Our Complete Hyde and Sleep Bed Review – What You Need to Know

Hyde and Sleep make mattresses that first catch your eye and then seduce you with their comfort, support and sleeping surface that was specially made to meet everyone’s needs.

Today we are reviewing Next-Gen Memory Foam, although the company offers a couple more beds with various firmness (Pocket Sprung Hybrid and Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus).

Next-Gen is a moderately firm bed that was designed for everyone who sleeps on their backs and sides and for people who prefer to rest on surfaces that help them reduce pressure and back pain. The moment you lay on it, you feel how your entire body relaxes, and the only thing you can do is close your eyes and fall asleep peacefully.

Maybe you aren’t in the mood to read the whole review? In that case, check our shorter version here.

Hyde and Sleep Bed Is Unbelievable For Sleepers Who

  • Sleep mostly on their backs and sides – Entirely made of polyurethane foam, Hyde and Sleep Bed will do miracles for sleepers in these positions. We didn’t feel any discomfort or pain, and the foam was firm enough to keep our bodies on the surface.
  • Seek medium firm beds with solid edge support – Even though this mattress contains only memory foam layers, it offers an outstanding edge support thanks to the base that has seven channel zones that provide deep compression support.
  • Enjoy sleeping on cooler surfaces – Hyde and Sleep created a mattress that offers constant airflow and cooling for the sleeping surface and in general for the lower layers. The cover and the latex layer provide coolness and breathability.
  • Prefer mattresses made of foam only – Although Hyde and Sleep offer spring mattresses as well, this bed will be the best choice if you enjoy sleeping on high-density memory foam and if you prefer a little sinkage.

Hyde and Sleep Mattress Might Not Be For Sleepers Who

  • Prefer sleeping on softer surfaces – Hyde and Sleep have softer mattresses that are specially made for stomach sleepers, so if this is your first choice, you may want to check their other options.
  • Enjoy hybrid constructions – If you are into beds that have springs in their constructions, then Next-Gen may not impress you. This bed offers solid support and enough bounce, but if you’re used to sleeping on spring mattresses, you may not enjoy this one at all.
  • Like thinner beds – Hyde and Sleep is a tall bed and may not be the right choice for people who prefer sleeping on slimmer beds.

The Structure of Layers

Structure of Materials Used

Hyde and Sleep is constructed with materials of high quality such as net generation memory foam (hence the name), thick base and cooling latex. All three layers together create a 10-inch bed that provides comfort and support but also breathability and low motion transfer.

  • Cover – The layers are wrapped in a cover made of polyester and Elastane blend. It feels pleasantly soft to the touch; we loved that it’s stretchy (it comes handy when you adjust it, and on top of that you know that your movements won’t cause it to tear easily). The cover is quite thick and breathable, allowing constant airflow.
  • First Layer – The first layer is made of memory foam that provides softness; we felt it the moment we first laid on it. We got lovely contouring; the first layer feels beyond pleasant, it almost feels like it hugs you. The top layer provides coolness (the foam is infused with cooling balm); it absorbs your body heat and keeps the bed at a consistent temperature during your rest.
  • Second Layer – This layer is made of a combination of latex and memory foam; blended they provide even more contouring (mostly because of the memory foam) and bounce (latex) allowing you to get up and move without any problems.
  • Third Layer – Next-Gen  base is made of high-density foam. The final layer has seven channeled zones that give support; it also provides deep compression support, providing pressure relief for your back, hips, and shoulders. The 7 zones improve the airflow, and this layer too, gives coolness as well.

Firmness Graded and Tested

Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

Hyde and Sleep created Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus with a decent level of firmness for those of you who seek quite firm sleeping surfaces. This is an ideal choice for back sleepers who are on the heavier side; it has a great bounce, support, and comfort.

Next-Gen Memory Foam Plus – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is the softest mattress that Hyde and Sleep offer and feels like sleeping on a cloud. It’s ideal for people who are lightweight and who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. Even though it’s soft, it provides decent support and bounce.

Pocket Sprung Hybrid – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Pocket Sprung Hybrid has a medium firmness, although we can easily say that it feels pretty soft when you lay down. This hybrid offers a refreshing sleep free of pain and pressure, it’s great for all sleeping positions, and we recommend it if you want a bed that provides softness and support at the same time.

Next-Gen Memory Foam – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Next-Gen is a moderately firm bed; we slept in every sleeping position, and it truly feels comfortable no matter how you sleep. Yes, the best benefits are for back and side sleepers (mostly because it provides enough pressure relief and lovely contouring) but stomach sleepers will not have any discomfort as well.

Cooling (Thoughts and Our Views)

Analysis of Sleeping on Mattress

Hyde and Sleep’s Next-Gen Memory Foam is constructed with layers that provide airflow and coolness. We love when more than one layer provides this feature, and in this case, the coolness and breathability come from the cover, then from the cooling latex, while the entire mattress gets decent airflow thanks to the base with seven channeled zones.

Sleeping on this mattress did not cause us sweating, and we didn’t feel overheated at all.

Edge Support

Most people think that excellent edge support can be achieved only with spring beds, but that’s not entirely true. Foam mattresses too have decent support and such is the case with Next-Gen Memory Foam. The foam layers (starting from the base that has 7 channeled zones that give support where it’s needed but also compression and contouring to the firmer foam infused with latex in the second layers) keep you on the surface.

The top layer will let you sink in a little bit, taking your body shape, but it doesn’t go any deeper than that; the foams are firm enough to support your body no matter where you sleep (in the middle or near the edges).

The motion transfer is almost non-existent; Hyde and Sleep did an excellent job with this feature because you can hardly feel anything when your partner moves.


  • 100-nights sleep trial – If you aren’t satisfied with the mattress, call the manufacturers and let them know you want to return it; they’ll pick it up, and you get a full refund.
  • 10-year warranty – They offer a limited warranty; this means that if you have any manufacturing defect issues you can call the company, and they will fix the problem or give you a new one (within ten years from the day you made your purchase).
  • Full refund – They guarantee a full refund in case you return the mattress after the 100 nights sleep trial.

Ratings of Hyde and Sleep Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

Hyde and Sleep designed a mattress ideal for side and back sleepers and all of you who seek excellent contouring, support and pressure relief. We loved how cool it felt during our rest, and we especially appreciated the softness and the support it provides.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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Our final word for Hyde and Sleep is that it feels comfortable above everything. Its construction and design are outstanding because you have a lovely cradling feeling that comes from the top layer, cooling that is provided from the cover, and all three layers and incredible support and compression that comes from the latex infused second layer and the base.

The cover feels super soft and keeps the layer protected. We had a peaceful, pain and pressure free sleep on it. When comes to edge support, there is slight sinking because the first layer has a memory foam that hugs your body frame and melts below you. But other than that the middle and third layer won’t let you sink in any deeper.

Motion transfer is almost non-existent which is ideal for couples who don’t want to disturb each other with their movements.

The company offers a ten-year warranty and 100-nights sleep trial and guarantees a full refund in case you return the mattress afterward.

We hope our review helped you learn more about Next-Gen.

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