Greywing Bed Review (Our Analysis & Views)

Greywing Bed is just enriching the list of Australian made mattresses that we enjoyed reviewing. From the moment we sat on it, till the next morning when we woke up relaxed, refreshed and without any pressure in our backs, we had nothing but a pleasant experience that we’d love to share with you.

The top cover felt so soft to the touch, and it was even softer and comfortable when we laid on it. The surface is moderately firm and supports the entire body thanks to the three layers that compose this mattress.

Since this is going to be a lengthy review and we completely understand that some of our readers don’t have plenty of time for that, we prepared a shorter version for you – just click here.

Greywing Bed Will Better Your Sleep If

  • You like multilayered foam beds – Greywing is made of three different foam layers, and each of them provides support and comfort for the entire body. The mild sinkage should not be a problem no matter what position you sleep in.
  • Moderate firm beds are the best for you – We can range its firmness somewhere slightly above the middle; Greywing provides enough support and comfort and doesn’t feel extremely firm nor unpleasantly soft. We tossed and turned and slept on our backs and sides (and on our stomachs as well), and we didn’t feel any discomfort.
  • You prefer sleeping on a cooler surface – Greywing’s cooling effect comes from the responsive top layer which provides airflow and reduces body heat throughout the entire night. We had a pleasant rest without feeling extremely hot.
  • You seek a bed without motion transfer – For all of you who will share your Greywing with a partner, we have good news; the motion transfer is excellent, and you will not feel even a slight disturbance when your partner moves.

Greywing Mattress Might Not Better Your Sleep If

  • You seek either firm or soft bed – Since this one is somewhat firm, it may be the wrong choice for those of you who want to sleep on a defined firmness or softness.
  • You are a heavier person – Greywing won’t feel the best for people who are on the heavier side because it’s made of three layers of foam that will let you sink quite deep into it. Also, there are no springs or coils to give you the needed bounce and support.
  • You prefer hybrids – If you are one of those people who find sleeping on hybrid beds more comfortable, then Greywing won’t fascinate you. Although there is a decent level of bounce, this mattress is solely made of foam layers and may give you a harder time to get up (or you may feel that you sink into it).

The Design – Arrangement of Materials Used

Bed Materials and Construction Reviewed

Greywing contains three layers of high-density foam with a various firmness that provide the ultimate support and comfort.  It feels delightful to sleep on its soft surface, and there is no feeling of overheating. But, let’s check each layer in details:

  • Cover – Feels very smooth when you touch it and is made of an adaptive fabric reduces the body heat. The mattress is nicely wrapped in the cover and looks like a high-end bed.
  • Top Layer – This is the responsive comfort layer with an open cell structure that allows the mattress to breathe and provides the sleeper with a calm and refreshing rest. Besides that, it feels very comfortable, and you have the feeling that it doesn’t go against your body lines, but it actually takes their shape. Also, this layer gives the bounce which allows you to get up without problems.
  • Second Layer – This is a memory foam layer that is in between the first layer and the base. It supports the body, adjusts well to your frame and gives you a relaxing comfort when you go to sleep.
  • Third Layer – The base is made of a noticeably firmer and denser foam and gives enough support to the whole mattress. Thanks to the firmness of this layer you will not sink into it (although there is slight sinking when you sit near the edges) and allows your body mass to be equally distributed.

Our Option After Firmness Test

Greywing – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Its moderate firmness makes Greywing ideal for back and side sleepers, although we believe that even stomach sleepers won’t have any discomfort.  For all of you who prefer this level of firmness, this bed will give you many benefits such as restful sleep, nice adjusting and comfort and responding to your body frame.

The mild sinking is barely noticeable when you lie down because your body weight is equally distributed all over the mattress. You get a feeling that it’s cradling you and allows you to relax and fall asleep peacefully.

Will Your Nights Sleep Hot?

The answer to this question is no. Greywing is equipped with a top layer with open cells that allow the air to flow and provide you with a more refreshing sleep, without disturbing your comfort that usually happens when the body gets overheated or when you sweat.

The cover is made of a material that reduces the body temperature and keeps it balanced through the night.

Edge Support

Side View and Edge Support

When comes to Greywing edge support, one thing you need to have in mind is when sleeping on a mattress that has several layers of foam, you cannot expect it to be firm and to have a rock hard edge support. It’s impossible! At least that’s what we think after reviewing so many mattresses!

What we want you to know is that it’s normal to have a little sinking in these types of beds; Greywind does sink a little, especially when you sit near the edges. Even when you lay down, there is a slight sinking, but it’s not like you are going deep straight to the mattress’s base. The body weight is nicely distributed, and the feeling is pleasant.

We wouldn’t recommend this bed for heavier people due to the moderate firmness level, and it’s insufficient edge support that may cause deeper sinking.

On the other hand, the motion transfer is exquisite, and you cannot feel anything even when your partner moves and turns, so it’s quite suitable for couples that tend to move a lot during their sleep.


  • 15-year warranty – Long warranty as a proof of the bed’s quality.
  • 100-nights sleep trial – We love the extended sleep trial because it gives you enough time to feel the mattress and adjust to it before you decide if you want it or not.
  • Vacuum packing in a box – You’ll get your Greywing nicely wrapped in a box, so you can easily transport it to your bedroom.
  • Online store – You can purchase it online without having to waste time to go to stores or face pushy salespersons.
  • Free shipping – No fees for this service.
  • Delivered within 1-2 weeks – The delivery takes a bit longer with this company.

Ratings of Greywing Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

The Greywing is excellent for back and side sleepers who prefer medium firmness and like several layered foam beds. This mattress is comfortable and supportive, has almost no motion transfer and even though there is a slight sinking, it feels nice when it takes the shape of your body and provides you with a cooler rest.

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Our review for the Greywing Bed went well, and our general impression is that this bed has a great design and was manufactured meticulously. All the layers are added to provide comfort and support and to allow the sleeper to feel safe when he or she lays down on it.

As a back and side sleepers, we found the Greywing very comfortable and firm enough (or soft enough if you will) to help us have a rest without pressure. The top layer provides the comfort and the coolness (thanks to the open cell structure), while the second layer adjusts well to your frame. There is a little sinking due weight pressure, but the bed is firm enough to keep you up on its surface. The base is stable and made of firmer foam which makes this mattress wholly stable and supportive.

The Greywing cover is soft and gives breathability to the layers.

Its edge support didn’t get the highest rate because there was some sinking especially if you sit near the edges; the sinking while you are in horizontal position isn’t deep, but it exists due to the foam layers.

Greywing gives fifteen years of warranty and 100-nights sleep trial, allowing you to make up your mind about it. The delivery is a bit slower than most companies and happens within one to two weeks. They ship it compressed in a box (you can easily maneuver the box around the house) and won’t charge you for any shipping fees.

In general, we loved sleeping on this bed and reviewing it; we’re excited to recommend Greywing to people with similar sleeping needs as ours.

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