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A Hyphen is a bed-in-a-box brand geared towards active people. The idea behind the mattress is that high-quality sleep has restorative powers and people with an active lifestyle, are the ones to need it the most.

In order to help people ‘live their best day every day’, the company designed a brand new material that’s supposed to have impressive features and directly address the drawbacks you usually find in latex and memory foam. And all this comes at a reasonable, affordable price!

Did we make you curious? Read our detailed review below to learn everything about Hyphen, or skim through our summary here.

Love Hyphen Sleep Bed Benefits If

  • You are an active person who needs to get the most out sleep – We live busy, stressful lives, so it’s normal to want to get the most out of the time designed for rest. The Hyphen is specially created to increase the level of comfort and support, eliminating pressure points and alleviating any joint pains.
  • You are an athlete, or in recovery – Due to its special construction, Hyphen promotes better blood circulation and supports muscle recovery.
  • You don’t like sleeping hot – The surface is well-ventilated, but additional cooling systems are implemented to make sure everyone will sleep dry and cool.
  • You need a hypoallergenic surface – The innovative material that stands at the base of this product is designed to actively kill microbes and remove any fungi that may want to settle in.
  • You like a producer with experience – The team behind Hyphen is made of experienced people, and the company has over a century of practice in creating the best snoozing surfaces.

Dislike Hyphen Mattress If

  • You like the ‘suck in’ feeling of memory foam – Pure viscoelastic material has this un-natural feature that feels like you’re sucked into the surface. If this is what you like, it’s best to consider a different producer.
  • You want natural fibers – Latex is a high-quality material for mattresses, but it has its shortcomings, not to mention it’s expensive. The same goes for other natural materials, but if this is what you need, Hyphen probably is not the best choice.
  • You like the fluffiness around luxury mattresses – Most producers add unnecessary layers to a so-called luxury mattress just to inflate the price. Hyphen only contains the materials you need to feel amazing, and nothing more.
  • You need strong edge support – Since it is an all-foam design, the edge support is not impressive. Still, you won’t roll out of bed if you get away from the middle. The difference shows up only when you sit on the edge.

How it’s Crafted

Advanced Construction

The magic inside Hyphen is produced by three different layers as follows:

  • Comfort Layer With Proprietary Hyphen Material (2 inches) – More exactly, this is the source of magic because most of the features that make Hyphen so great are housed here. This material provides sleepers with a cooling effect, pressure relief, good temperature control, variable support, and an anti-microbial shield.
  • Transitional Layer (2 inches) – Here we have a buoyant type of foam that continues with pressure relief and variable support features. It’s also great at absorbing motion and sends it further away towards the base.
  • Orthopedic Base (6 inches) – Provides support for the two layers on top and keeps the entire surface durable and solid.

The three-layer construction is designed to provide variable support, which makes the surface incredibly responsive providing just the right feel for each zone in your body.

Now that you know the structure, we feel it’s important to talk a bit more about the proprietary Hyphen material. It’s important to know that it was engineered to destroy microbes, viruses, and fungi in order to remove as many allergens from your mattress as possible. Furthermore, the foam used to create this layer is CertiPUR-US, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals either.

It is also designed to wick heat and moisture away from your body and keep the temperature at an optimum level during the night by either absorbing or releasing heat.

Finally, everything is wrapped in an anti-microbial fabric breathable cover that is soft to touch and perfectly stretches over the sheets of foam. As we reviewed the mattress, we tested the cover’s flexibility, and we were happy to see it snap back into place. This means you can change positions as you want, the cover will stay perfectly still.

Stiffness and Feel

Hyphen – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

The surface feels bouncy and firm, which is why we considered it to be closer to a firm feeling than a medium one. The foam moves fast and respond quickly when you move, but it also provides great back support.

According to our findings and other reviews online, the ones to enjoy it most will be back and stomach sleepers. However, the top layer gives enough contouring to make it fit for side sleepers who don’t need a soft surface.

Sleep Cool (Temp. Regulation)

Temp Regulation Reviewed

Starting with the breathable cover, the cooling system is completed by the first layer of foam, which is infused with copper. This is a unique feature in the world of online beds, but copper is a highly-conductive material that will speed up the heat transfer from your body to the mattress and then out.

Furthermore, the designer foam knows when to absorb and when to release heat to keep your body temperature at an ideal level. This feature is extremely helpful in a climate with seasonal temperature changes.

Finally, Hyphen foam has some holes punched in the surface to improve airflow – it was actually proven that the airflow is 25 times better than with regular viscoelastic material.

Movement Analysis

Motion Transfer on the Mattress

Due to its all-foam construction, the bed is great at isolating the motion of a partner rolling around on one side, while you’re sleeping on the other. Still, if said partner decides to get out of bed or jump up and down, you will feel the movement.

The same goes if you share the snooze surface with a hyperactive pet, determined to wake you in the morning by moving around in bed.


  • 100-night trial period – Even though you can’t test it before buying, you have 100 nights of sleeping on the surface and testing its features.
  • Made in the USA – This keeps the price low and assures you all the materials are fresh and of the highest quality.
  • Delivered in a box – Yes, it is a bed in a box, but this is extremely helpful for installation.
  • 20-year warranty – Only covers irregular impressions or indentations and manufacturer defects.
  • Free shipping & returns – Just like most companies selling beds online, Hyphen will send and pick the product up for free.
  • Works on any flat surface – It is a low-maintenance product that can be installed on any flat, solid surface.

Ratings of Hyphen Mattress Review

9 Total Score

Designed to support high-quality sleep, Hyphen is the snooze surface you’ve been looking for.

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Backed by over a century of experience and supported by a talented team, this USA-sourced mattress proves we can have a restorative sleep even with a product that’s not at all expensive or fancy.

During our review, we were pleasantly surprised by the innovative foam created especially for this snooze surface! The high-quality temperature control and level of comfort are indeed wonderfully genius. We also loved the variable support provided by the three-layer combination inside the bed.

In our opinion, Hyphen is worthy of your attention! Of course, the company stands by their product with a strong warranty, and they are more than happy to pick it up should you decide against it.

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