Intellibed Review – Who Is the Bed Best For?

Another excellent mattress and another review we would gladly share with you. Intellibed is a company that makes quality beds since 2000, and we decided to test their Sapphire, which isn’t the only one in their list of excellent hybrid mattresses (they also have Azure and Indigo).

Intellibed Sapphire fulfilled our expectations and turned out to be a very pleasant surface to lay and sleep on for various reasons, which we will explain down below in details.

We loved the moderate firmness; the gel infused cover and the support it offered.

Before we continue with the extended version of our review, let us remind you that you can find our shorter version here.

Intellibed Mattress Will Enhance Your Sleeping If

  • You seek medium firm sleeping surface – Intellibed offers three different mattresses with various level of firmness. The Sapphire is medium firm and provides a lovely comfort, especially for side (and stomach) sleepers.
  • You value sleeping On cooler surfaces – In that case, it won’t let you down. With its gel infused cover, you can forget about sweating and overheating during your sleeping hours.
  • Comfort and support are important features – Of course, nobody wants to sleep on an uncomfortable surface, but if the most important thing for you is to feel fully relaxed without any pressure on your joints and muscles, then Intellibed can provide you with all the comfort.
  • You love healthy sleeping – And that means that you are tired of tossing and turning finding the right position where your back and shoulders won’t ache. Side sleepers will benefit the most from the Sapphire, thanks to its moderate firmness and the excellent soft cover.
  • You prefer hypoallergenic beds – The materials used for the Intellibed mattress are non-toxic and are hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with skin and respiratory problems.

Intellibed Probably Not Enhance Your Sleeping If

  • Aren’t a fan of motion transfer – This mattress is made of Gel Matrix which doesn’t entirely stop the motion transfer. Though the motion transfer is not extreme, you could still feel it when the other person moves, and it might set you back from enjoying the Intellibed.
  • Coil beds are not your favorite – Intellibed Sapphire core contains separately wrapped pocketed coils. Some people aren’t fans of wrapped coils for various reasons, so this part may not be the most appealing to you.
  • You don’t sleep on your side – Although Intellibed Sapphire is moderately firm and in particular will do good for any sleeping position, the biggest benefit can be felt when you sleep on your side (it responses well to all the pressure points).

The Design – Structure of Layers Used

Mattress Analysis and Construction Overview

We loved the hybrid Intellibed Sapphire and the great combination of high-density Gel Matrix and pocketed coils that add enough support, comfort, and bounce. The chilling effect comes from the cover, which is soft to the touch and makes the sleeping quite pleasant.

Let’s check what materials Intellibed used to make this mattress:

  • Top Layer – The cover quilt feels plushy on the touch and gives a lovely comfort when you lie down. It is made of organic cotton and is infused with gel which gives a refreshing feeling when you sleep even for a longer time. Also, it contains silica fire-blocker, which will suffocate the fire before it spreads.
  • Second Layer – Also known as IntelliGel layer, it contains a gel that gives the bed hypoallergenic and non-toxic capabilities. Also, the gel provides a more refreshing sleeping. On top of that this layer is made of silica and offers non-off gassing blocking of fire. Thanks to the second layers all the pressure points get that sweet relief.
  • Third Layer – Intellibed Sapphire is made of Talalay Latex Foam which is often used for mattresses that should last for a long time without wearing off after a little while. This foam is of high density and will return to its original form once you get up.
  • Fourth Layer – Or the layer that gives the support is rich with pocketed steel coils (separately wrapped); this is where the outstanding support and longevity comes from.

Our Results After Testing Firmness

Azure – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Indigo – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Sapphire – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

As we mentioned above, Intellibed has three different mattresses, and all of them have various level of firmness. The Intellibed offers mattresses that are both 100% firm and 100% soft at the same time.  Our review is for the Sapphire, but we want to let you know what you can expect with Azure and Indigo as well. Azure is pretty firm (back sleepers will love it) while Indigo is like sleeping on a cloud (stomach sleepers wouldn’t want to get out of bed).

Intellibed Sapphire has a moderate firmness and is recommendable for side sleepers although it will do a great job if you sleep in any other position as well. It’s ideal for people who aren’t fans of extra firm or extra soft sleeping surfaces. We most definitely enjoyed its comfort and support.

Cooling Grade

Gel Inside the Bed

The cooling effect comes from the cotton cover which is among the softest ones we’ve touched and slept on. The material is natural, hypoallergenic and won’t cause you any respiratory problems, but it will offer you another thing that we especially love, and that is the cooling effect.

The gel in the cover will allow you to sleep without feeling overheated. You can have a duvet and a blanket on top of you, and you will still feel refreshed and with a balanced temperature.  Even if you sleep with a partner, it won’t feel like an oven after several hours.

But we also have to give the second layer credit for the improvement of the breathability and the cooling.

Edge Support

Reviewing the Support and Pressure Relief

Intellibed Sapphire is in the middle when comes to firmness, but the combo of coils and high-density foams gives quite a decent edge support. When you sit or lie down, the bed contours according to your frame; the spine and the shoulders will remain in a natural position, and you can forget about pain and soreness.

The base is where the coils are placed, while the support layer makes sure you won’t feel any pressure. These layers won’t allow you to sink into the mattress. The gel cover is soft on the touch, but it’s also thick enough so the sleeper can have the ultimate comfort, without the feeling of sinking; all the layers are going to keep the bed in good shape for years.

You can sleep near the side and won’t feel any sinking or discomfort.

When comes to motion transfer, yes, we felt a little of that, but it usually happens with hybrids. It isn’t extreme, but it exists, which is why we gave it a solid 8.6.


  • 14 days delivery – Yes, compared to other companies, Intellibed ships much slower.
  • E-mail before shipping – Intellibed will notify you one day before they get your mattress shipped.
  • 30-night sleep trial – This is perhaps the shortest trial so far. You won’t be able to get a full refund if you decide to return it prior the thirty-night test. You can get a 60-night sleep trial if you purchase a mattress processor.
  • 30 years of warranty – Intellibed’s very extended warranty is a proof that the manufacturers are selling a high-end bed.

Ratings of Intellibed Review

9 Total Score

We reviewed a bed that was moderately firm, supportive, ultra comfortable and pleasant to sleep on. It’s a little more expensive and offers shorter sleep trials and paid shipping, but it’s worth it due to the fact that it was built to last for a very long time.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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Intellibed has three different mattresses, all equally good and supportive of the posture and pressure points. We love that the company gives you a choice of super soft, super firm and moderate firm bed; we reviewed the Sapphire which is semi-firm and offers excellent comfort, a soft cover (infused with a gel that gives breathability and cooling effect). The thick foam and the pocketed coils are doing an outstanding job when comes to keeping you well rested, without any pain in your muscles or joints. Also, there is no sinking in, and the foam quickly returns in its original form once you get up.

The edge support is wonderful, and you don’t get to sink into the sides of it; there is a little motion transfer when your partner moves which isn’t drastic, but it’s worth mentioning.

While reviewing this mattress we found out that it has a much shorter sleeping trial (thirty nights) and has a bit higher price (and you have to pay for your shipping which is done within fourteen days), but this is a lifetime investment, that will improve your sleeping posture, will give you a sweet and refreshing sleeping time. If you sleep on your side, you are most likely to benefit the most.

Intellibed Sapphire is a smart investment!

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