Our Essentia Bed Review – What You Must Know

Today’s review is about a cloud in the form of a mattress. From the moment we sat on our Essentia Bed through the entire sleep and the pleasant wake-up, it felt as if though we were cradled in the softest cotton ball ever.

To be more precise, this review is about Essentia’s Bionda which is perhaps one of the softest beds we had a chance to test. They also have seven more (Stratami, Classic 8, Energie Opus, Beausommet, Dormeuse, Dormeuse Fior, Grateful Bed JR) but we’ll give you info about them later in the review.

Essentia’s rich layers and the plush soft cover make the whole resting experience heavenly, and we are excited to share every detail about this mattress with you. While most people fear that softer mattresses won’t give them enough support, we only say – try and sleep on Bionda for a change.

If you don’t have time for the whole review, check the short version here.

Essentia Bed Will Make Your Snooze Better If

  • You only prefer soft beds – Bionda is, hands down, a comfortable mattress and would satisfy all those sleepers who prefer sleeping on soft surfaces. Its layers provide enough support and contouring to prevent you from sinkage, and give enough bounce for easier get up.
  • Airflow is essential for you to – Bionda’s layers are constructed to let the air flow easily between the sleeping surface and your body, sparing you from overheating or sweating.
  • You want to sleep without feeling pressure – The layers cradle your body giving you comfort and support, without causing any pressure or pain in the morning. This mattress is excellent for sleeping on your side and stomach.
  • Hypoallergenic beds are your final choice – The cover is specially made to provide softness and breathable sleeping surface, but it also doesn’t contain any nesting grounds, so it prevents the whole bed from allergens and dust mites.

Essentia Mattress Might Not Make Your Snooze Better If

  • You aren’t into soft sleeping surfaces – Some people prefer firmer beds for various reasons (they’re back sleepers, or are heavier) and may find Bionda not as pleasant as other firmer beds.
  • You prefer hybrids with pocket coils (that are firmer as well) – Again, even though Bionda is beyond comfortable and supportive, it’s made only of high-density foams which gives enough bounce to the whole surface, but if you seek a hybrid bed then it won’t impress you.
  • You don’t like to sink into soft mattresses – The sinkage in Bionda is not as deep as most people think it is, but if you prefer a firmer sleeping surface that won’t allow you to sink in (not even one inch) then this is not going to be the best choice.

The Architecture & Construction

Construction And Foundation Reviewed

Bionda is constructed with four layers made of soft fabrics such as organic latex which gives that insatiable softness and comfort to the whole bed. When we reviewed, the sleeping on it feels beyond relaxing, but the fact that the surface is soft doesn’t mean that you won’t get support and contouring at the same time.

Here are all layers of Bionda:

  • Cover – The bed is wrapped in a removable cover (Bucaneve wrap liner placed between the cover and the first layer) that is thin enough to reduce any friction. Also, it feels quite soft to the touch; don’t let the thin fabric make you think it’s not quality enough because it was made this way so you can feel the softness of the layers immediately.
  • Top Layer – This is the contouring layer that gives comfort as well; it’s 3 inches thick made of organic latex foam with a dome-like pattern. This layer besides comfort provides enough airflow (air moves freely through the dome pattern and gives breathability and freshness while you sleep).
  • Second Layer – The organic foam that is used for this layer gives the mattress’s support but also durability. The layer is 2 inches thick, and the foam is made in the Dunlop process.
  • Foundation – The final layer is 3 inches thick and has an organic foam (again with dome-shaped pattern); the base provides contouring from head to toes.

Firmness Feeling

Essentia Bionda – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)
One hundred percent organic (thanks to all layers of natural fabrics) Bionda is among the softest mattresses in Essentia’s line. It is suitable for stomach and side sleepers and sleeping on it gives no pressure at all. It cradles you from head to toes, provides you with comfort but also support and enough bounce.
Essentia Stratami – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)
Stratami is somewhat firmer (medium firm) but still feels comfy enough to sleep in every position, although back sleepers will have the most benefit from it. Stratami has one layer of organic latex that gives comfort and a 5-inch thick core that provides support. It reduces pressure and eases all muscle or joint pains.

Essentia Classic 8 – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)
Classic 8 is slightly softer than Stratami, but we still rated it as a medium firm; we recommend this level of firmness for back sleepers (although it’s suitable for any sleeping position). It contains one layer of memory foam and a 6 inches thick core that provides support; the top layer is composed of Dunlop latex combined with a cotton base.
Essentia Energie Opus – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)
Energie Opus is right in the middle of the firmness level and would work miracles for people who prefer softer mattresses that provide comfort and support and response fast and good to the body shape. It’s ideal for stomach and side sleepers.
Essentia Beausommet – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)
Beausommet is moderate firm and would be pleasant for back sleepers; its supportive core is made of Dunlop latex (just like with all other Essentia’s beds) and provides a stable, comfortable and contouring sleeping surface.
Essentia Dormeuse – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)
With same firmness level as Bionda, Dormeuse feels pleasant and soft when you lay on it; its layers also contain the same fabrics as the rest of the beds, except it has a foundation made of SoftGripTM cotton.
Essentia Dormeuse Fior – 4/10 (Firmness Scale)
This is the softest mattress in the line and feels very relaxing especially for people who prefer sleeping on ultra soft mattresses; it would be especially suitable if you sleep on your stomach. Thanks to the SoftGripTM cotton base you will feel stable and supported during your resting hours.
Essentia Grateful Bed JR – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)
Grateful Bed JR has a medium firmness but still feels pretty soft. All Essentia beds have more or less similar firmness level and are pleasant for sleeping mostly on your stomach and your side (although sleeping on the back is comfy as well).

Cooling Overview

Sleeping Cool Analysis

Bionda’s cover is created of organic cotton and provides breathability and fresh feeling. But, besides the cover, the top layer which contains latex foam with a pattern that resembles dome allows constant airflow; your body temperature will be regulated during your sleep. We didn’t feel overheated at all.

Edge Support

Essentia makes softer beds in general, and all of them contain latex foam that responds well to your body. Since Bionda is qualified as a soft mattress, there is a certain level of sinking. As you sit or sleep near the edges, your body weight will sink into the layers although the latex foams give some bounce so you can get up easier.

We can’t say that the edge support is excellent, but then again this is a soft mattress, so we didn’t expect to sit or lay on it and remain on the surface. The motion transfer is pretty good on the other hand, so movements that come from your partner are well absorbed to a point where you actually cannot feel any disturbance.


  • Free shipping – They ship everywhere in Canada and the continental USA for free. If you live out of these countries, call Essentia or e-mail them for additional info on the shipping fee.
  • 60-nights sleep trial – If they already shipped your mattress you cannot return it. However, you can return it after sixty nights sleep trial.
  • 20 years of warranty – Two decades of guarantee is beyond excellent time for such as quality made product.

Ratings of Essentia Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

Bionda by Essentia is a comfy and soft bed ideal for lightweight and medium weight sleepers who sleep mostly on their stomachs and sides. Its organic made layers provide support, comfort, and breathability and also protect you from allergies and dust mites.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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We reviewed Bionda by Essentia, and we are entirely content with how it felt. Its softness and comfort were satisfying, and the support that we got was beyond decent.

Made strictly of latex foam layers and a removable organic cotton cover, this mattress responses well to our body shape and creates some sinking when you lay or sit on it (especially near the edges). The softness would be delightful for people who are lightweight or moderate weight and who prefer sleeping on their sides or stomachs.

Airflow is constant through the top layer and the cover so you can sleep free without feeling overheated.

The company delivers free within Canada and USA and has sixty nights sleep trial. They also offer a twenty-year long warranty.

Bionda is just one of the eight Essentia’s beds, and all of them are more or less on the softer side (or medium firm side).

Our final word after reviewing is that Essentia makes durable, high-end and comfortable mattresses and Bionda met all our expectations.

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