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Our newest review is Australia’s top-rated mattress, the Koala Bed. Those five stars reviews intrigued us to a point where we anxiously waited for the delivery of it, and when we finally got it, we realized that we are going to be reviewing one excellent bed.

We got to sleep on a breathable, tall and exceptionally comfortable surface, which was soft enough and had very low motion transfer. Even though it is completely made of foam layers, Koala offers a great deal of bounce which won’t let you sink into it.

Before we continue with our extended review, you can read the short version here.

Your Morning Will Feel Great By Koala Bed If

  • You value comfort above all – Koala made a comfortable mattress that besides its foam core, will not let you sink into its layers. Koala is moderately firm, which hands down, offers the best of both worlds.
  • Balance is what you seek in a mattress – Koala offers a great balance. The designers made a bed that supports every muscle and bone in your body. Here they included the disturbance technology that guarantees no motion transfer so you and your partner can sleep tight even when one of you moves or stands up.
  • Seek a medium firm sleeping surface – Many people will say that Koala has just the right firmness. If you aren’t a fan of a super firm or extra soft sleeping surfaces, then the medium firmness will be ideal for you. No matter what position you sleep in, you will have great comfort.
  • You’re a fan of chilly sleeping – You get a breathable place to sleep that allows a constant airflow throughout the layers. The designers made sure to create a mattress that won’t cause you overheating and sweating during your quiet hours.

Your Morning Will Feel Not Feel So Great By Koala Mattress If

  • Medium firm beds aren’t good enough for your – If you’re one of those people who like to lie down on a surface that is either extra soft or extra firm, then you won’t be entirely content with this one. Its range is slightly above the middle.
  • You don’t want to sink in your bed (at all) – This is a combination of memory foams, and of course, there is a little (almost insignificant) sinking, but if you aren’t a fan of this, then Koala may not be a mattress by your criteria.
  • You sleep on your side and stomach – Though you won’t have any discomfort if you sleep in these positions, we have to say that the best comfort will have back sleepers.

The Design – How It’s Manufactured

Bed Construction and Manufactur

We reviewed a mattress that looks excellent, but also feels fantastic when you lie down and spend several hours sleeping on it. Yes, Koala’s designers made a tremendous job when comes to comfort and support, and we truly appreciate that. But, besides that, this is a perfect choice for couples or people who value low motion transfer and who enjoy having every part of their body supported and nicely hugged. Let’s check what the two layers are made of.

  • Top Layer – Usually the top layers have to be the cherry on top, soft and comfortable, yet breathable and to invite you to lie down. The designers weren’t fans of latex and foams, so they patented Kloudcell foam, which is a blend that works like memory foam and latex; we weren’t able to spot any differences. It has all of it, and the open-cell foam does the entire work. It was tailored to provide you with that lovely plush feel, and we loved the breathability and bounce as well, so thanks to this layer the sinking feeling is minimal.
  • Inner Layer – This part (made of eco-foam with high density) gives you the needed balance and support. Literally, every part of your body will feel supported and comfy during your rest (you’ll get significant support for the hips, shoulders, and spine). We can easily say that you can sleep in any position on it, though we can agree that back sleepers will have the best time. The inner layer gives breathability to the entire thing and provides you with a cooler sleep during the hotter days.
  • Removable Cover – Feels nice to the touch, the plush white cover is easily removable and washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh for a long time.

Firmness – Is It Too Firm?

Koala – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

We already mentioned that this bed belongs somewhere in the middle of the firmness range. Our rating is 6, making it moderately firm. We loved this balance between a lovely soft top layer combined with a slightly firmer inner layer that makes a great combination for every sleeping position. The foam has enough bounce which won’t let you sink in (which in some cases may cause a difficult get up, especially for older people).

The moderate firmness and the support are perhaps the best combinations if you are a back sleeper; even in other sleeping positions, you will feel the support and the comfort from head to toes.

Our Complete Views and Thoughts on Cooling

Laying and Sleeping Reviewed

When we are reviewing a new mattress, we are focused on things such as comfort, firmness, and cooling. This feature is fundamental to us (but it doesn’t matter if you’ll share your Koala with another person or not) because we tend to feel overheated after a while.

This one did not let us down with this feature and here is why – the open-cell structure is what makes those channels in the foam that of course give that much-needed airflow and lets the body heat leave the bed. The final result is a cooler and refreshed feeling whenever you are resting, even if the night is pretty hot.

Edge Support

The Design with Pressure Support

This is a one of the tall beds (25cm) and moderately heavy (about 34 kg), so even though it is made of foam layers, you can expect to get excellent edge support. When we sat on the edge, we did feel some sinking into it, but it was only for several centimeters. Of course, the layers will compress when you sit or lie down because this mattress doesn’t have springs or one of those extra firm foams.

The thing is, you won’t sink into the foams while you sleep (this only happens when you sit on the edge). Your body weight will be evenly distributed when you lay down. The low motion transfer is impressive as well. We even jumped on it, and the movement was insignificant; it also passed the test with a glass (we filled it with water because we didn’t want to risk with wine). Literally, you can toss and turn, and the glass on the other side of the bed won’t spill. Of course, we don’t recommend this test, but we were quite curious that’s why we did it.


  • 120 nights trial – These guys are even more generous with the trial of 120 nights. If you decide to return it after this time, you’ll get a full refund.
  • 10 years of warranty – We believe that a decade-long warranty for the exceptionally made product is more than enough.
  • Free shipping and returns – No additional payments for the shipping.
  • Mattresses can be delivered in 4 hours – This sounds crazy fast, but they can actually do it (if you live in Australia of course).
  • Australian made – Koala is beyond proud to present a home-made product for their people
  • Adopt a Koala – For every purchase, you are doing a symbolic adoption of this animal through WWF.

Ratings of Koala Mattress Review

9.4 Total Score

It was a pleasure to review such a quality made mattress with every part a person needs to feel comfortable and supported. Two layers formed of excellent materials (breathable, cool, supportive and comfortable) that are nicely wrapped in a plush white cover and give you a tranquil and refreshing sleep.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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It’s always pleasant to come across and review a quality mattress that goes step further to provide you with the ultimate support and comfort.

Koala mattresses provide a wonderful surface to sleep on, not only because these guys patented the Kloudcell foam, (which is a blend that works like memory foam and latex) but also because they combined it with a firmer layer that makes the whole sleeping delightful and comfy. We felt the support going all over our shoulders, hips and of course our spines.

The slight sinking is not a big deal because when you lay down the body weight is evenly distributed all over it, so there is no chance that you can sink in. The motion transfer is almost non-existent, and the airflow and chill sleep are guaranteed.

Add to all of this a removable cover, free shipping, and a ten-year warranty, and you get perhaps the perfect surface to sleep on.

We loved it!

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