Emma Vs Eve Mattress- Our Buying Guide (Pros and Cons)

Having second thoughts when buying a new mattress can be a real problem, which is why we decided to make a comparison between Emma and Eve beds. We have already reviewed both mattresses and have a pretty clear picture what their best features are. We believe that we’ll manage to help you make up your mind and see all the pros and cons each bed has.

Reviewing both Emma and Eve was a great experience because both mattresses are made of quality materials. They contain several layers made of natural high-density foam, pocketed coils and similar firmness (both are moderate) that work miracles for keeping you in a natural position free of pressure and pain.

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Which is Better Eve or Emma?


  • Emma is an excellent bed for everyone that loves sleeping on medium-firm surfaces. This bed is constructed with four different layers and is an excellent choice if you seek pressure relief in your spine, hips, knees, and shoulders.
  • The great combination of coils and foam provide decent comfort and support; Emma will help you rest without feeling any problems finding your preferred position, and it responds slowly to your frame and weight reducing that annoying pressure.


  • Eve, on the other hand, has five layers, a combination of latex, memory foam and pocketed coils. It feels pleasantly cool, comforting, supporting and is excellent if you sleep on your side or back. This mattress too reduces pressure relief.
  • Eva is going to be your ideal mattress if you like being contoured and supported but also enjoy a little sinking into the first layer that provides even better relaxation.

Comparing the Construction

Let’s check the construction of each of the beds separately.


Comparing Mattresses

The coils and the memory foam will provide comfort, pressure relief, and support from head to toes. This mattress contains four layers, all of them responsible for a relaxed, fresh and peaceful night rest.

  • First Layer – Emma Bed gets the comfort from this layer. The top layer provides outstanding relief of pressure, but also coolness and a decent bounce. When you lay down, you feel how it responds well to your body weight and takes the shape of your frame.
  • Second Layer – One of the most important layers that give a great support; it is 2 cm thick and contains great micro coils. What we loved about Emma is that this coil layer also provides a more cooling surface. Besides that, the coils provide support and help you get rid of the pressure. The bounce is there too, and this layer will also gives a certain softness to the bed.
  • Third Layer – Made of memory foam (3 cm thick) the third layer provides contouring. This layer also works as a transition between the top layers and the foundation so that you won’t feel the firmness of it.
  • Fourth Layer – For the final layer or the foundation, provides stability for the whole mattress. This is the thickest layer (16 cm) that makes Emma supportive, compact and comfortable. The compression comes mostly from the fourth layer.


Construction Versus Comfort

Eve has five different layers, and each of them is made of quality materials that provide durability, support, comfort, and softness.

  • Cover – The soft grey and white cover keeps the entire bed protected and clean. It’s stretchy and breathable and reduces hot air off the sleeping surface. The side panels are made from a firmer polyester blend which makes the cover long-lasting and protects it from tearing (you don’t have to worry whether you’ll rip it off during your movements or when you adjust/move your mattress).
  • First Layer – The gel-infused memory foam instantly contours your body giving you a great first impression the moment you lay on Eve. The top layer also provides coolness and reduces body heat out of the foam.
  • Second Layer – Made of latex with open-cell structure, the second layer is anti-microbial and provides enough bounce. Latex works as an excellent material that gives bounce to beds that don’t even contain springs.
  • Third Layer – The manufacturers placed the micro-springs in the third layer. These tiny coils are separately pocketed in fabric that reduces motion transfers and provides great bounce and support. Every coil works as a separate unit that contours your body, eliminating pressure and helping you adjust quickly without too much moving.
  • Fourth Layer – Below the springs there is another layer which consists high-density memory foam; the fourth layer that provides support to the whole mattress. Thanks to this layer Eve is excellent for heavier people because all extra weight is absorbed here. Once you lay down all your mass will be distributed properly on the surface, again, thanks to the fourth layer.
  • Fifth layer – It reduces and absorbs all movements. Eve is excellent when comes to motion transfer which is why recommend it for couples. The foundation layer will absorb the motions and protect you from any disturbance. The border of the fifth layer is surrounded by several big springs that provide even better edge support.

The Firmness Levels

Eve – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Eve is a mattress with moderate firmness. We loved how great it felt sleeping on it, and we believe that people who prefer this kind of sleeping surfaces will love it as well. If you sleep on your side and back or if you want to sleep without feeling any pressure, then this bed will be excellent for you.

Eve’s firmness may not be the best choice for lightweight people who usually sleep on their stomachs though. Even though we slept in this position and didn’t feel any horrible pressure, this mattress will still be the best for sleeping on the back or side.

Emma – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Emma is a bed with a moderate firmness as well. The mix of poly foam and micro coils will cradle you the moment you lay down, and you’ll feel some sinking. But the micro-coils will push you back whenever you want to move or get up. We didn’t feel any pressure no matter what position we slept in. Adjusting on Emma was easy, and the comfort and the support are terrific.

Cooling Effect


Eve’s cover was specially made to provide airflow; it reduces your body heat protecting you from overheating and sweating. The latex layer also offers decent freshness to the sleeping surface. The pocket coils in the lower layers create sufficient space for free airflow through the entire bed so you can relax and sleep tranquil at a balanced temperature.


Emma’s cover is thin enough and breathable; it feels soft and will never cause overheating because the air can flow easily through it. Sleeping on is always cool not only because of the cover but also because of the first and second layer that reduce your body heat and let air to flow through them.

Comparing Edge Support

Compare Sleep Quality


Hybrids usually have excellent edge support, and it was also the case with Eve. It provides support, contouring, and comfort, but it will also keep you stable on the top of the mattress. Heavier sleepers will have great support when they lay down thanks to the pocketed coils and the extra supported fifth layer that contains several big springs.

The top layer responds well to your body frame, letting you melt just a little bit into it, but the bed’s bounce is strong enough to keep your weight adequately distributed on the top. The lower layers reduce motion transfer making Eve a peaceful place to sleep, especially if you share it with a partner.


Relaxing While on Bed

We loved sleeping on Emma; it has a decent level of support and bounce. Most foam mattresses don’t have equally good edge support as spring constructions, but Emma offers enough bounce and proper edge support that comes from the firm foundation and its micro coils.

We got excellent support; the moderate melting into the first layer isn’t drastic, and your body weight gets an even distribution all over the surface. The bed absorbs motion transfer well so your partner can move, toss and turn as much as he or she wants, you’ll remain undisturbed.


We had equally good rest on both Emma and Eve when compared and even if we have to pick it’d be hard for us to make up our minds quickly. Both are supportive, equally firm and provide an excellent comfort.

For everyone that sleeps in every position (stomach, side, and back) and looks for pressure relief, then Emma will work well. This choice is especially excellent if you are either lightweight or moderately heavy; it contains micro-coils that add bounce and edge support, but it isn’t as good as Eve’s. It has an excellent cooling system. The contouring and the comfort are speeding up the relaxing process; you’ll end up falling asleep much faster and without the need to adjust constantly.

Eve contains memory foam and pocketed coils, plus a foundation enriched with several big springs for even better edge support which makes it excellent for heavier people. All pressure is gone, the bed provides comfort and a refreshing rest during the whole night.

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