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We are always thrilled when we get to review a new bed, and such was the case with Emma Mattress. This hybrid mattress is made of several different foams, which means that we set ourselves for a new grand surprise and some excellent sleep.

When we saw how it looked our expectations instantly, hit the sky, and we surely had a pleasant surprise once we sat and laid on it. What a delightful feeling it was to feel such great support below your body.

You can continue reading our full review, but here you can find the short version in case you’re anxious to learn more about Emma.

Your Sleep Will Boost By Emma Bed If

  • You love to sleep on medium-firm surfaces – In that case, this is merely the one for you. Composed of four different foam layers which combined give excellent support and heavenly comfort.
  • You prefer thinner covers – The top layer is made of polyester which gives breathability to the entire bed. Also with a thinner cover, you get to have a better feeling of the foam layers.
  • Balanced beds are important for you – You’ll get a great balance thanks to the excellent combination of the bottom foams and the top layers. You will sink into it (about 5 cm) but not too low, thanks to the pushback that it offers.
  • You want to feel pressure relief when you rest – This is neither the softest nor the firmest bed; it offers a lovely and balanced feel of sinking in, but also support and above all a feeling of relief when you lie down. Your weight will adapt nicely into it, without any pressure to the usual pressure points (no matter what position you sleep in).

Your Sleep Will Not See a Boost By Emma Mattress If

  • You are into firmer beds – Emma may feel a little too soft for you if you’re used to sleeping on extra firm surfaces.
  • Sinking into bed is a big no for you – Some people don’t want to sink into their beds, and that is OK; this one is moderately firm and was made of memory foam only, so it may not be the best choice for you.
  • You are on the heavier side – It was designed for sleepers up to 130 kilograms; if you are on the heavier side, you may not enjoy sleeping on it. The foams do sink in (the depth depends on your weight of course), so you may feel more comfortable on a firmer bed.
  • Tall mattresses are not your favorite – It contains four different layers of foam, and each of them adds several centimeters which all together give a final product that is 25 cm tall.

The Design – What Layers Are Used?

Foam Used in Emma

Emma was specially designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort (thanks to the memory foam and coils), relief of the pressure points and allows support to your entire body. Its four layers made our sleep quite relaxed and peaceful.

  • First Layer – This top layer gives the comfort of the bed. It was made of responsive polyfoam and is added to provide you with the needed pressure relief, but it also gives you a cooler sleep and a nice bounce. It has the so-called responsive feel, making the top layer taking the form of your body lines. To be more precise, poly foams are similar to latex foams.
  • Second Layer – This layer gives the support; it’s 2 cm tall and contains micro coils. The designers knew what they were doing when they put this layer below the first one so the coils can “help” in creating a cooler and supporting surface that also relieves your pressure points. The coils do relieve the pressure, give breathability and also bounce. This second layer also gives a bit more softness.
  • Third Layer – This layer is 3cm memory foam responsible for the contour. It is placed near the last layer, but it still works efficiently when comes to giving a nice contour. It is a smart way to create a transition to the final and most firm layer.
  • Fourth Layer – The final, bottom layer gives the foundation of the entire surface; it’s the tallest layer (16 cm) and gives compression for the entire thing. This is what keeps the mattress stable, tall and compact.

Firmness Observations

Emma – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

While reviewing, we thought on a scale of extra soft and super firm, this one is slightly above the middle. Our general review is that this is a medium-firm, designed and produced to fit the needs of every sleeper. It is a good combo of poly foam and micro coils in the first two layers which allow you to sink in a little bit, but also can push you back even though there are no springs. As a medium firm mattress, Emma will relieve the pressure points in every position, allowing your body weight to adapt nicely. We loved the support and the comfort as well.

What We Thought of Cooling

Full Size

We also reviewed the cover: The cover is thin and not only allows you to feel the softness and comfort of the first two layers, but it also gives excellent breathability. We did not feel overheating, nor did we sweat through the night. Good job!

Edge Support

The Bed Support Reviewed

As we mentioned above, we were provided with a decent level of support and bounce; at first, we didn’t expect this since mattresses made solely from memory foams tend to be more static, but this is an exception.  We can freely say that Emma will give you excellent support during sleeping (or any other activity). Just when we thought that the bounce would create some intolerable motion transfer, we were proven wrong. It absorbs the motion transfer, and the other person sleeping next to you won’t feel a thing when you toss and turn.


  • Free shipping – It will be delivered to you within one business day (compressed in a box).
  • 100 nights trial – You can return it after the super long test of 100 nights and get a full refund.
  • 10 years warranty – The manufacturers give a long decade of warranty.
  • Weight – King Size is 30 kg.
  • Voucher – £50-100 voucher.

Ratings of Emma Mattress Review

9.5 Total Score

We reviewed a semi-firm mattress made of four various layers of foam and coils which give excellent support, comfort, and adapts perfectly to your body in any sleeping position. What makes it enjoyable is the soft and thin top layer that provides it with breathability and allows you to feel the comfort of the first two layers.

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Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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Emma is aesthetically pleasing, but above that fact, it is a comfortable mattress made of four different layers of foam and micro coils. When you sit or lie down, you will sink a little bit (depending on your weight), but it does not mean that you won’t get a gentle push back; the four layers give excellent bounce and exceptionally low motion transfer.

It’s medium firm and a tall mattress that has free delivery within one day; its ten years of warranty only proved to us what we already thought – this is a quality made product that won our hearts immediately. You get to sleep on a breathable sleeping surface; the fact that it responds to your body line and weight and still supports your pressure lines (and reliefs you from stubborn pain) make it a superb choice, especially for people who prefer sleeping on beds that aren’t so firm.

It truly does not matter what position you sleep in, because you’ll feel well rested on Emma.

We were reviewing it with pleasure, and we hope that what you read so far helped you make up your mind about Emma.

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