Read Our Keetsa Bed Review for 2018 – How They Stack Up?

When you find a brand that promises to offer mattresses for every type of sleeper, it’s absolutely normal to want to know more. We did our research and decided to review (for real) one of their most popular models, the Keetsa Pillow Plus.

But while doing the research, we also learned that Keetsa has showrooms all over the country and works with certain retailers. Even more, some hotels decided to use Keetsa mattresses, so you can actually do some real testing before making a purchase.

Overall, the company is oriented towards natural materials and foams that don’t hurt the environment, while looking to provide high-end comfort and support. If you’re curious to know if they actually managed it, check our review below or our summary here.

Love These Keetsa Bed Advantages

  • A snooze surface for everyone – Because we are all different and have various needs, Keetsa created several beds so that you can have your pick.
  • An inclination towards natural materials – First, all the foam used to build the mattresses is CertiPUR-US certified. Second, they use BioFoam, which is a new type of foam that partially replaces petroleum oils with plant-based oils. Finally, they mix Green Tea Extract in the BioFoam to keep the material fresh and allergen-free for as long as possible.
  • The sweet pushback action of springs – Keetsa Pillow Plus is equipped with pocketed springs that keep it bouncy and reactive to your every move. This provides sleepers with pressure points relief and keeps the spine well aligned.
  • Extra padding for your comfort – This mattress has an extra layer of padding on top of all the layers which makes the surface feel like butter when you roll around. It’s soft, contouring, but also responds fast and returns to its initial shape once pressure is removed.
  • Sleeps cool – The fiber layer and good ventilation system wick heat away from your body and send it out, by dispersing it through the surface.

You Won’t Enjoy Keetsa Mattress Disadvantages

  • It’s not memory foam through-and-through – While the surface has a thick layer of comfort foam, it is not as soft and slow as traditional memory foam.
  • It’s not 100% natural materials – They try to use as many plant-based oils and other natural materials, but there’s still some petroleum-based foam in each Keetsa. However, they only use CertiPUR-US foams, so no harmful chemicals were used to produce it.

The Construction (Layers & Materials)

Layers and Materials Analysis

Keetsa Pillow Plus beds contain six inner layers and is covered with an unbleached cotton canvas material that is breathable and very soft to touch. During our review, we noticed that the cover couldn’t be removed to be washed, but it can be spot cleaned. Furthermore, for optimum protection, Keetsa also produces protectors and bedding.

So, without further ado, the six layers of the mattress are:

  • Fiber Padding – This is the layer immediately under the cover and contains fiberfill for comfort, temperature regulation, moisture control, and good contouring.
  • BioFoam (1 inch) – High-quality memory foam improved with plant-based materials that conforms to your body and keeps you comfy and cozy during the night.
  • Comfort Foam (1.5 inches) – A new memory foam layer that contributes to the general pillowtop feel of the mattress.
  • Comfort Foam (0.5 inches) – Slightly denser foam that provides support and eases the sleeper towards the coils.
  • High-Density Foam (0.5 inches) – The transition layer between the contouring, soft layers on top and the bouncy coils underneath.
  • iCoil Pocketed Springs (7.5 inches) – The coils are independent of each other and held in place by the fabric around them. This way, the motion is not transmitted through the surface, and each coil can support your body as needed. This is why the surface will feel different to anyone laying on it – it adapts to your specific needs.

We also noticed the side panels, which are designed to allow airflow and protect the sides of the mattress. Sadly, there are no handles to help you reposition the bed, but that’s ok.

Stiffness Rating Reviewed

It would’ve been rude to mention Keetsa produces more than one product and not tell you a bit about each, right? So, below you can read about firmness and general feel for each surface.

The Keetsa Plus – 8.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This surface sports the same hybrid composition as the Keetsa Pillow Plus, but it has fewer layers of foam on top. There is one fiber padding, one BioFoam layer, and one Comfort foam layer before we reach the 7.5 inches of coils.

This construction places the Plus model on the firm scale, and we would recommend it for back and stomach sleepers.

The Keetsa Pillow Plus – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is the version we reviewed, and according to our testing, the Pillow Plus is a medium firm. This makes it suitable for most side and back sleepers, but stomach sleepers who like a softer surface may also like it.

The Keetsa Cloud – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

For this design, Keetsa gave up on the layer of coils and replaced with a core of 7.5-inches high-density foam. The base is engineered to absorb all the motion and provide unprecedented back support for all types of sleepers.

To sweeten the deal, on top of the base there are two layers of BioFoam, protected by the cotton cover. Overall, the surface feels firm, but there is contouring, and the top layers allow for some sinkage. This is why we recommend it mostly for back and stomach sleepers.

Tea Leaf Classic – 9/10 (Firmness Scale)

Significantly taller, the Tea Leaf Classic is a firm surface, with a diverse construction (7 layers) and a hemp blend cover. The 7 layers are as follows:

  • Fiber padding with polyester and wool – For temperature regulation and general comfort.
  • BioFoam (1 inch).
  • Three layers of comfort foam with different densities (0.5 inches, 1 inch, 2 inches).
  • High-density foam (0.5 inches) – Serves as a transition layer to the coils.
  • iCoil Pocketed Springs (7.5 inches).

Since it is more on the firm scale, we would only recommend it to back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may not enjoy it because it may create pressure points.

Tea Leaf Supreme – 3/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Supreme model is on the opposite side of the scale, being a soft, cozy surface that cradles the body and provides sinkage and contour.

To achieve this, Keetsa replaced the layer of coils with one of high-density memory foam and slapped 4 inches of BioFoam on top. If you add the fiber padding that’s right under the cotton cover, you get a soft surface that doesn’t allow for pressure points to form.

Tea Leaf Dream – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Keetsa definitely went overboard with this model, but they also managed to create a surface that’s both soft, supportive and has good edge support.

The Tea Leaf Dream is a bit complicated on the inside, as it follows:

  • Hemp blend cover with Microfiber layer underneath – For temperature regulation and good contouring.
  • BioFoam (1inch).
  • A second layer of BioFoam (1.5 inches).
  • One layer of Pressure Relief Foam (3 inches) – The transition layer between the coils and the layers on top, but also the one to offer support and pressure relief for any type of sleeper.
  • The core –With this mattress, the core is a combination of coils and foam. We have the standard 7.5 inches iCoil Pocketed Springs encased by a layer of high-density foam that thickens around the edges. This way, the core can provide both support and body contouring.

As a result, this surface is a medium soft which accommodates side and back sleepers.

The Temperature at Night (Sleeps Cool)

Sleeps Hot and Temperature

All Keetsa mattresses are equipped with good ventilation systems, regardless of the fact that they have coils or not in their constructions.

Pillow Plus (the version we reviewed) is a hybrid, and the core of coils is extremely useful in providing good airflow through the mattress. Furthermore, the layer of fiberfill on top is specially designed to wick heat and moisture away, so you will enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Finally, the organic cover is breathable and allows the air inside to get out carrying the heat with it.

Motion Transfer and Bounce

What the Mattress Support is Like

While hybrid surfaces are a bit bouncier, the pocketed coils technology is extremely effective at keeping motion transfer under control. This way, when one of the partners moves on the surface, the other one won’t be disturbed by motion or sound (the coils are silent).

Finally, because it is a hybrid, Pillow Plus has good edge support when you sit on it. However, the all-foam versions are not as great at keeping their shape in this situation. But all surfaces will allow you to lie on edge without losing comfort.


  • Free shipping & returns – Policy available in 48 States and most areas in Canada.
  • International shipping – While it may not be free, it’s nice to know you can buy Keetsa from another country.
  • A brand with a long history – Keetsa has been on the market since 2007, and they gathered plenty of experience since then.
  • Active in the community – The Company is involved in supporting children who need reconstructive facial surgery.
  • Products can be seen in showrooms – Keetsa has several showrooms across the country, and it collaborates with several retailers so you can see the product before buying it.
  • 12-year warranty – Only covers manufacturing defects if the product has been properly used.
  • Low-maintenance – The mattress can be installed on any type of surface as long as it is solid and flat.
  • Return policy – Keetsa has a 90-days return policy, but please check their conditions before making a purchase.

Ratings of Keetsa Mattress Review

8.9 Total Score
Good Product

Keetsa went above and beyond to make sure every type of sleeper will find a product to fit their needs, and they did a fantastic job with each model. We loved the one we reviewed and think you should give it a try.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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The Pillow Plus design charmed us with its comfort and good support! The surface is reactive, cradles your body and keeps motion to a minimum. Even more, we appreciated their inclination towards healthier, more natural materials.

We loved the fact that they have so many hybrid products, but the all-foam ones are not bad either. They really wanted to make sure everyone has something to like in their offer, which is why all the mixing and matching.

At the end of the day, Keetsa is a solid brand, with showrooms and collaborations with different retailers and hotels. This shows their products are being appreciated and valued, which is indeed a very important aspect. But they’re also appreciated by regular users, people like you and us, who need to get a good night’s sleep before starting it all over again the next day.


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