What We Discovered in Our Brentwood Home Bed Review

Today on our “bed menu” is the Brentwood Home Bed. More precisely we are reviewing the Cedar, which is one of the several mattresses that this company makes.

All of their beds are somewhere in the middle of the firmness range, so we can easily say that Cedar feels very comfortable, cozy and above all supportive. This is a mattress with a unique design, several rich layers of foams and pocketed coils which altogether make a tall bed that cradles your body from head to toes.

We enjoyed reviewing Brentwood and had a very pleasant sleep on it, which you will read all about down below. If you are in a hurry, click here for the short version of our review.

Brentwood Home Bed Will Be Fascinating For Your Snooze If

  • Moderate firm sleeping surfaces are your favorite – Brentwood makes quite comfy beds that are mostly moderately firm and such is the case with Cedar. Brentwood feels very pleasant and comfortable no matter what position you sleep in.
  • You seek a quality bed – Brentwood is known for their meticulous work when comes to making their mattresses. Cedar is carefully designed and produced to meet all your needs such as comfort, pressure relief, coolness, and support.
  • Hybrids are your favorites – The smart combination of pocketed springs and several layers of foam give this mattress the comfort you need. There is enough support, bounce for more natural movements and getting up but also comfort and low motion transfer.
  • Cooler sleeping is important for you – Brentwood makes their bed with cotton covers that are also enriched with wool for extra comfort. The cover is breathable and won’t allow you to sweat or overheat during your rest.

Brentwood Home Mattress Might Not Be Great For Your Snooze If

  • You don’t like tall beds – Brentwood’s Cedar is quite tall as you can see; even though it has a stable base and layer with pocketed coils that make getting up quite easy, it may be not suitable for shorter people or for people who prefer thinner beds.
  • You prefer to sleep only on foam layers – Cedar is a fantastic combination of foams and pocketed springs, but some people may find the bounce and the minimum sinkage not suitable for their criteria.
  • You prefer sleeping on firmer beds – Brentwood produces medium-firm mattresses that may be a little too soft for people who prefer beds that are higher on the scale of firmness.

Architecture (Layers/Materials)

Architecture Bed Reviewed

We loved that Brentwood added handles on the sides of the mattress, which makes Brentwood super easy for adjusting or maneuvering. But that’s not the only great feature this bed has. Its top layer is made of memory foam (you can feel it the moment you sit or lay down), but thanks to the lower layers and the pocketed springs you don’t get to sink into it and the bounce is quite excellent.

Here are all the layers of Brentwood’s Cedar:

  • Cover – The cover is made of natural materials such as organic cotton and wool; both fabrics provide softness and pressure relief. Wool was added so it could quickly absorb moisture and to regulate the body temperature, so you always get to sleep in a soft and chill bed.
  • Top Layer – Also known as the comfort layer, it was made of latex foam (2 inches thick). The latex foam is a completely natural material; the designers added it because it’s known for its fast response your body pressure points. It also provides bounce and has an excellent cooling effect.
  • Transition Layer – Right below the first layer there is another one 2 inches thick layer also made of latex foam. The foam adds bounce; these layers are soft enough and allow you to sink in a little bit so you won’t feel any pressure (especially if you sleep on your side or stomach). The bounce is excellent because it won’t allow you to stuck into the mattress. The transition layer is not the same as the top layer although they are made of the same material; this layer provides airflow and coolness to the entire surface. Also, this layer adds even more support and is slightly firmer so the sleeper won’t feel the lower layers.
  • Third Layer – This is where the pocketed springs are located; each of them is 8 inches tall, and they are all individually wrapped. Thanks to this layer you get the support and the bounce. Besides that, the pocketed springs are contouring the body in every position and also work as excellent motion isolators. We love that the springs are so tall and not only because we enjoy taller beds, but also because they create space in the whole mattress letting air flow easily through every layer. Therefore every part of Cedar seems to provide airflow and breathability.
  • Foundation – It’s made of 1 inch of coconut husk. This layer is the base for the coils but also for the entire bed.

Firmness Test – The Results

Cedar – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

We are reviewing Cedar which is slightly above the middle on the scale of firmness. Brentwood also has two more quality and comfortable mattresses Ojai and Oceano, which have more or less similar level of firmness.

Cedar feels very comfortable and its cover and the top layer give a wonderful feeling of cradling and a little sinking for even better support. When you sit or lay down, naturally it gets more pressure from your weight, so the latex instantly responses to your body shape. It feels sufficiently soft, but it won’t give you the feeling like you are sinking into the core (the latex gives bounce to the upper layers. When combined with the pocketed coils the latex foam will not let you drop any further into the core.

In the end of the day, the firmness will feel different for people of different shape and weight.

What is important is that the mattress contours your body as you lay down, it reliefs you from any pressure and is excellent for side and back sleepers, although we slept on our stomachs as well and it wasn’t uncomfortable. In general, we enjoy sleeping on medium-firm mattresses, and Cedar surely passed our test.

Oceano – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)
Oceano is right in the middle when comes to firmness and feels a bit softer than Cedar. It’s equally comfortable and supportive, and it’s ideal for stomach and side sleepers. Its medium firmness will impress people who are lightweight and who prefer softer beds.

Ojai – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Ojai is the firmest in this group, although we still range it somewhere above the middle. It feels a little bit firmer than Cedar, responses well to the sleeper and gives wonderful support. It’s suitable for sleeping in all positions, but back sleepers would have the most benefit.

What If You Are a Hot Sleeper?

Brentwood’s Cedar is perhaps one of few beds that we reviewed that has a constant airflow through every layer. Not only the cover is made of soft organic cotton and wool (moisture won’t stay trapped in the cover), but also the latex foam layer allows airflow. Besides that, Brentwood added pocketed coils (8 inches tall) that add more space to the whole mattress and when you have that much space that isn’t stuffed with foam the air can flow smoothly.

Sleeping on the Brentwood Cedar was very pleasant, and it didn’t feel extremely hot. Your body temperature is continuously regulated thanks to all of these layers that work their magic to provide you with cooler sleep.

Edge Support

Support and Pressure Full Analysis

When we decided to review Brentwood Cedar we didn’t even have to sit or lay down to know that they made a product with excellent edge support. They combined a few layers with responsive latex foam and high-quality pocketed springs, so the final product is a bed that got our highest rate.

Edge support is very important for everyone who will share their Cedar with a partner. In this case, both sleepers tend to sleep near the sides. Your body weight gets equally distributed all over the surface, but when you move near the edges, there is slight compression although it’s normal because the top layers are softer. So sleeping or sitting near the edges will cause some sinking, but it’s nothing serious, you won’t fall or lose balance. The support and bounce of the pocketed coils are there to keep you safe and on top of the mattress.

The motion transfer was beyond satisfying; all layers together do an excellent job to spare you from any sudden movement transfer that comes from your partner’s side.


  • 25 years of warranty – We were beyond surprised to see the number of years. Brentwood surely did a crazy good job with this one.
  • 120-nights sleep trial – You can test your Cedar for four months, and if you don’t get to like it, you can return it.
  • Free shipping only in the USA – They deliver it compressed in a box and won’t charge you for the shipping (if you live in the States).

Ratings of Brentwood Home Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score

Brentwood made a fantastic mattress that met all our expectations such as comfort, stability, coolness, and bounce. It’s moderately firm and is constructed with five layers of latex foams and pocketed coils which give you a cozy feeling and relaxation.

Quality & Materials
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Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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We reviewed the Cedar by Brentwood Home Bed which is one of the three excellent mattresses (Ojai and Ocean are the other two). Its moderate firmness works excellent for a back, side, and even stomach sleepers. The manufacturers used only natural materials to create this comfortable and supportive mattress that will provide you with a pleasant, cool and supportive rest.

Every layer was carefully chosen – the cover and the top layer provide comfort and softness, while the transition layer (made of somewhat firmer latex foam) does a perfect job so you won’t feel the lower layer where the pocketed coils are located. The foundation is firm and supportive.

Cedar has enough bounce, softness and support and it responses well to your body frame, keeping you free of pressure and allowing you to sleep without feeling overheated.

They offer a quite extended warranty (25 years) and 120-nights sleep trial; free shipping is provided if you live in the USA.

Our general impression is that Brentwood swept us off our feet!

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