Our Complete Dromma Bed Review and Rating for 2018

At first glance, you may think the Dromma Bed just another online mattress. After all, it has a foam inner-structure and comes in a box, right? By now, buyers are extremely familiar with the concept and you would need amazing features to impress them.

But you would be wrong to consider this snooze buddy, just a regular online mattress! The Dromma Bed has several genuinely interesting features (such as a highly adaptable design memory foam) but it’s also one of the few products in this category to use eco-friendly materials.

Intrigued? We were! As a result, we reviewed the bed and below you have all our opinions on the matter of comfort, composition, and durability. To just make a general idea of the product, please check our summary here.

Consider Dromma Bed If

  • You are a side sleeper – The surface is soft and allows the body to sink in a little bit. This means there’s enough sinkage for side sleepers to feel well-supported and happy all night long.
  • You like natural materials – Dromma is one of the first companies to use natural materials in a foam mattress – for instance, the foam used for the middle layer and the base is partially based on plants. Of course, this is not a 100% organic snooze surface, but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • You prefer the comfort of memory foam – Dromma was careful with providing sleepers pressure relief, so they didn’t give up on using the viscoelastic material. The surface offers the proper body contouring while maintaining a good level of responsiveness.
  • You know you’re a hot sleeper – Given the reputation of viscoelastic, it’s absolutely normal to look for mattresses that dissipate heat well. Dromma uses gel infused memory foam and a highly adaptive layer to keep the airflow going which also means the heat will be properly dissipated.
  • You like a thick snooze surface – It may seem superficial, but for many customers, a thick surface suggests comfort. We don’t think this is why Dromma is 12-inches thick, but it definitely helps with the comfort!

Don’t Consider Dromma Mattress If

  • You want 100% natural materials – Dromma is a bed partially designed with eco-friendly materials. So, if you are looking for a completely natural surface, you may want to reconsider your brand of choice. Still, keep in mind that these products can be quite expensive!
  • You like a firm surface – The top layer offers contour and the ones below add in softness and comfort. This is the reason why we wouldn’t recommend it to someone used to a mattress you sleep on (not in).
  • You are more into the memory foam feel – Keep in mind that the top layer is designer foam and the one underneath is gel-infused If you consider these aspects, you’ll understand why Dromma is not slow in response.

In-Depth Look at the Layers

Layers of Mattress

All the sleep-inducing features offered by this bed can be explained if you know the inner-structure. However, even if the snooze surface is thicker than most on the market (in this category), there are only three layers inside:

  • Adapt Ultra-Responsive Performance Foam (1.5 inches) – The top layer that provides the sleeper with heat dissipation, comfort, and great responsiveness. Because this is highly adaptive foam, it is bouncy and a bit on the firm side, but it is perfectly complemented by the layer underneath. It also has antimicrobial properties and keeps the surface clean.
  • Preserve VG Visco Elastic Cooling Gel Memory Foam Layer (2.5 inches) – Here is where the contouring takes place – while we reviewed the product, we tested this layer with different weights and positions, but side sleepers seem to be most comfortable due to the level of sinkage. It’s also the layer that keeps things cool by allowing air to move through the open-cell structure.

Finally, the foam used for this gel is eco-friendly because it doesn’t use the traditional petroleum-based formula – it uses a soy-based design instead.

  • Ultra Supportive, Eco-Friendly, Memory Foam Core (8 Inches) – With a base layer so solid, you can only expect a high level of durability and amazing support! And Dromma doesn’t disappoint because it provides deep compression support and proper pressure relief.

Finally, the cover is specially designed to be elastic and breathable, with the construction of Lycra and polyester for the top portion and 100% strong polyester for the side panels. The cool thing is that the cover is completely removable and can be washed.

The Firmness

Dromma – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

According to our review, this snooze surface is a medium-firm – thing that is confirmed by most reviews you can find online. But please keep in mind firmness can feel different when you’re heavier or when you’re very lightweight.

There is only one version of firmness, but the combination of layers is ideal for most side sleepers out there. Interesting enough, you don’t need a special surface for installation. As long as it offers proper supports, the mattress can sit on any frame or even on the floor!

Quick note: Due to the solid base, Dromma can hold up to 400 – 500lb without losing shape, which is very impressive.

Cooling Sleep Experience

The top two layers are the very foundation of this surface’s cooling system. The first one wicks the heat away from your body and maintains the surface clean and clear of dust mites or bedbugs, while the second one uses the gel infusions to send the heat further down, towards the base.

Motion Transfer

Reviewing the Edge Support

We did a thorough test and were impressed with the results (but somehow they turned out to be exactly what we expected). The surface is amazing at isolating motion (due to the combination of foams), so you can easily sleep peacefully with an agitated partner. This is valid even for the most light of sleepers!


  • The beds are 100% made in the USA – All the materials and the work is USA-sourced, which allows the company to provide you with fresh materials and keep the costs under control.
  • Sold only online – This is a direct-to-costumer online store and you can only order the product online. This simplifies everything and allows you the pleasure of shopping in your pajamas.
  • 200 night risk-free trial period – You don’t like it? You can send it back and get your money back! You have 200 nights to test it out, but it’s best to wait 30 days before making the final decision.
  • Free shipping and returns on all mattresses – You don’t have to worry about paying for shipping or for sending it back. However, in the case you do return it, they will first try to find a charity for donation. If not, the product will be recycled.
  • 12-year limited warranty – covers the product and manufacturing defects as long as you are the original purchaser and the product was bought directly from Dromma Company.

Ratings of Dromma Mattress Review

9 Total Score
Wonderful Choice

The Dromma is a new product on the market but it is innovative and uses eco-friendly materials. The level of comfort is good and it will accommodate even the pickiest of side sleepers.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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Are you looking for a medium-firm surface that supports side sleepers and cradles the body with a slight sink-in action? The Dromma can be a great choice! After having reviewed it, we consider it an advanced product that uses cutting-edge design and modern fabric technologies.

We also loved the use of eco-friendly materials and the unusual layer-distribution on the inside. This creates a new surface that provides better comfort and increased cooling power.

While reviewing the Dromma bed we came to a conclusion that it’s overall a mattress worth your money, especially if you consider the affordable price target!


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