Doze Bed Review for 2018 (Our Complete Evaluation)

Buying a new mattress is a serious job; you should know everything about its construction, how the top fabric feels, test its support and bounce, check the comfort when you lay down, etc. This is why we always make sure to write detailed reviews for our readers that have dilemmas or second thoughts.

Today we are reviewing the Doze Bed, an American design specially made to provide you with the ultimate support during your most relaxed state.

This American made brand has a medium firmness and provides a decent comfort and contouring, allowing you to adjust quickly to any position you want.

Made of gel infused memory foam, the surface feels pleasant and soft to the touch, and it also provides a fresh feeling.

Our full review continues down below; if you’re in a hurry, check our short review here.

Obtain a Great Rest With Doze Bed If You

  • Want a mattress with the right amount of firm and soft – Medium firm beds are especially popular among sleepers who don’t have a favorite sleeping position. Doze offers excellent support; it’s firm enough to keep you the surface and soft enough to allow you a little sinking (just enough so your body can relax).
  • Enjoy sleeping on a cozy surface without interruption – Doze was specially designed to provide the sleeper with comfort; it’s made of premium gel memory foam, which gives the mattress medium firmness, orthopedic features. The Doze is ideal for people who seek to improve their sleep posture. Its layers have enough bounce so you can move and get up quickly.
  • Like to sleep on a cooler sleeping surface – We adore mattresses that provide freshness and Doze didn’t let us down. It has decent airflow, reducing body heat away from the top and allowing you to sleep without interruption due overheating or sweating.
  • Like foam mattresses with excellent support – Doze was made only of thick foam, but its layers are perfectly combined to give you high stability and support. When you lay on it, you feel how your body gets support and pressure relief; suddenly your shoulders, spine, hips, and knees don’t ache, and you can fall asleep without the need to adjust until you find the right position. The foam provides comfort for any sleeping position.

Doze Mattress Is Not For You If

  • You prefer beds with springs – Doze only contains foam layers which provide support and stability, but also bounce. But, if springs are your favorite option, then this one isn’t for you.
  • You like softer or firmer sleeping surfaces – This is a medium firm bed that will help you relax and adjust easily to your favorite position without feeling discomfort or pressure. But, if your ideal bed feels softer or firmer than this, then skip this mattress.

Our Thoughts on Construction and Materials

Foundation Materials of Bed Reviewed

Doze is a thick bed (10 inches) and looks very elegant and luxury. Aside from the physical appearance, Doze provides a wonderful comfort thanks to the two layers that offer bounce, stability, support, and comfort. The manufacturers’ main goal was to create the dream mattress because they were fully aware how waking up with pain in your muscles and joints felt like. Let’s check the layers of this entirely American made product.

  • Cover – The cover is easily removable and washable; it gives softness to the entire mattress and can work as bedding as well. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or flammable materials, so it’s perfect for everyone with sensitive skin or respiratory problems.
  • Top Layer – The 3 inches of the first layer are made of premium gel memory foam infused with gel, which provides a soothing comfort, softness and a pleasant coolness when you lay down. Since this is memory foam, it will slowly take the shape of your body, cradling from head to toes, letting you relax and fall asleep without any discomfort or the need to re-adjust, toss and turn. This layer provides coolness as well (as you can see it has holes that let a constant airflow).
  • Base – The foundation is 7 inches thick, providing stability for the top layer and support for the sleeper. Don’t let the gel-infused foam on top confuse you (yes, it feels soft when you lay down), but this mattress gets its firmness from the base layer (if it weren’t for this dense foam you’d have dropped into the very center of the base).

Our Impressions on Firmness Level

Doze – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

In most of our reviews, we mention that moderate firmness is ideal for people who sleep mostly on their backs and sides, but also for stomach sleepers. Doze has a firm and stable foundation and pleasantly soft top layer, making it one of the best combinations for peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

The two layers blend in nicely, without any harsh transitions between; we loved the design because the first layer takes your shape and is thick enough to keep you up on the surface away from the firm base. The base, on the other hand, provides for the contouring and the support, so that slight sinking remains only an inch or two into the surface.

Valuation on Cooling

Doze contains materials that give cooling features to the whole bed, not only on the sleeping surface. We enjoy sleeping in a fresh bed, not feeling hot or sweating during our rest.

The top layer has holes that let air flow freely through it, reducing your body heat and keeping you at a balanced temperature. Besides that this layer is made of memory foam that was enriched with gel; it cools down the mattress and maintains the heat on a pleasant level. The cover is breathable as well and always feels cool to the touch.

Edge Support

Sleeping on the Edge Analysis

We recommend the Doze because it has enough support for the first layer and you as a sleeper. The fact that it’s made of two foam layers, doesn’t put the Doze in the group of beds that don’t provide edge support. Au contrary, Doze has a base that is firm enough to keep you on the surface and to protect your body from dropping into the core.

We love this feature because even though there is a little bit of sinking, your body weight gets a proper distribution. You don’t have to worry about the edge support no matter your weight (even heavier people can have a supported rest on the Doze).

The motion transfer is decent as well; you do feel a little vibration when the other person next to you moves, but the gel-infused foam layer absorbs most of the motions quite well.


  • 75-nights sleep trial – Full refund is guaranteed in case you decide to return it after the sleep trial period. You must use it for at least 30 days before returning.
  • Free shipping – Without using any codes, the company allows you to order your Doze and get free shipping.
  • 10 years of warranty – The warranty covers any quality problems or problems with the materials.
  • Excellent customer support – Just contact them and ask them for help for whatever you need, they’d be happy to help you.

Ratings of Doze Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

The simple design gives so much more than you can expect – comfort, support, bounce, cooling and decent edge support. The Doze was made for a restful night free of pain and pressure for any sleeping position.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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Doze has a simple and yet a marvelous design. Its two layers are all that this mattress needs to provide a decent, supportive and comfortable sleep. We reviewed and tested it in all sleeping positions, and it felt equally comfortable and stable. The top layer contains memory foam infused with gel which is why this bed feels soft and comfy; the foam takes your shape and lets you sink in a little bit, but the firm foundation won’t let you drop to the core.

The high-density foam in the base works as additional support; it also provides a decent contour so you can sleep in a natural position. The layers are reducing all the pressure from the usual pressure points and keep the sleeping surface pleasantly fresh through the entire rest.

This American made bed won’t let you feel any severe disturbance when your partner moves and the edge support (comes from the base) will keep your body weight equally distributed.

The company offers a ten-year warranty, including a 75-nights sleep trial and free shipping.

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