Our Complete Douglas Bed Review

They say sleep is the best meditation, but it takes a super quality made and a comfortable mattress to turn that meditation into the most pleasant journey for all of your senses.

Today’s review is dedicated to the Douglas Bed, a Canadian made product which contains only eco-friendly materials and feels exceptionally supportive.

Sleeping on the Douglas is cool, restful and takes away all the pain from the usual pressure points. The natural materials provide a refreshing rest by drawing the body heat away from the mattress.

Our extended review is down below (we share in details all our impressions about it), but for those of you that are in a hurry and need to read the shorter version, just click here.

Douglas Bed Will Be Amazing For Your Sleep If

  • You have back pains – The medium firm surface feels terrific when you lay down, and this mattress will do miracles if you have even slight back or joint pains. Its three layers are a swell combination of breathable, contouring (thanks to the foam combination) and responsive fabrics that cradle your body and give you the relaxation you seek.
  • You like to sleep in every position – The Douglas Bed is fantastic for every sleeping position; side sleepers will have their spine in a natural alignment, back sleepers will get nice and balanced support, while stomach sleepers will have that sweet pressure point relief.
  • You want to sleep on medium-firm mattresses – Douglas is somewhere in the middle of the firmness range which makes it excellent for back and side sleepers. This level of firmness will help you adjust quickly and fall asleep much faster.
  • Breathable surfaces are a must for you – Douglas has a fantastic cooling and breathable and cooling effect thanks to the eco-friendly materials and the cover that is infused with eucalyptus.
  • You have an allergy or respiratory problems – The bed is hypoallergenic and does not contain any chemicals or toxic materials that could cause allergies or respiratory problems.

Douglas Mattress Might Not Be Great For Your Sleep If

  • You want to sleep on firmer/softer surfaces – The Douglas has a medium firmness and may not be the best solution in case you prefer sleeping on firmer or softer beds.
  • You are on the heavier side – Heavier people may find this mattress not so appealing because it is made only from high-density foams that under more massive body weight can cause some sinking.
  • Cooler sleeping isn’t your thing – Even though it feels very pleasant and makes the sleep relaxing and refreshing, if you aren’t a fan of cooler sleeping surfaces then Douglas won’t be your favorite choice.

The Construction – How It’s Made

Construction of Bed Full Audit

Douglas is 10 inches thick and contains three different layers of high-quality foams. Every layer includes quality materials that provide comfortable, supported and a cooler sleep. Its foams are quality-made and thick; all layers provide comfort and nice and plushy feeling when you sleep on it.

The foams are specially used to reduce any muscle, bone and joint pains making it suitable for all sleeping positions. The foams contain 50% less carbon, which makes Douglas an environment-friendly, but also a breathable mattress.

  • The cover on the mattresses – It’s removable and easy to clean and wraps all of the layers giving the ultimate softness of the whole surface. The fabric is made of a natural CoolSense eucalyptus which will allow heat and moisture to leave the sleeping surface; you’ll have a soft and chill sleep.
  • Top Layer – The first layer contains foam infused with EcoLight cooling gel making the top layer responsive and contouring without allowing the body to sink into a point where you won’t be able to move or get up. This layer is 2 inches thick.
  • Second Layer – The second one is 2 inches thick as well, made of premium elastic foam that resembles natural latex; this flexible foam is known for its breathability features but also for its support and responsiveness. There are no chemicals used in this layer which makes it very suitable for people who have respiratory or allergy problems.
  • Third Layer – The last layer is 6 inches thick; the manufacturer used foam that provides excellent motion isolation that gives stability to the whole thing and allows equal weight distribution. This layer also shapes the top first layers and isolates every motion transfer allowing you to sleep peacefully even if you share your Douglas with a partner.

Firmness Test – Our Results

Douglas – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

We reviewed and gave the Douglas beds a six because of its medium firmness. Personally, we loved sleeping on it because it allows you to toss and turn and adjust well and easily in any sleeping position. All the foamed layers cradle the pressure points and keep the spine in a natural position especially when you sleep on your side.

When you lay down on your back you feel how your body weight indents into the top layer nicely; the slight sinking only happens because of your body weight. In general, the medium firmness feels pleasant, supportive and the layers are responding well to your body.

Will You Sleep Cool?

When comes to cooler sleeping on their beds you will most definitely get it with the Douglas Bed. The first comfort layer contains cooling gel foam that provides breathability while the second layer created of premium elastic foam that resembles natural latex provides the airflow through the entire surface and draws all the excess body heat out of bed.

Not even once we felt overheated nor did we sweat while we were resting on the Douglas. This cooling design works perfectly well, and we were quite content with it.

Edge Support

Pressure and Support Reviewed

Douglas’s high-density foams are excellent for support and comfort; you’ll get an incredible back pain relief and will wake up with no pressure in the usual pressure points. But, when comes to its edge support, we can’t say that it reaches the highest level. We rated with 8.5 only because there is some sinking into the foams, mostly when you sit on it, especially near the edges.

Body weight gets an excellent distribution all over the surface when you lay down, but still, there is little sinking. There is enough bounce though thanks to the base and the second layer, so the movements and getting up is not difficult.

However, their mattresses may not provide the best edge support for people who are overweight.


  • 15 years of warranty – Much longer than most companies, Douglas offers a guarantee of fifteen years as a proof of their extraordinary quality and longevity.
  • 120-nights sleep trial – We loved that these guys give you full four months to adjust to Douglas; you still can decide to return it after thirty days and get a full refund.
  • Free shipping – They ship it without fees throughout Canada.

Ratings of Douglas Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score

The Douglas has an outstanding design and is constructed with high-quality materials such as EcoLight cooling gel and premium elastic foams that provide breathability, comfort, support and responsiveness to your body. The medium firmness is suitable for every sleeping positions (back, side and stomach) keeping you free of any pains and pressures.

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We had an enjoyable time reviewing the Douglas Bed. Sleeping on it was comfortable, restful, refreshing and above all, we woke up without any pressure or pains.

The medium firm mattress will work for people who sleep on their side, stomach, and back. Ideal for constant back pains, the Douglas will ease muscle and joint pressures and will keep your spine in a natural position and will allow you to adjust perfectly well no matter what position you sleep in.

Every layer has various thickness and was made of high-density foams; the first layer contains foam infused with EcoLight cooling gel which makes it responsive and contouring, protecting your body from sinking into the core. The second layer is made of premium elastic foam similar to natural latex giving breathability to the bed and reducing the body heat.  The hypoallergenic features come from this layer as well, making it suitable even for most sensitive sleepers. Douglas’ base gives support to the whole mattress and provides equal body weight distribution.

The cover is removable and easy to clean; it’s made of a natural CoolSense eucalyptus fabric that keeps the bed dry and chill throughout the night.

You will get a free shipping and fast delivery if you live in Canada. Douglas has fifteen years of warranty, and you get 120 nights sleep trial (but you can only get a full refund if you return it after 30 days).

We hope that our review helped you learn more about this mattress; we are recommending it especially to people with back pains and to people who value medium firmness with slight sinking.

After reviewing Douglas mattress, it has a great and smart design and will provide you with the support and the comfort you didn’t know you needed.

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