Our Unbiased Eight Sleep Bed Review for 2018 – Performance & Guide

Designed for perfect comfort and back support, the mattress created by Eight Sleep Bed is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to feel the sweet taste of a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, the bed can be fitted with smart technology and only costs what a regular bed in a box would. The Eight Sleep Company simply opened the gates to incredible comfort combined with ultimate temperature control and sleep tracking, allowing anyone to enjoy the pleasures of a modern mattress.

Curious as you know us, we did a thorough review of this wonder product, but out of the three models they carry, we selected the Jupiter+. So, below you can read about features and what makes them so cool, or you can simply access our summary here.

You’ll Prefer Eight Sleep Bed If

  • You want a product based on scientific data – The Company analyzed the data collected from over 10 million hours of sleep in order to create a surface that adapts to each unique body shape and size.
  • You need incredible back support – Most surfaces that presumably offer back support create a combination between sinking and firmness, but Eight is layered with reactive foam that hugs you like foam while responding quick, as latex would.
  • You are curious about new technology – The future will most likely bring more products like the Eight Sleep mattress, but for now, only a hand-full of producers dared to include new technology in their beds. And the result is usually expensive and quite bulky. Eight managed to do so without raising the price or the thickness of their mattress.
  • You share the bed with a partner – If you get along in your day-to-day life, it doesn’t mean things are the same when it comes to sleeping patterns. Some people need to be warm when they sleep while others like lower temperatures. Eight Sleep solved this by creating two different temperature zones – one for each partner.
  • You have a smart home system – Alexa, Nest, and other intelligent systems that make our life at home easier are no longer novelty. But, if you have such a system, Eight’s smart technology can be connected to it, and your snooze surface and the rest of the house will be in touch.

You’ll Not Prefer Eight Sleep Mattress If

  • Your heart longs for an innerspring – Eight is an all-foam snooze surface, so anyone who is in love with the bouncy spring feeling may not like it.
  • You don’t want a modern snooze surface with integrated technology – The integrated sensors are safe, and you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or time to use the tech to your advantage. Still, if you’re iffy about it, you don’t have to buy the Smart Cover; you can buy the mattress separately.
  • You’re not OK with the bed-in-a-box concept – Yes, Eight is one of those beds that come rolled up in a bed. Still, the technology used for compression is highly advanced so no harm will come to the surface while it sits in the box.

The Construction and Make Up

Mattress Make Up Reviewed

First, it’s important to know that Jupiter+ and the other models can be purchased without the Smart component (the extra cover). Still, if you do so, you will not have access to the Sleep Tracking technology or the temperature control.

First, let’s talk about the inner-structure of Eight Jupiter+, which is a 10-inch tall, all-foam mattress, with four layers. The layers as placed as follows:

  • Reactive Foam (2 inches) – You will feel the hug of memory foam but the bounciness of latex, which can be a bit confusing at first. Still, the sensation is pleasant, and the layer does a fantastic job for anyone looking for a bit of sinking.
  • Contouring Foam (2 inches) – It is designed to work with the top layer and provide the sleeper with extra comfort and contouring. It is also engineered to help with cooling and ventilation.
  • Supportive Transition foam (2 inches) – Besides serving as a transition between the comfort layers on top and the base, this type of foam is also in charge of support and weight distribution.
  • High-Density Supportive Foam (4 inches) – The base provides durability and participates in creating perfect back support for any body shape.

The four layers are encased in a thin cover that’s breathable and stretchy. Now, it may seem a bit thinner than usual, but it is specially designed this way to be used with the Smart Cover on top.

If the Smart Cover is included in the purchase, it will fit like a sleeve, and it is indeed thicker than the default one. It’s also slick so you will need fitted sheets for everything to stay in place.

Different Firmness for Each Person

Reviewing the firmness: Since we know firmness feels different for each person, and it is different according to weight and shape, during our review we asked the entire team to test the surface. As a result, we all agreed, that Jupiter+ is a medium-firm, with a bit more on the firm side.

But, given that Eight has two other models, we decided you should have all the information before you can make a decision.

The Saturn+ – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Saturn+ is 10 inches tall but only has three inner layers. In comparison with Jupiter+, it doesn’t have the layer of memory foam, just the 2-inches of responsive foam, the transition layer, and 6-inches of high-density polyurethane foam that serves as the base.

The result is a medium-firm feel that provides enough contouring and sinkage that side sleepers would feel comfy cozy on it.

The Jupiter+ – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

As we already mentioned, during the review we found Jupiter+ to be more on the firm side. This is due to the reactive foam layer that behaves like latex when you apply pressure.

Regarding comfort, back sleepers and stomach sleepers were the happiest because of the support-contour blend it provides.

The Mars+ – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Mars+ is a hybrid surface because it contains one layer of pocketed coils (4-inches tall) supported by two layers of foam: one on top (2 inches of comfort transition foam) and one on the bottom (2 inches high-density support foam). The surface is completed by a layer of reactive foam (2 inches) that keeps Eight Sleep on a medium-soft level.

The coils contribute to the overall bounciness and support, but also create a softer surface, with no pressure points, that is ideal for side sleepers who are a bit more sensitive.

Sleep Cool

Control Temp While Sleeping

If you decide to get the Smart component (the cover), the embedded temperature control allows users to decide the temperature on each side of the bed. This way, one side can be neutral, while the other can be warmer.

Without the smart component, the surface will still provide good temperature control because the cover is thin and allows air to move through while the foams are specially designed to wick heat away from your body.

Other Tech Features

Sleeping Technology

Besides the temperature control module, the surface can also keep track of your sleeping habits and send the data to an app installed on your phone (works for both iOS and Android phones). This module is useful in understanding the quality of your sleep.

Furthermore, Smart Cover can be connected to your Smart Home system, so it will know when it’s time to turn off the lights or start your coffee maker.

Finally, Eight Sleep is integrated with a Smart Alarm system that detects when you are in light sleep and only then tries to wake you up. This way, you’re mornings will be more energetic and fun.


  • 100-night trial – Eight gives you the possibility to test it in your home, under your conditions and rules.
  • NYC showroom – Unlike most online mattress retailers, Eight has a showroom in downtown New York, where you can test each of their products.
  • Works on any foundation – It is a low-maintenance product that doesn’t require a fancy bed frame or foundation. As long as it’s flat and solid, it will work.
  • Free shipping & returns – Eight Sleep is delivered in a box, and you don’t have to pay any extra fees for shipping or returns. Even more, you can return only the mattress and not smart component if you choose so.
  • 10-year warranty – Only covers the foam parts, and the warranty is limited to defects due to the manufacturing

Ratings of Eight Sleep Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score
Innovative & Comfy

Comfort and technology are not always the definition of a good night’s sleep, but Eight managed to create a thoughtful product that provides the best of both worlds.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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Given we’re just starting to understand the use of technology when it comes to sleep quality Eight Sleep promotes a bold product but also allows customers to choose if they want the whole package.

We think that separating the technology in an additional cover was a smart move, but it’s also nice to see you have options regarding firmness. Overall, the product we reviewed (Jupiter+) is bouncy and contouring, but if you are lightweight, it may seem a bit too firm.

The reactive foam is indeed a nice touch, as it allows the surface to react to your moves, but we also appreciated the contouring layer underneath. The surface sleeps cool (even without the Smart Control cover), and feels nice to touch.

In our opinion, Eight Jupiter+ is a good product, with solid features, and the price is absolutely fantastic!

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