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We understand that people of today want it all and then some, and we don’t blame them. With so many wonderful mattresses on the market, it would be a shame to settle for second best, especially when comes to quality sleep. Our latest selection is the Ecosa Bed, a remarkably made mattress that happened to intrigue us from the very beginning. We reviewed it and we couldn’t wait to share our insights with you.

Ecosa is more than just several of layers of foam, it is an excellent support and a mattress you would love to sleep a little longer on.

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You Will Feel Refreshed By Ecosa Bed If

  • You have variable preference over the firmness – We are happy to say that Ecosa allows you to change the level of firmness, by adjusting the layers. The 3-in-1 design can be adjusted to a firm, medium firm and medium.
  • You seek waterproof beds – Its inner cover uses a breathable micro-filament fabric (made with German technology). This fabric contains micro-filaments which make it waterproof (at the same time it’s protected from dust mites up to 99.99%).
  • Cool sleeping is a must – We too, care to sleep on a mattress that provides cool sleeping. This one contains G-7 Memory foam, which is a new type of memory foam; it contains gel particles that give the lovely cooling effect. You will always sleep on a bed with a stable temperature.
  • You don’t want to sink into it – The G-7 Memory foam is also a good choice for a proper body weight distribution. You won’t get that sinking feeling with Ecosa, and the entire sleep turns into a lovely rest without any pushing against the usual pressure points (hips, shoulders, knees).

You Will Probably Not Feel Refreshed By Ecosa Mattress If

  • You aren’t into cooler sleeping – The gel particles will provide you with a balanced temperature, but it might not be what you want if you love to feel extra warm when you sleep.
  • Combining layers is too much work for you – We loved that we can adjust it and get three different levels of firmness, but if this is too much work for you, then maybe you should stick to a mattress that offers only your preferred level of firmness.
  • Tall mattresses are simply not for you – Ecosa is pretty tall (because of the three levels that can be combined), so it can be a problem for some people. It is 25cm tall and may not be the most suitable choice for everyone.

The Design – Which Materials Are Used

Mattress Designed

The manufacturer made sure to use only the best materials to present a quality product. Designed with three layers that can be combined and adjusted however you want, makes Ecosa a pretty good choice for people who want to invest in long-term solutions.

  • Top Quality Latex – The comfort layer contains completely natural latex which comes from rubber trees; this layer is a guarantee to guard the bed against dust mites (very important for people with sensitive skin). The latex gives great support and bouncy, while the surface holes lets it breathe, and the airflow is guaranteed.
  • Ecosa™ G-7 Memory foam – This is a new type of memory foam, combined with gel particles that are responsible for the refreshing sleep. We loved that this layer does not put pressure on the body and prevents you from sinking in when you sleep. This layer regulates the temperature balance as well.
  • HD Foam For Support and Breathability – It has a chocolate shape and provides the bed with bed breathability and also observes your body pressures. Thanks to this layer there is no chance for even the slightest motion transfer.
  • Removable Cover – Of course, this feature comes very handy and not only because you can regularly wash it, but also because it gives extra softness to the touch. The cover too is breathable and very flexible for adjusting.
  • Self-extinguishing Barrier – The added fire barrier fabric is actually and self-extinguishing, and we couldn’t be more mesmerized by it. No flame retardant chemicals were used; the manufacturers made the barrier of a woven silica sock (you can find it right under the cover), so in a case of fire it melts on itself and will suffocate the oxygen not allowing it to boost the fire.
  • Waterproof Inner Protector – This is what makes the mattress breathable, and its tiny micro-filaments make it completely waterproof (ideal for children or older adults) and it’s 99.99% protected from dust mites as well.

Our Firmness Research

Ecosa is a 3-in-1 firmness level bed and thanks to the possibility of combining the layers you can adjust it to your preferred level – medium, medium firm and firm. We love this feature because no matter what position you sleep in, you can always mix the layers and adjust it to your preference, without feeling any pressure or pain.

We agreed that no matter what adjustment we did, the motion transfer was zero.

Medium – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)

It’s called a medium level because it’s much softer than the other two, but we found it quite comfortable and pleasant for resting. If you sleep on your stomach, then this combination of layers is the one for you.

Medium Firm – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This combination is great for sleeping on your side and is recommendable for people who are on the larger size. You don’t even have to have any preferred sleeping position, or to be on the heavier side, if you find this medium firmness the best, you can sleep on it of course.

Firm – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

We are back and side sleepers, and we felt more comfortable on the firmer surface because the foam supports the natural curve of the spine.  We recommend this adjustment if you want to avoid the pressure points and get rid of persistent neck pains.

Views on Cooling

Evidently, you can feel the cooling effect thanks to the Ecosa™ G-7 Memory foam, and the added gel particles you get to sleep on a soft and chill surface. We loved it that this combination balances the body temperature, so there is no sweating or overheating.

Edge Support

Support and Pressure Test

We sat on the edge and yes, you will sink a few centimeters, but it’s no big deal because the foam compresses your body weight. This mattress has no springs, but the latex layer provides the bouncy. If you used to sleep on mattresses with springs, you might feel a bit reduced edge support. So, it may not have the best edge support, but the motion transfer is incredible. It indeed has zero motion transfer which comes from that HD support foam that looks like chocolate bars; this layer foam also provides extra breathability and observes the standard body pressure points.


  • 15 years of warranty – This is far longer than what most other manufacturers give and we got to say that we are pleasantly surprised.
  • Fast shipping – It takes from one to three days for shipping (if you live in Australia) and up to one week if you live anywhere else.
  • 100 nights sleep trial – You get to sleep for 100 nights, and if you change your mind, they will give you a full refund.
  • Free shipping – Don’t we all love the free shipping? These guys won’t charge you a cent for the shipping.

Ratings of Ecosa Mattress Review

9 Total Score
Wonderfully Ingenious

An adjustable mattress with three layers, breathable surface, zero motion transfer and temperature balance that is an excellent choice for side and back sleepers. You get a warranty of 15 years, free shipping, and 100 nights test trial.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We reviewed Ecosa and learned that you can easily change and combine its layers in three different mattresses; firm, medium firm and medium. You can adjust it whenever you want and always end up sleeping on the surface that feels the best for you. Ideal for back and side sleepers (and even for heavier stomach sleepers), it fits well on any flat surface (bed frames or floors).

It’s created of natural latex and breathable support foam and G-7 memory foam; your body temperature will always be balanced, and it will follow your body pressure points. Since there are no springs in it, the bouncy comes from the latex.

Ecosa is fire resistant and will self-suffocate (in case of fire) thanks to woven silica sock which melts on itself suffocates the oxygen (not allowing the oxygen to boost the fire).

The cover is soft, removable and washable, and also waterproof, so there is no risk of the layers getting anyhow ruined (great for kids or seniors). It’s excellent for couples, thanks to the low motion transfer.

We enjoyed reviewing Ecosa, and we love it because it gets to satisfy even the pickiest sleepers.

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