Our Ghostbed Review for 2018 – Honest Rating and Easy Guide

Ghostbed as a brand was created in 2015, but it has the support and experience of its big brother, Nature’s Sleep. The idea behind this new brand was a simpler, more fun shopping experience that will cut out the middleman.

To do so, they first created an all-foam platform that provides sleepers with lots of comfort and support. Since then, Ghostbed released a second mattress, focused on keeping sleepers comfy and cool, but they also diversified their offer to include all sorts of bedding elements and accessories.

Well, curious as you know us, we decided to have a look at the Ghostbed Classic and see where it all began. Below you have the detailed review, with all the juicy details, but here you can find our summary.

Ghostbed Is For People Who

  • Appreciate the flexibility of latex foam – The top layer is aerated latex so you won’t get the sinking in feeling of the viscoelastic material. Still, this doesn’t make the surface too firm; it’s just right.
  • Usually, change positions while sleeping – The bed is designed to accommodate all sleeping positions, but the ones who will love it the most are people without a special position. This happens because latex is highly responsive and provides contouring as you need it.
  • Like a hypoallergenic surface – The presence of latex in the first layer reduces the chance of bacteria or fungi to develop in the foam underneath.
  • Need pressure relief and support – The combination of foam and latex is amazing in creating a soft but bouncy surface that keeps the spine aligned and provides some sinkage at the same time.
  • Like to sleep cool – Ghostbed Classic is an all-foam platform, but the latex on top and gel-infused foam underneath create a great cooling system that wicks heat away in no time.

Ghostbed Mattress Is Not For People Who

  • Want a hybrid or spring platform – Ghostbed doesn’t have the springiness of a mattress with coils, but it is bouncier than regular all-foam mattresses due to the layer of latex.
  • Need a mattress with natural fibers – While the foams used to build the Ghostbed are all CertiPUR-US certified, the platform does not contain any natural fibers (the latex is Synthetic Rubber Latex).
  • Don’t like the bed-in-a-box concept – The concept is quite popular for mattresses sold online and the technology used for compression is harmless for the surface and its features.

How It’s Designed

Thoughts on Design and Construction

Reviewing the construction of the Ghostbed Classic was quite simple. With three inner layers of foam and an overall thickness of 11 inches. The layers of foam are protected by a smooth, soft cover made of viscose and polyester that is stretchy and fits the mattress like a glove. Furthermore, the cover is thick and provides a bit of extra plushness.

The three layers inside are placed as it follows:

  • Continuous Aerated Latex Foam (1.5 inches) – Provides natural buoyancy that’s latex-characteristic and keeps the surface clean of any invaders. It’s also great for keeping the sleeper cool during the night since latex doesn’t retain heat.
  • Gel Memory Foam (2 inches) – For contouring support and a bit of softness. This layer is also good at absorbing heat away from your body and dissipating it towards the base, due to gel infusions.
  • High-Density Base (7.5 inches) – Provides good back support and durability, while also helping the layers on top fulfill their purpose.

During our review, we learned that the cover could be removed, but you shouldn’t machine wash it. You may spot clean it with mild detergent and cold water. If you feel you need a bit more protection. Ghostbed also sells protectors that do a fantastic job.

Firmness Rating Reviewed

We only reviewed the Classic Ghostbed, but we want you to know a bit about the second version, the Luxe. So, we’ll talk about firmness levels on both.

Classic – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Classic will feel firm (maybe too firm) at first. This happens because of the latex layer on top, which requires a bit of getting used to. However, once you sleep on the mattress for a few nights, you’ll notice a significant improvement. The surface starts adapting to your body in an easier manner, and it will create the perfect snoozing platform for you and your partner.

Luxe – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

This version is highly focused on keeping it cool, and it uses seven different layers to make sure heat doesn’t stay in for too long.

As a result, the Luxe inner structure is something like this:

  • Ghost Ice Fabric Cover – Uses a special Japanese weave formula to keep the material cool.
  • Cooling Fabric layer (0.5 inches) – situated immediately underneath the cover.
  • Gel Memory Foam (1 inch) – The foam is quilted into the fabric of the cover for a hugging feel.
  • Ghost Ice Layer – Special Ghostbed formula engineered to capture heat and keep it away from the surface.
  • Gel Memory Foam – For contouring and support.
  • Ghost Bounce Layer – A sheet of resilient foam that’s soft like viscoelastic material but bouncy like latex (Ghostbed innovation).
  • Support Core – High-density foam for durability and support.

Now, considering this blend of foams and features, you won’t be surprised to learn the Luxe feels like a medium-firm. It provides cradling, support, and flexibility at the same time, and it accommodates most types of sleepers.

Sleeping Cool Feature

Gel Layer in Mattress Audit

Ghostbed Classic is a lot simpler than the Luxe version, but it is equipped with the right cooling systems, so you will not overheat. This is mostly due to the latex layer that keeps the cover cool and dissipates the heat through the entire surface.

But this mattress’s cooling system is not just in the sheet of layer foam! The second layer is gel-infused memory foam, with bigger cells that allow air to go through as needed. This plus the gel that absorbs heat and sends it further away creates a surface that sleeps cool.

Movement Transfer

Ghost Movement Performance

Most all-foam beds provide amazing movement transfer because foam absorbs the movement without sending it through the entire surface. Still, if we consider the latex sheet on top, we have to admit that Ghostbed is also bouncy.

As we reviewed it, we actually got to enjoy this gentle bounciness, and it’s important to know that it’s not disturbing when your sleeping partner is moving or getting out of bed.


  • 101-nights trial period – This is important, especially if we consider the fact that the mattress may feel a bit too firm at first.
  • 20 years warranty – The warranty is covered by Nature’s Sleep and includes unusual indentations, flaws in the foam, or any other defects that prove to be caused by manufacturing.
  • Free shipping & returns – The bed is delivered in a box, at your doorstep, without any additional fees. Of course, should you decide to return it, the Company will come and pick it up.
  • Made in America by a renowned producer – The product is made by Nature’s Sleep in America and all the materials are of the highest quality.

Ratings of Ghostbed Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

With a clever combination of latex and foam, Ghostbed managed to create a product that appeals to the majority of sleepers out there.

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While putting together all our findings during the review, we learned that Ghost bed is a pretty decent sleeping surface. They are not the first to consider a blend of latex and memory foam, but their special combination is indeed unique and feels nice.

The surface is supportive, due to the flexibility of latex and the high-density foam base, but it’s also contouring, thanks to the viscoelastic material in the middle. And yes, it does keep cool in spite of all that foam!

Overall, reviewing Ghostbed was enjoyable and it’s a yet another model of an all-foam bed design, but it may be just the right model for you, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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