Detailed Allswell Bed Review (Guide & Our Thoughts)

We had our eyes on Allswell Bed for quite some time, and now we finally decided to give a try to The Firmer One first (they also have a Softer One as well).

As people who sleep mostly on their backs and sides, we felt pretty good sleeping on this medium firm surface; it reduced all the pressure and pain and provided us with enough comfort and support.

The difference between the Firmer and the Softer One lies in the construction. Our today’s choice is a hybrid made of separated pocketed springs and foam that give great comfort and a moderate firmness.

Tall, cooling and made of natural materials, so this mattress by Allswell is an excellent choice for people who seek a decent edge support and low motion transfer.

Here you can find our short version this review here.

You Will Wake Up Restful On Allswell Bed If

  • You prefer hybrid constructions with coils – If this is your thing this mattress will surprise you in a right way; the bed gives enough bounce and support, and above all, you’ll always feel comfortable sleeping on it.
  • You are a fan of medium firm sleeping surfaces – Allswell has designed two mattresses with different levels of firmness; this one is excellent if you sleep on your back or side.
  • You want a pressure relief – It provides enough pressure relief to the usual pressure points such as spine, hips, neck, and shoulders. We are amazed by how pleasant the rest was and how pain-free the morning felt.
  • You care to sleep on beds made of natural materials – Allswell creates their beds without chemical deodorizers and uses only natural ingredients like plant-derived oils. This is especially important for people with sensitive skin or people who have issues with their respiratory system.

You Might Not Wake Up Feeling Restful On Allswell Mattress If

  • You’re a stomach sleeper – For this sleeping position Allswell made another softer version, using only foam layers; the Softer One is perfect if this is your favorite sleeping position and will provide you with soft comfort and support.
  • You prefer sleeping on a softer surface – Allswell’s softer choice is an equally quality-made bed; it might be a more suitable choice if you enjoy melting into the sleeping surface.
  • You are a fan of foam layers – This one contains layers of memory foam, but after all, it’s a hybrid with pocketed springs that may not fascinate you if you seek only foam beds. In that case, you may want to purchase the other Allswell option.

The Architecture & Structure of Layers

Materials Thoroughly Reviewed

Allswell makes tall beds (12 inches) and uses only natural materials for the layers and the cover. Allswell’s firmer option is a combination of individually pocketed springs and memory foam providing the sleeper with support and lovely comfort from head to toes.

Both Allswell’s versions have similar built, expect the first has included pocketed coils.

Let’s see all the layers:

  • Cover – The built-in topper is plushy to the touch, and was made of woven fabric that was specially designed to make you feel cool when you sleep. It was created with natural ingredients such as charcoal, green tea extract, and plant-derived oils. It’s excellent for people with sensitive skin.
  • Top layer – This is where the thick innovative memory foam is placed which cradles you and takes the shape of your body lines. It’s thick enough to provide you with comfort, and yet you won’t be able to feel any of the separately pocketed coils below.
  • Bottom layer – The foundation is the “home” of hundreds of pocketed coils (13 gauge) that provide incredible support, compression and contouring for the entire surface but also support and stability. The pocketed coils create enough space so the air can flow through this area providing breathability for the entire mattress.

Firmness Graded and Evaluated

The Softer One – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This one as the name says feels much softer. It was specially designed for stomach sleepers and for people who enjoy sleeping on soft surfaces. The entire construction is made of foam layers, while the cover is the same as it is for the Firmer one; it provides coolness and great support. Feels like the mattress is hugging you and the comfort is beyond words great.

The Firmer One – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

The mattress that we are reviewing today is significantly firmer thanks to the foundation with hundreds of separate springs wrapped in fabric. The top memory foam layer provides a pleasant feeling when you lay down, but it certainly feels pretty firm. It’s excellent for back and side sleepers and heavier people; also it will do great for pressure relief. It also has terrific edge support and provides contouring from head to toes.

Cooling (Thoughts & Overview)

The first feeling of coolness you get when you touch the top of the mattress. The cover was specially woven with natural materials that provide a cooling effect and won’t let you feel overheated.

Spring beds usually are taller (if the coils have enough gauge) and that extra space between them allows the air to flow without any problems; this too adds for the breathability and the coolness of the whole sleeping surface.

Edge Support

Edge Support on Firmer One Audit

Hundreds of pocketed coils all wrapped separately for even better bounce and firmer edge support – that’s our first impression after we reviewed Allswell’s Firmer One. The top layer which consists memory foam adds some sinkage, which isn’t drastic. Sitting or sleeping near the edges provides support, so there is no chance you fall on the floor.

We gave a solid rate (not the highest though) for this feature, but we want to let you know that you can expect a little melting into the top layer (not into the core). But no worries – the coils are there to give you bounce and contouring.

On the other hand, the motion transfer is perhaps one of the best we reviewed so far. Your partner can jump on the other side of the mattress, and no movement will be transferred to your side.


  • 100-nights sleep trial – The company gives more than three months to adjust and get used to it.
  • 10-years of warranty – Allswell gives a decade-long warranty for any defects in the manufacture and the materials.
  • Financing available – You can have monthly payments options using Affirm.
  • Optional mattress removal – These guys offer to take away your old mattress for you.
  • White glove service – Standard freight delivery/White Glove Service.

Ratings of Allswell Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score

Allswell designed a firmer bed for all of us you prefer sleeping on moderately firm surfaces; it’s great for side and back sleepers and for anyone who seeks a comfortable and pressure free rest. It provides coolness and excellent support.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We reviewed Allswell firmer version, and our general impression is that it offers everything a great firm bed should have – support, comfort, contouring, excellent cooling feature and softness.

We are very pleased with our rest on it mostly because we felt how the foam layer melted below our weight and it took the shape of our bodies, allowing our backs to take a natural position. We didn’t feel any pressure in our hips or shoulders, and we recommend it to all of you who have even a slight pain in your bones or muscles.

The pocketed springs provide a great bounce and ultimate edge support; the motion transfer is almost unbelievably good. We made all sorts of testing such as jumping on one side, tossing, turning and getting up, and none of it transferred to the rest of the surface. It’s excellent if you have a partner that moves a lot in their sleep.

The cover is made of natural fabrics and provides cool sleep, but also the foundation allows constant airflow through the pocketed springs.

The company offers excellent conditions for payment; they also give a decade-long warranty and a 100-nights sleep trial.

In general, we reviewed a bed that has a decent design and excellent comfort and support. Allswell’s Softer One is also great, but is more suitable for stomach sleepers.

Allswell did a great job!


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