Our Eva Bed Review (Comprehensive Guide)

After we had a great and restful night on the Eva Bed, we are ready to share our impressions with you in an extended review about its benefits, construction, support and what not.

The Eva Bed was constructed with environmentally friendly materials; it was made to last and to provide you with the comfort you seek and deserve.

Its five layers consist foam and pocketed springs; this medium firm bed feels decently soft but also very supportive. Back and side sleepers will have the best rest on it, while stomach sleepers may find it a little bit firm for their taste (especially if they are lightweight; heavier stomach sleepers will feel pretty comfy on the other hand).

If you don’t have time to read our full review, check the short version here.

Eva Bed Is Marvelous For Your Sleeping If

  • You sleep mostly on your side and back – In case you’re a moderately heavy sleeper who prefers these positions, then Eva would be an excellent choice for you. Its medium firmness will give you enough comfort and pressure relief.
  • You prefer hybrid constructions – Eva has five layers that are made of memory foam and pocketed springs; this is a popular combination that provides support, contouring, bounce, and comfort.
  • Edge support is something that you value a lot – Eva offers decent edge support, keeping you safe during your rest. You will feel cradled and supported at all times (although there is a minimum sinkage because of the foam layers).
  • You share your bed with a partner – This mattress offers a solid motion transfer, sparing you or your partner from feeling any discomfort that comes from movements. If you used to sleep on a spring mattress, Eva will be a big refreshment for you when comes to this feature (if you slept on foam bed then you’d be able to feel slight motion transfer).

Eva Mattress Might Not Be Marvelous For Your Slumber If

  • You sleep on your stomach – This goes mostly for lightweight stomach sleepers. They may feel that the surface feels a bit firmer than what they are used on. Eva is a mattress with medium firmness and may not impress you if this is your favorite sleeping position.
  • Foam mattresses are your preference – Some people are more comfortable sleeping on foam beds, and they may not like Eva that much (especially if they enjoy deeper sinking into the surface).
  • You enjoy sleeping on softer surfaces – Even though Eva is a medium firm mattress for some people it may not feel as pleasant as a classic soft bed. Eva does contain foam layers and provides comfort and mild sinking, but at the end of the day, it belongs to the firmer side of the firmness scale.
  • Thin mattresses are your go-to choice – Eva won’t please you if you seek a thinner bed with fewer layers. Also, springs and the bounce they provide always gives thickness to the mattress so this may be an off-putting feature for those of you who enjoy not such tall beds.

Layer and Material Configuration (Structure)

Reviewing the Construction of Bed

Although we have reviewed quite a few hybrid constructions so far, none of them was made the same. Eva has five different layers and contains quality materials which give durability, support, comfort, and softness.

Here are the layers of Eva:

  • Cover – All five layers are safely protected in a grey and white cover. It’s stretchy and breathable so no extra hot air remains between you and the layers below. The side panels are made from a firmer polyester blend which protects the cover from tearing during your movements (or when you adjust and move your mattress).
  • First Layer – It consists gel-infused memory foam that instantly contours to your body. The gel cools the body well by allowing your body heat to go in and out of the foam.
  • Second Layer – This is the open-cell latex layer; this material is anti-microbial and provides enough bounce (even without the springs).
  • Third layer – Here is where the micro-springs are placed. These tiny coils are separately wrapped in fabric which reduces motion transfers. Since they are all separated with fabric they work as separate units as well, contouring your body, relieving all pressure and adjusting to you as you move.
  • Fourth Layer – Below the springs there is another layer which consists high-density memory foam; this is the layer that gives support to the whole mattress. The upper layers get support from this base, but also any extra weight is absorbed here, distributing it equally through the entire surface.
  • Fifth Layer – The final layer reduces the movement vibrations from your partner. You no longer have to worry whether your partner’s tossing and turning will wake you up. This layer will absorb the motions and protect you from any disturbance. Besides that, the border is surrounded by several big springs that give the mattress even better edge support.

Evaluating the Firmness

Eva – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is a mattress with moderate firmness, ideal for people who prefer this kind of sleeping surfaces for various reasons. It’s excellent for side and back sleepers and for all of you who seek to change your old bed with a new one that will provide you with great pressure relief.

The firmness of Eva may not be the best choice for lightweight people who usually sleep on their stomachs, but we reviewed and tested in sleeping in this position, and it didn’t feel bad, although it cannot be compared with resting on the back or side.

Is There a Cooling Aspect

Sleep with Comfortable

The cover itself is made to provide breathability; it will reduce your body heat providing you with a pleasant feeling during your rest. The latex layer also provides coolness and makes the surface pleasantly chill.

Besides these two, the pocket coils in the lower layers create sufficient space for free airflow through all the layers so you can relax and sleep without worrying about sweating or overheating.

Edge Support

Hybrids offer the best of both worlds, so you get enough support, comfort, contouring but also the top foam layers will provide you with enough softness and a little sinking, just enough so you can relax faster and fall asleep like a baby.

The bottom layers where the pocketed coils are placed give enough support and bounce; they also reduce motion transfer so you get to sleep at peace when your partner tosses and turns. What we loved the most is that the border has several large springs that are added to provide even better edge support.

So, yes there is slight sinking into the top layer because it’s foam, but other than that you remain on the surface even when you sit. When you lay down your body weight is properly distributed and supported.


  • 120-nights sleep trial – You can test your Eva for at least one month, but the company gives long four months for you to decide whether you are keeping it or not. You’ll get a full refund, and your used Eva will be donated to charity.
  • Free shipping – No fees for this service for shipping through Australia.
  • 1-8 days delivery – It depends where in Australia you live, but in general you can expect the delivery within a week.
  • 12 years of warranty – During this time you can report any malfunction.

Ratings of Eva Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

We reviewed a high-end bed that provides pressure relief, comfort, and support during your rest. Eva is a medium firm sleeping surface made of five layers (foam, latex, and coils) ideal for back and side sleepers.

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Eva is an excellent hybrid construction that provided us with a cozy, pleasant and supported sleep. Every layer that lays below the cover was added to provide the sleeper with comfort, contouring and cooler sleeping. It feels excellent for side, and back sleepers, and will help you get rid of spine, hips and neck pain and pressure. We don’t recommend it for stomach sleepers (especially for lightweight people) or for people who prefer softer beds.

Its edge support comes from the coils and the latex that add bounce, but also from the extra coils (larger coils) around the border that were specially added to improve this feature. There is very low motion transfer so peaceful and uninterrupted sleep is guaranteed. The top layer will allow you to sink in a little bit, but we believe that you won’t find this thing as an off-putting feature because it will only help you relax and fall asleep faster.

The company delivers the bed within a week and won’t charge you for the shipping (for Australia only). They offer a 12-year warranty and 120-nights sleep trial (also a refund if you return it after the trial).

After reviewing Eva we can proudly say that it met all our expectations!

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