Big Fig Bed Review and Ratings (Who Is It For?)

Go big or go home, is the first saying that comes to our mind when comes to Big Fig Bed. Specially designed for heavier people, this mattress is extra tall and quite heavy, made to endure bigger weight. We wanted to make a review for it since we don’t often come across these types of mattresses and we’re sure that a lot of readers will be interested in it.

It is ideal for people who are heavier and who want to invest in a long-term sleeping solution (they often claim that regular mattresses sink or wear down fast due to their weight).

To be honest, our weight combined isn’t a joke, so we were quite happy to see what this mattress has to offer.

If you want to read the short version, you can find it here.

Your Mornings Will Feel Exceptional With Big Fig Bed If

  • You are a big person (weight over 300lbs) – The manufacturers designed a mattress to meet the needs of heavy sleepers. It’s super firm and quite tall, ideal to endure two heavier people, without any problems.
  • You prefer extra firm beds – It won’t let you down if you’re looking for a super firm sleeping surface that won’t indent below your weight. Its firmness passed the test when we sat, jumped and lied down on it. There was no significant sinking in, no feeling that we create holes below us – it remained firm.
  • You seek a bed that will keep your back straight – The firmer the sleeping surface, the better the sleeping position. We loved that it remained firm so when you lie down your back remains in a good posture. The quilted cover supports the lower back which feels fantastic.
  • You are a back sleeper – This is a firm sleeping surface and is ideal, if not perfect for back sleepers. Those of you who feel back pain or were recommended to sleep on a firm bed will get a miraculously good sleep on Big Fig. Side sleepers may feel a little hip pressure, but it’s nothing serious. We don’t recommend it for stomach sleepers.

Your Mornings Might Not Feel So Good With Big Fig Mattress If

  • You are lightly weighted – No matter how inviting it looks and no matter how great it feels sleeping on it (on your back especially) after a while you may find it extremely firm if your weight is low on the scale.
  • You are a stomach sleeper – Firm surfaces aren’t always the best choices for people who love to sleep on their stomachs. You will feel a lot of pressure in this position so you may experience a non-comfortable rest.
  • You love moderate firm or soft beds – If you want to sink in your bed (you won’t sink even the tiniest bit unless you’re not a heavy person), we are sorry to say that you won’t get that with this one. It was designed to last for a long time and to endure heavier sleepers, which is why its firmness is high on the scale.

The Design – Assembly of Layers

Bed Foundation and Assembly

Big Fig is much taller than most of the mattresses we reviewed so far; it is 33 cm (13“) tall and is made of a complex combination of foam and coils. Besides that, it is laid on a foundation designed to endure even the biggest weight. It gives the ultimate stability and makes it even taller.

Here are the details for all of the layers:

  • Cover – It’s a soft layer that was made of a fabric blended with a gel that functions as a thermoregulator that scatters the body heat. The cover has a 1-inch layer of foam giving a lovely and comfortable touch and feels nice when you lie down.
  • The Top Foam and Latex Layer – This layer contains half an inch gel with added latex which provides airflow to the entire thing. Latex is a material that is often used because of its cooling features, but it’s also a material that responses well when you lie down and gives some bounce.
  • Foam Layers – Right below the foam and latex layer there are three different layers made of durable polyfoam (each is 1 inch tall). These layers are quite firm and are added to provide you with the much-needed support and of course, as a response to your body. The foam layers will improve your sleeping posture and also give a bounce, so you won’t feel that you need extra effort to get up.
  • Support Layer – This part contains pocketed coil layer (7 inches tall) that gives bounce. All the pocket coils are separately wrapped and provide excellent isolation and motion. The pocketed coil layer also offers some more airflow and allows cooling.
  • High-Density Poly Foam – This layer is 3 inches tall and wraps the pocketed coils. It’s also a solid layer (gives great edge support) and won’t let the sleeper, especially a heavier one to fall of the mattress when they roll or move. Also, this layer gives most of the bed’s support.
  • Base – The mattress’s base is made of polyfoam (1.5 inches). The base layer is added to provide decent durability.
  • Foundations – When you purchase your Big Fig you will get it with the unique accessory (which to be honest is a brilliant addition). It was specially made to support even the heaviest sleepers. The two pieces are made of slats of wood with two center rails for even bigger and better support. Yes, they give even more height (especially if you add them to a bed frame). We preferred to place them on the floor.

Firmness Grade

Big Fig – 9/10 (Firmness Scale)

We rated it with a solid 9. It is super firm, but it has to be because it’s made for heavier sleepers. Thanks to the cover (with quilted foam) the sleeping is not unpleasant, au contrary, it feels lovely, and you do get a little sinkage (again if you’re on the heavier side). This fabric has a fast response to body pressure; the bigger the weight, the more you’d feel the support and bounce.

Cooling Rated

The cover works as an excellent thermoregulator, allowing airflow through the bed but it also does not trap the body heat. We did not feel overheated nor did we sweat. The fact that there are two layers (the cover and the support layer) that allow airflow and regulate the body temperature makes it quite extra; at the end of the day, such a tall and big mattress truly needs some additional cooling features.

Edge Support

Making of the Cover Reviewed

This is a very important feature for people who will share their Big Fig with a partner. Even if you won’t sleep on it with another person, edge support is still essential especially if you tend to toss and turn. Its side support is excellent; it helps you get a pleasant and calm sleeping and won’t let you collapse into the side of the bed, especially when you sleep near its edge. This feature is beyond necessary for larger people. The Big Fig must have edge support that is twice as good than any other mattress; you can sleep near the edge without any feeling of compression.

On the other hand, there is some motion transfer when your partner moves or stands up. It isn’t unpleasant, but it’s there which is why we didn’t give the Big Fig the highest rate for this feature.


  • 101 nights sleep trial – The manufacturers give 101 night to make up your mind.
  • 20 years of warranty – This is perhaps the most extended warranty so far, but because it was made of materials that have to last, the time is quite enough.
  • Free shipping – You won’t get extra charges for the delivery.
  • Foundation – It’s included in the price, and by all means, they will send it with the mattress.

Ratings of Big Fig Mattress Review

9.5 Total Score

Simba has a great design, and an excellent combination of foams and pockets springs, placed in five different layers. We enjoyed the comfort and the support, as well as the shape it takes according to the body line.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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This is a large bed made for heavier people. We made a review of a firm sleeping surface that works the best for back sleepers (and for people with weight over 300 labels). It’s an outstanding combination of pocketed coils and foams, which give an excellent airflow through all the layers and provide you with perfect support and comfort.

A more massive person will get great support, even if they sleep near the sides (thanks to the great edge support) and will feel relaxed even after longs hours of rest. There is some motion transfer, which isn’t a big deal.

We love the twenty years of warranty, the included foundation and the fact that there is free shipping.

After reviewing, the Big Fig is a big deal, and we loved it.

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