Our Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review – Are They Worth it?

Brooklyn Bedding is a US-based company specialized in producing and selling beds online. They produce three different versions of the same product (Bowery, Signature, and Aurora), but we only reviewed the Brooklyn Signature.

This model is also known as the ‘best mattress ever’ due to its unique features and level of comfort. Unlike the original Brooklyn surface, the Signature is a hybrid product, with pocketed coils and TitanFlex foam (proprietary to this company). Signature also has the soft, medium, and firm versions, but also offers improved support and nice responsiveness on the surface. The mattress allows easy movement and the motion transfer is nicely isolated.

If you’re curious, check out our in-depth review below, but we also have the short version, in summary, available here.

Say Yes to Brooklyn Bedding If You

  • Enjoy sleeping on a hybrid surface – We loved how the surface feels when you lie on top of it because it’s both soft and firm at the same time. You get to enjoy the pushback effect of the springs while appreciating the wonderful foam contouring.
  • Want an affordable latex surface – The designer foam (TitanFlex) is specially created to emulate the properties of latex offering the same springiness and an antibacterial sleeping environment.
  • Want to buy directly from the producer – The company doesn’t just sell the bed, they are also producing it, in their US-based factory. As a result, you can be absolutely sure they understand the product and know what they’re doing.
  • Enjoy a surface that keeps cool at night – Due to the TitaniumGel (also specially designed for this bed) the surface remains cool during the night. This means you won’t overheat or sweat, which adds up to a good night
  • Know which firmness level is best for you – Most online mattress companies create one product, with just one firmness setting. The Signature allows clients to choose from soft, medium, and firm, a great feature for most of us.

Say No to Brooklyn Mattress If You

  • Want a soft surface, with memory foam feeling – Signature is a bouncy, flexible mattress so no, there won’t be too much sink in action. If your favorite is the soft foam feeling, you may enjoy a different product.
  • Want 100% natural latex – Even though Signature may feel like latex, it is not – the TitanFlex foam is a designed foam, created to emulate the characteristics of natural latex. So, if the natural fiber is important to you, go with your passion.
  • Need to test it before buying – Because there are no physical showrooms, Signature can’t be tested before putting down the money. However, considering the affordable price and the 120-night trial, you shouldn’t worry.

What’s Inside the Bed?

Inside the Signature Bed

Brooklyn Signature is a simple mattress, with just three layers:

  • TitanFlex Comfort (2 inches) – Because their designer foam has hyper-elastic features, the top layer is highly responsive and adjust to your body as you move. This means there will be no being stuck sensation as it usually happens with viscoelastic foam layers. Even more, the layer is infused with TitaniumGel (also designed by Brooklyn Bedding), which helps with the surface cooling.
  • TitanFlex Support (2 inches) – Here we have the transition layer, between the comfy surface and the layer of springs where most of the back support happens. This layer is the same TitanFlex foam, but firmer in order to promote compression support and contouring.
  • Ascension Pocketed Coils (6 inches) – When it comes to the level of quality, the number of coils is important. This is why the Signature has 1,024 individually wrapped coils that help with extended durability and increased responsiveness. It also helps with minimum motion transfer during the night.

The cover is a quilted cotton blend and feels extremely soft to touch. One feature we’re not extremely happy about is that the cover is sewn into the first layer, which means you can’t remove and wash it. However, the pattern it creates is very nice and ensures the cover stays put no matter what. Signature is guarded by durable material, dark colored, side panels that even have handles, to ease moving it around.

You should also know there is only one surface you can sleep on (so no flipping), but you can rotate it to prevent early sagginess.

3 Different Firmness Levels

We only reviewed the Signature model, but we’ll mention firmness levels for all Brooklyn products, to make sure you have all the information, for a correct decision.

Brooklyn Signature


As we already mentioned, this model comes in three different versions of firmness, described below.

Soft – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

If you like the hugged feeling, soft is your best choice. The top layer is slower in response and softer, offering that cozy feeling some of us love. According to online users’ reviews, this model is best for side sleepers because it eliminates pressure points that tend to form around the hips and shoulders with firmer surfaces.

Medium – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is the version we reviewed, and we liked the fact that you’re sleeping more on the mattress, than in it. The top layer is firmer but offers a nice balance between contouring and support. Now, because the layer is more responsive, you can move around during the night, which makes this version the best for people without a favorite sleeping position.

Since it’s a combination of soft and firm, this is the most recommended version for couples who don’t have the same firmness preferences.

Firm – 8.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

With additional lumbar support, the firm version of the Signature is mostly recommended to back and stomach sleepers. Of course, the way you perceive firmness is highly dependent on your weight, so for heavier people, the firm will feel softer.

Brooklyn Bowery


One Level – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Designed for people on a budget, the Bowery implements a medium level of firmness. Since the inner structure is only foam, your body will be well-contoured by this model, and there will be no push-back action (like you feel with the Signature).

This makes Bowery best for side sleepers and people who enjoy a soft-to-medium surface.

Brooklyn Aurora


The Aurora is the luxury model from Brooklyn offering improved comfort and breathability, in a 5-layer structure. Just like Signature, Aurora is a hybrid bed, but with more layers over the springs. However, in terms of firmness, there are also three versions available.

Soft – 2.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Here we have a very soft surface that allows you to sink in a cloud-like foam cushioning. The top layers create a hugging surface, great for side sleepers and people who need little to no pressure points between heavy areas of the body (hips and shoulders) and the mattress.

However, we wouldn’t recommend the soft version to heavy set people.

Medium – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)

The medium version is the most popular because it accommodates all sleeping positions and offers a combination of softness and support. The body is well-contoured and the surface is still hugging you, but the power of the springs is more pronounced.

Firm – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

For people who like sleeping over the layers, and not hugged by them, the firm version may be a perfect choice. It’s also good for people who can only enjoy a good night sleep on their stomach or on their back.

Let’s Talk About the Infusion of TitaniumGel™

Brooklyn likes to do things their way, which is why they also chose to use their own gel for the infusions in the top layers. The gel is mainly used to open the cellular structure of the foam (which is usually dense) in order to allow the air to flow.

This increased airflow leads to a better cooling system and allows sleepers to enjoy just the right temperature. But there’s a bit more to this gel than with other products! Due to its enhanced formula, the TitaniumGel is also responsible for keeping allergens away making the Signature, a fantastic snoozing surface for all people.

Edge Support

In Dept Look at Layers

Because of the ascension coil set, we knew the edge support should be good, but the Signature bed did a fantastic impression on us in this segment! The edge is solid, allows you to lay on the entire mattress surface, and it’s great for sitting. In our opinion, the main reason why the edge support is so great is the increased number of coils.

It’s one of those beds that won’t make you feel like you roll over if it happens to get to the edge during sleeping. Even more, because the edges are so solid, the overall durability is improved.


  • 120-night trial – For their mattresses, the trial period is a bit longer than with regular online beds, but this plays to your advantage. Should you return it, your payment will be fully refunded.
  • 10 years warranty – Covers all the defects associated with manufacturing, but the bed must be properly installed and used.
  • Free shipping & Returns – You don’t have to pay for shipping or for sending the product back.
  • Bed-in-a-box concept – It’s not that usual to get an innerspring compressed in a box, but it makes things a lot easier for sure!
  • The company owns the manufacturing process from start to finish – This helps keep costs under control and helps the economy.
  • Sleep experts at your disposal – The company wants to make sure everyone gets the best out of their products. This is why when you call them (or send a ticket), you get to speak with actual sleep experts.

Ratings of Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score
Genuinely Interesting

Brooklyn Beds Signature is a wonderfully equipped hybrid mattress, with impressive features, designed for people looking for high-quality on a budget.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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With an option for all types of sleepers from their mattresses selections, Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one genuinely interesting mattress! It takes full advantage of two different worlds: foam and springs, and comes with unique features brought by the proprietary materials.

Overall, it has a solid build, it is completely manufactured in the US, and the producer stands by their product with 120-night trial period and a 10-years full warranty.

In our opinion, Signature is a worthy competitor for all the big names on the market!

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