In-depth Guide & Avocado Bed Review for 2018

Avocado is a brand for the environmental-conscious people out there who don’t like sleeping on polyurethane foams that require off-gassing.

Made with 100% natural Dunlop latex from sustainable resources, organic wool, recycled steel support coils, and organic cotton, Avocado does not feature the sky-high prices you’d expect. Furthermore, the team behind the mattress is set on creating an ethical and sustainable business practice by being totally honest with their customers and providing the best organic materials possible.

What do you think: does it sound too good to be true? It did to us too, which is why we decided to do a thorough review. The result impressed us, and you can read all about it below (or read our summary here).

You’ll Adore Avocado Bed If

  • You want to protect the environment by using natural materials – Polyurethane foams and other types of manmade materials are created using all sorts of chemical products, but Avocado is specially designed to be as harmless to the environment as possible.
  • You want completely natural fibers at an affordable price – All natural beds are extremely expensive and come with all sorts of bells and whistles to justify the price. On the other hand, Avocado is straightforward and costs the third of a standard natural bed.
  • You like a surface that naturally regulates body temperature – Most foams overheat, and the cooling systems that usually contain gel particles are not always effective. Avocado uses natural materials such as cotton and wool, which have been used by our ancestors for centuries. These regulate your body temperature in a natural way, without the need for.
  • You need variable back support – The coils layer is divided into several zones of pressure to provide support just as you need it, where you need it.
  • You need a bouncy surface that still provides some contouring – Considering the inner-structure, you may consider Avocado a firm surface, but in reality, it is quite soft. It provides good support (due to the coils layer), but it’s also contouring and comfy. Furthermore, for a bit more comfort and softness, you can order the mattress with an additional pillowtop.
  • You want a hypoallergenic bed – For people who suffer from asthma or allergies, latex is the most-recommended material for their snoozing surface.

You’ll Not Adore Avocado Green Mattress If

  • You still want the sink in feeling provided by memory foam – Yes, Avocado is rather soft, but the surface is bouncy an immediately reacts to your movements. Furthermore, the layer of coils is not what you need where you’re looking to sink in.
  • You don’t want any bounciness – Given the height of the coils (8 inches), you can’t expect the Avocado to not provide any bounciness. Actually, this is one of the key features, so you should reconsider your options.
  • You don’t trust such a new company – Yes, the Avocado concept was born in 2015, but the company proved its worth by now. They remained true to their motto, and they make all the mattresses by hand, in the USA. Still, for a brand with more history, you should keep looking.

The Design (Materials & Layers)

Avocado Materials and Layers

At first sight, Avocado looks heavy and tall, which is pretty accurate considering the type of layers inside. But before we talk about what you can’t see, let’s talk about what’s on top, and this is the cover.

It is soft to touch and thicker than most covers we reviewed by now, but it is button-tufted to keep the layer underneath in place. This, of course, means you can’t remove it for cleaning, but it can be spot cleaned, in the case of an accident.

The material used for the cover is organic cotton, which is breathable and extremely comfortable to the touch. It’s also great in keeping you dry and well-ventilated during sleep.

Right beneath the impressive organic cotton cover, there is a layer of tufted Joma New Zeeland wool that adds a bit of plushness to the top layer. Wool is a natural fabric that has been used for hundreds of years for beds, because it is efficient in wicking moisture away, regulates body temperature, and is naturally anti-microbial.

The inner structure of the mattress is made of three layers, as it follows:

  • One layer of 100% Dunlop Natural Latex – If you get the version without the pillowtop, this layer will only be 2-inches things, but with the pillow top, another 2-inch latex layer will be added. This layer provides contouring and rapid response, while also being in charge of temperature regulation and pressure points relief.
  • Ergonomic Support Coils (8 inches) – Each coil is individually wrapped, and the layer is divided into 3 zones of pressure so you’ll feel properly supported according to your needs. It’s also the layer in charge of isolating movement and providing stellar edge support.
  • One Layer of High-Density Dunlop Latex (1 inch) – The coils are protected by a thinner layer of latex that serves as the base.

While reviewing it, we also enjoyed the heavy-duty handles placed on both side panels. These are great for moving or adjusting the position of your Avocado surface, given that it’s not exactly lightweight.

A Look at the Stiffness Rating

Avocado Green – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

In comparison with other latex mattresses, Avocado’s surface is actually quite soft, but bouncy. This is due to the tufted cover that brings the true pillowtop feel, but it also helps to order the extra latex layer on top.

Overall, we would recommend it to back and side sleepers, but some stomach sleepers may also enjoy it. Still, lightweight people may feel the mattress is too firm because it won’t provide that much contouring.

Cooler Nights

Natural materials such as cotton, wool, and latex are great for providing the optimum temperature you need during sleep. Because they are naturally created for isolation, you don’t have to worry about your bed overheating or getting too cold. It will be just right.

Furthermore, the tall layer of coils creates a huge, well-ventilated area right in the middle of the mattress, which improves airflow and keeps everything cool and cozy.

Movement and Motion Transfer

Motion Transferred Reviewed by Experts

If you consider the layer of coils, you may think Avocado will behave like a standard innerspring. However, each of the coils is pocketed and acts on its own when it feels pressure. This is why motion isolation is rather good, but the surface as a whole is rather bouncy.

This technology is also the one to provide zones that react differently to pressure. This way, your butt will sink a bit deeper than your shoulders, but just enough to keep the spine well-aligned.


  • 100-night trial – The company offers the standard trial period for testing Avocado at home.
  • Comes in a box or in natural size – If you want it delivered to your doorstep, the surface is rolled in a box. Otherwise, it comes in its natural size.
  • Free shipping and returns – When you buy the product compressed and rolled in a box, you will get free shipping. Still, there is the possibility to get in-home delivery, where the surface comes as is – but you will have to pay an extra fee. Returns are also free.
  • Each Avocado is handmade – Because details matter, each mattress is button-tufted by hand, and soft rosette caps go through all the layers to keep everything in place.
  • 25-years warranty – The first 10 years are non-prorated with full-replacement value, and the next 15 years are prorated with limited coverage.

Ratings of Avocado Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score
Wonderfully Natural

The use of natural materials brings a breath of fresh air in the industry and Avocado managed to use this to their advantage. Their surface is luxuriously soft, elegantly bouncy, and wonderfully natural.

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Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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Avocado brings much-needed transparency in the world of luxury, all-natural material mattresses. The company is set to prove the world that you don’t have to empty out your saving accounts just to buy yourself a questionable, almost natural snooze surface that promises to re-instate your long-forgotten youth.

Avocado’s product is wonderfully honest and explains why each material is considered natural. Even more, they also explain why their surface is environmentally-friendly and why you should consider such a product if you care about your health and the planet.

Of course, it’s not a product that will make everyone happy, but for the ones who care about the surface underneath them, it will definitely make a change. We loved the attention to details, the softness of the cover, and the gentle bounce the latex combined with coils’ action it provides.

After a thorough review, Avocado is one of the truly-honest products on the market. And this says a lot!

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