Honest Ergoflex Bed Review & Complete Analysis

What a perfect relief was to sleep on the Ergoflex, especially after a long day spent mostly on our feet. Our backs were grateful for the fantastic support and incredible comfort of the mattress.

Ergoflex felt so good that we didn’t want to move, let alone get up. Once you lay down on it, you realize that the design is something else – specially made to ease back pains and to soothe all pressure that you have in your muscles and joints. It has everything a great bed should have including a low motion transfer, excellent support and looks like million dollars.

That slight sinking in is impressive; you feel as if you fall in the land of dreams (it’s a medium firm mattress).

But before we continue with our extended review, you can read the short version here.

Ergoflex Bed Will Help Your Slumber If

  • You want a total comfort – Once you lay down on the Ergoflex, you’d feel that no point of your body aches; those of you who ever had problems with your pressure points, especially when you go to bed, know how annoying it is to find the right position to fall asleep. We loved the comfort and the way this mattress hugs the body, making you feel at ease.
  • Medium firm beds are ideal for you – Ergoflex belongs to the group of a medium firm sleeping surface, which has equally soft and firm layers, to provide you with a divine rest. You get to sink in a little bit (it’s made of very thick memory foam), but the lower layers keep you supported and without the feeling that you are falling into the core.
  • You need an orthopedic bed – The Scandinavian design offers a bed made of five layers which supports your contour and takes the shape of you, making your rest guaranteed. Honestly, every time you go to sleep, it feels as if the whole mattress has that “one perfect” spot just for you. Ergoflex is excellent for back and joint pains, fibromyalgia, or problems with your circulation.
  • Your bed has to be hypoallergenic – We don’t have respiratory problems, but for the people who have asthma or allergies this mattress will be ideal. It’s also anti-microbial (prevention from dust mites).

Ergoflex Mattress Might Not Help Your Slumber If

  • You aren’t a fan of medium firm beds – If a firm or soft surfaces are your choices, the medium firmness of Ergoflex won’t impress you.
  • You prefer beds that have fewer layers/springs – The high-density foams will let you sink in a little bit, which means that you might not be impressed.
  • You are a heavier person – If this is the case, then you may be more comfortable with firmer beds since the Ergoflex will not give you the best support (plus there will be some sinking in).

The Design – Arrangement of Layers and Materials

Comfort Foundation Analysis

This mattress was carefully designed and even more carefully made. Ergoflex has five foam layers that were specially added to contour your body and take the shape of it, giving you exceptional support that will make you feel relaxed and as if though it hugs you. We are impressed with how comfortable it felt. Let’s check all five layers and what they are made of:

  • Tencel Cover – Removable and washable (at 30°) it covers the mattress giving it a nice and soft touch, but also breathability (the ends are perforated). It’s made of an entirely natural botanical material, that absorbs moisture and dries quickly; it was used because apparently, it was a better option than cotton or any synthetic fabric. The cover is also anti-bacterial because of its cellular fiber construction.
  • Protective Inner Cover – Ergoflex has two covers for double security; this inner cover is micro-fine added for even better protection of the mattress core.
  • Thick Visco-Elastic Memory Foam – There are billions spherical open cells (85kg/m3) that provide the highest level of longevity and support. Thanks to this high-density foam it adjusts to your frame taking your shape and giving you the ultimate comfort (which allows deeper sleep). This layer is 9cm thick.
  • Open Cell-Foam – This 5cm thick layer gives the entire sleeping surface a fresh feeling and regulates the body temperature. The air smoothly flows through the mattress core protecting you from overheating or sweating. This layer combined with the Tencel cover make a sweet and fresh place to sleep.
  • Base Layer – The base is 9cm thick (an impact-resistance foundation) which gives stability and support. The depth of this layer wasn’t added without reason; it provides a lovely pressure relief of the entire body and works as a stable base of the other layers above.

Testing the Firmness

Ergoflex – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Ergoflex is a moderately firm, which means that it would be ideal for side and back sleepers. Sleeping on your stomach will still be pleasant, but due to its semi-firmness, we cannot say that this position was our first choice.

At the end of the day, the firmness is very subjective feeling – if we found Ergoflex to be ultra comfortable for any sleeping position it doesn’t mean that you’d feel the same comfort. But, we believe that the firmness being somewhere above the middle can work well for most people (in case they don’t have some specific need for an extra firm or extra soft sleeping surface).

Cooling Test Results

Thanks to the top cover (Tencel) and the layer with open-cell foam the Ergoflex has a refreshing surface. In fact, the cover always feels cool and invites you to lay down, but the extra chill comes from the open-cell foam and its ability to allow the air flow through the very core of the bed.

Also, it won’t make you sweat during the night, and will always keep your body temperature balanced.

Edge Support

The Pressure Support Reviewed

Since Ergoflex is made of ultra thick memory foam and has no pocket coils or springs, it will allow you to sink in it for several centimeters, especially when you sit near the edges. When you lay on it, the body mass is equally distributed, but again, you do sink in a little bit.

Now, we found this part very appealing since this way the foam memorizes your body frame and takes your shape. Still, our rate is 8.9, solely because there is some sinking in. Otherwise, if you love semi-firm mattresses and you have no problem with the memory foam taking your shape, you will have no problems that it doesn’t have the highest edge support rate.

When comes to motion transfer there isn’t any; you can freely move, toss and turn and your partner won’t feel a thing or wake up because of your movement.


  • 30-nights sleep trial – They have way shorter sleep trial than most companies, but it will be just enough for you to realize whether you love it or not.
  • 10-year guarantee – A decade-long warranty for your next favorite mattress.
  • Free next-day delivery – If you purchase it today you get it tomorrow without any delivery fees.
  • UK favorite since 2006 – For twelve years Ergoflex keeps its five stars review among users.
  • Comes packed in a box – They send it vacuumed, rolled and wrapped in a box for an easy maneuver.

Ratings of Ergoflex Mattress Review

9 Total Score

Ergoflex is made of extra thick foam and has five layers that are well combined for extra comfort and support which comes to the surface and cradles your body allowing you a peaceful and pressure-free sleep. Hypoallergenic, luxurious-looking and made to last, the bed comes with a free delivery and a ten-year warranty.

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We enjoyed reviewing it not only because we had a sweet rest on it, but also because we woke up without the usual pressure in our necks and backs. It takes your shape, and you get to sink into it a little bit (it’s made of thick memory foams). It feels as if you fall into another restful state where nothing hurts and you don’t have troubles to fall asleep.

Each of the layers is there for a reason – starting from the base that gives the support to the entire thing, to the foams and the two covers (top and inner) that provide super soft and plushy feeling, the bed is a chill zone, a place where you’d never feel overheated and where you’ll sleep like a baby.

If you ever had back pains, fibromyalgia or joint problems, once you start sleeping on the Ergoflex you’d forget all about it. It’s hypoallergenic and protected from dust mites – great for people with respiratory problems.

You get a one-month sleep trial and a decade of warranty, plus the delivery is free, and they bring it to your home the very next day.

We had an awesome experience with the Ergoflex, and we’re most definitely recommending it.

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