Simba Vs. Eve Mattress – What We Found Out

Is never easy to write a review for two beds with similar firmness and constructions. Both Simba and Eve are high-end beds that look awesome and provide excellent comfort and support.

We have reviewed both mattresses, and our general impression is that both were made to help you reduce pressure, adjust quickly and get the best contouring ever.

Our mission is to help you decide which one of these two mattresses is going to work the best for you, what benefits you’ll have if you get the one or the other, info on the construction, support, cooling and so on.

Don’t feel like reading an extended comparison? You can find the short version here.

See our individual review of Eve and Simba mattress.

Eve or Simba – Which Brand Has a Better Mattress?


Construction Versus Comfort

  • Simba is a hybrid mattress, made of four different layers of foams and springs. It will provide you with gentle support, comfort and will turn your sleeping in a cozy and relaxed rest. Its moderate firmness will help you find your position without tossing and turning.
  • Simba contains 2500 pocketed springs that provide the ultimate support; the springs give support, bounce, and contouring to the entire bed. The great thing about this mattress is that each spring works separately when comes to adjusting; the pocketed springs “learn” your body and posture and response to your body without any problem. You will never lack comfort or support.


Inner Construction of Mattress

  • Eve’s five layers contain latex, memory foam and pocketed coils; this mix provides comfort, solid support, and fresh feeling through all the night. This mattress will feel the best for a side, and back sleepers and it will also help you reduce all pressure from the usual pressure points.
  • Eve is an excellent choice for sleepers that seek contouring and don’t mind some sinking into the top layer. This bed will provide all that plus full body support. The sinking will not cause you to drop into the bed’s center (or fall on the floor) thanks to its stable foundation that provides stability for the whole mattress.

Comparing the Foundations


It was built with five layers, and their combination provides comfort, support, and contouring. The mattress was made to last for a long time and to keep you in a natural sleeping position without any pressure.

  • Cover – The bed is wrapped in a soft grey and white cover that keeps it protected and clean. The cover is stretchy and breathable and reduces body heat out of the sleeping surface. The side panels that also allow airflow are made of polyester and feel firm to the touch; thanks to them the cover will last long and will endure all sorts of movements and adjustments.
  • First Layer – The top layer contains memory foam enriched with gel; you will feel how it instantly contours according your frame. The first layer feels soft and will allow you a little gentle melting into it. It also will reduce body heat out of the surface.
  • Second Layer – This is the layer with open cells that has anti-microbial features. It’s made of latex and provides enough bounce so you can move and get up without any problems. Latex is added so you won’t melt down into the core; we love that the second layer stops the melting and it only happens in a top layer.
  • Third layer – The micro-springs are placed in the third layer; all of them are wrapped in separate fabric that reduces motion transfers. Every coil works individually, providing contouring and pressure relief. The coil layer helps you to adjust easily and without putting a lot of effort.
  • Fourth Layer – The thick foam is placed in the fourth layer; it gives support to all other layers and works as a firm lower layer (base) that can endure various levels of compression no matter how much you weight. It will absorb your weight and won’t allow you to drop into the center; your body weight gets equal distribution all over the sleeping surface.
  • Fifth Layer – The last layer’s function is to reduce the vibrations that are caused during motions. The fifth layer absorbs any motion and spares your peaceful rest from any disturbance which is why Eve is ideal for couples. Besides that, the border around this last layer has a few large springs that work as backup edge support.


This mattress is constructed with four different layers of springs and foams and it’s wonderful, comfortable and makes you feel cozy and relaxed. Sleeping on it always feels pleasant and restful.

  • Cover – Simba’s cover is soft to the touch and lets air flow easily through it. We loved that the cover regulates the body heat. Unfortunately, it isn’t removable, but the manufacturer used polyester to make it last for a long time. The fact that it’s hypoallergenic makes it even more valuable for us, and we believe for everyone that has issues with allergies.
  • First Layer – The top layer is very comfy and contains latex that the manufacturer named Simbatex (it’s synthetic). This layer is not only comfortable and feels very pleasant when you lay down, but it also provides freshness that remains through the whole night.
  • Second Layer – Over 2500 small coils are placed in the second layers; Simba has two layers that provide comfort, the first and the second. This layer has an interesting shape, much like a cone and this is because of the springs. All of them give comfort, and you can feel that your adjustments are easy no matter how much you toss and turn. You get full support, bounce and contouring thanks to this layer.
  • Third Layer – The third layer contains memory foam and slowly takes your shape (your body heat will soften it, so the foam can melt easily and adjust to your frame). This layer makes the sleeping very enjoyable; besides it adjusts to you, this layer provides great comfort and support. All movements are easy, and you get a feeling that you don’t have to move a lot before you find your best position. Your spine gets perfect support and will remain in a natural position during your rest. This layer keeps the bed free of microbes and has hypoallergenic features.
  • Fourth Layer – Simba’s foundation is made of firm foam that gives stability and support for the entire bed. The support comes from the so-called Seventh Heaven, which is nothing else but seven different zones that provide various support levels. The foundation’s zones response well to your body compression, making Simba excellent for people from all shapes and sizes.

Firmness Levels Tested

Eve – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Eve has a moderate firmness. We enjoyed our restful sleeping on it, and we recommend it to all of you who prefer medium firm sleeping surfaces.  If you sleep on your side and back or if you want to sleep without feeling any pressure, then this bed will be excellent for you.

Eve’s firmness may not be the best choice for lightweight people who usually sleep on their stomachs. You can still sleep in any position, but back and side sleepers will get the most benefit.

Simba Hybrid – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This mattress is moderately firm as well; sleeping on it felt quite comfortable, very supportive and we could feel the layers below us respond well to our bodies.  Every layer blends into the next naturally, so laying, napping or sleeping on Simba never feels unpleasant.  Thousands of pocketed coils and the foam layers work their best to adjust well to you and to give you a peaceful, pressure-free and comfortable rest.

Simba Luxe – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Simba Luxe is moderately firm as well. Its ten layers will provide you with great comfort and support. Just like the Hybrid, Luxe too contains pocketed coils; sleeping on it is pleasant, fresh and feels excellent because every layer is responsive, supportive and comfortable.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Sleeping Versus Sitting


Comparing Eve’s: Cover keeps the sleeping surface chill; your body temperature is reduced out of bed, and you’ll never feel overheated. The latex layer also provides a cooling effect, while the pocket coils in the lower layers add plenty of space so air can pass through it freely (it keeps the entire mattress fresh and breathable).


Comparing Simba: It feels soft, but it also allows natural airflow. The cover is not the only one that provides for the mattress’s freshness; the first layer made of foam also has this quality. It reduces body heat and regulates your temperature so you’ll never wake up sweaty.

Edge Support Compared

Support Analysis and Contrast


When we compared Eve’s edge support is awesome thanks to the coils that give enough contouring, support, and comfort. The bed is stable, and you’ll always be supported on the sleeping surface (there is no way you’ll melt into the center). Even if you are a heavier person, Eve will support you because the pocketed coils and the added large springs in the base are a guarantee for this. The top layer will let you sink in a little bit (that’s just a minor melting, solely because the foam responds to your shape), but other than that, you can sleep without worries, because your weight gets a great distribution on the surface.

The lower layers absorb motion transfer, so sleeping on Eve is always calm. We recommend it for couples.


When we looked and compared it, the Simba’s thickness will give you comfort and support. Hybrids that contain pocketed springs and thick memory foam are a guarantee for a bed that provides wonderful edge support.  Because of the foam, there is a little sinking in the surface, but we didn’t find it horrible. It feels pleasant because you feel how the foam takes your shape and lets you find your ideal position. There is no pressure at all.

When comes to motion transfer we couldn’t feel anything; you can toss and turn, get up or even jump, Simba won’t transfer the vibration to the rest of the bed.


When compared, both Simba and Eve provided us with great comfort, steady support, freshness and cooling and soft contouring. It’s hard for us to pick one, but we hope that this comparison review will help you bring a decision.

Simba and Eve are both hybrid constructions that provide excellent edge support and absorb almost all motion transfer; you’ll always sleep on a fresh surface, and these mattresses will always keep your spines in natural positions. Their pocketed coils provide contouring and can endure compression from heavier people.

Their moderately firm sleeping surfaces are great for any sleeping position.

The companies offer more than three months sleep trial period so you can get used on your bed (but if you decide to return it, they will give you a full refund).

We hope that our detailed review helped you decide which one of these hybrids will be your next mattress.


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