the physical strain that other mattresses may cause.

The architecture of the Airweave bed is carefully designed to meet some very high standards and requirements:

  • On the inside, the cushion is made out of polyethylene foam that works far better than the beds made out of memory foam. This is what allows it to maintain its steady shape.
  • The lining is made out of polyester which allows it to remain the same after it has been washed.
  • The cover is made out of cotton to ensure a warm and soft touch for the skin. It also helps out with keeping the bacteria away, making it possible for the mattress to last that long.

The resin fibers and their structure allow the temperature the body to be regulated so that the body can have the perfect sleep conditions.

See Our Firmness Test

Airweave – 9/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is the most important feature of the Airweave bed: its firmness. In spite the sinking pleasant sensation that most mattresses offer, most people wake up with joint pains and bone aches, which are strictly correlated with the position of the body during the sleep.

This firmness can easily be tested at home by placing very heavy objects on the mattress and see what happens: the shape stays the same. Furthermore, the firmness offers a great deal of support to the lower back, which is an area of the body that is greatly affected when it comes to people who work 8 hours sitting in a chair.

Is This For Cool Sleepers?

Sleeps Cool Reviewed

Definitely yes. As highlighted above, the resin fiber layers and the way they are put together influence the heat exchange between the body and the mattress. This allows a temperature regulation to take place until the body feels comfortable.

Edge Support 

The designers of Airweave bed have carefully considered the edges of bed to be in perfect harmony with the firmness. The edges are comfortable for other activities than sleeping as well, such as watching TV, reading a book, putting your socks, etc.


  • Athletes Rejoice – this is one of the highest recommendations that sportive physicians offer to the athletes that walk their doors: sleep on a firm and steady mattress to have a well-rested body, especially after an intense workout.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – the resin fibers and the Japanese technology used to bind them together are made out of materials that are friendly towards the environment.
  • 100 Nights of Trial – that is the available amount of time in which you can test out the Airweave bed and see if it is suitable for your sleep patterns and it if it brings some real, visible improvements.
  • 10 Years Warranty – yes, you’ve heard it right, if something happens to your mattress during a 10 year period, you are entitled to a warranty claim.
  • Sizes – there are six sizes available for this particular mattress – the California King, King, Queen, Full Bed, Twin XL and Twin.
  • Price Range – the Twin Airweave mattress costs $1.000, and it goes all the way to $1.500 for the premium version. An important detail to highlight here is the fact that the mattresses are all manufactured and shipped from Japan.

Ratings of Airweave Mattress Review

9 Total Score

Once you get comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a firm and steady Airweave bed, you wouldn’t want to switch to traditional layer technologies ever again. It is a great choice for people who want to wake up well-rested, ready to jump start every morning. Couples and athletes can also have their sleep turned around by this particular mattress.

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Considering the Airweave bed as an alternative to your current can be one of those decisions that will visibly impact your life. It’s not just the product reviews that are praising the mattress; anyone can test it out and check from themselves.

Here are a couple of arguments why we think this Airweave bed is something worth considering:

  • It is made out of layers of resin fiber which is commonly used in the construction of fishnets. These particular layers allow the air to breath better as 90% of the air can travel smoothly between the fibers.
  • The outside layer is made out of polyethylene which is the key element that offers the firmness to the mattress. This means that it supports up to 260lbs of weight without losing its shape.
  • The bones and joints will rest in a normal and restful position, which eliminates the aches and the pains that a more cozy and soft mattress would bring after long-term use.
  • The mattress is a strong heat retainer, which means that the temperature between your body and the mattress is carefully regulated.
  • The firmness of the Airweave mattress ensured a long and durable life for the bed, with a warranty of 10 years.

Many medical opinions state that sleeping is a very powerful component of our daily routines: from moods to energy levels, body freshness, and restfulness. That’s one of the reasons why the Airweave bed is such a veritable investment: it will have more than one positive effect on your life.

If you still feel doubtful, you can take advantage of the 100 night trial period and test it out for yourself. That’s how you can see if the Airweave bed is for you. If you don’t find it’s firmness suitable for your sleep patterns, you can ask for your money back.

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