Detailed Layla Mattress Review for 2018 – What to Look for?

We were pretty excited to review the Layla mattress because it brings several new features into the game.

First, Layla is the only flippable mattress, with two levels of comfort out of the box, on the market. Second, its surface is infused with copper, which is a highly-conductor material that wicks heat away from the top layer and sends it out, keeping everything cool.

And third, it comes with an interesting inner-structure that differs from what you usually find in the bed-in-a-box category.

We reviewed it and liked it, but its best to read about our experience before you decide if you like it as well. We also have the short version of our review here.

Layla Sleep Bed Is the Ideal Partner for Your Sleep If

  • You want the possibility to choose the firmness – Unlike other producers, who create several models with different firmness levels, Layla follows the two-in-one concept. So, if you need it soft, you sleep on the regular side, but if you need it firm, you simply flip it over.
  • You need good back support – Layla comes with innovative materials that, under pressure, bond together, creating a firm, bouncy surface.
  • You sleep on your side or back a lot – Because the surface sinks in a bit, it provides good alignment, which is important for people who suffer from pressure points related pain or discomfort.
  • You don’t like sleeping hot – The surface infused with copper is amazing when it comes to absorbing heat from the top of the bed and sending it away through the rest of the layers.
  • You’re sick of memory foam and latex mattresses – Ever since producers discovered it’s OK to combine the two materials, it seems like everyone wants to try it. Layla decided to introduce new and innovative materials, which allows it to stand out from the crowd.
  • You don’t want a mattress that requires off-gassing – Layla is made without harmful chemicals so it will only have the nice, new smell when you open the box.

Layla Mattress Is Not Greatest Partner for Your Sleep If

  • You want a hybrid or an innerspring – Layla doesn’t contain any springs so the bounciness will be minimum. Also, there is some pushback action provided by the foam, but it is not strong.
  • You want a medium option – Layla comes with two comfort options: soft or firm. Sadly, the medium lever is not available, so if this is what you’re looking for, you should consider a different brand.
  • You don’t really care about the flipping – Well, if this feature doesn’t call to you, maybe Layla is not the right surface for you.

The Design (Materials)

Sleep Bed Construction Audit

Reviewing the structure: We’re sure you are curious to learn about the inner structure of such a bed but bear with us a little longer while we talk about the cover. The first thing you’ll notice is the design, with a diamond-like pattern for the soft side and a wavy one for the firm side. The two sides are divided by a nice purple line that gives a touch of elegance and finesse to the ensemble.

You should also know that the cover is infused with thermogel (Layla’s creation) that reacts to your body heat. This way, if you’re hot, the gel will cool you down, providing a pleasant surface.

Now, let’s talk about the layers inside:

  • Copper Infused Memory Foam (3 inches) – This is the first layer on the soft side and contains 3.5lb foam that gives deep compression, good support, and rapid heat transfer. All these are possible due to the copper infusions that create a superhighway for the heat on top to reach the bottom in no time.
  • Convoluted Support Foam (2 inches) – The hot/warm air that is absorbed by the top layer is ventilated when it gets to the second layer, which is a convoluted sheet of 1.8lb foam. The shapes also help support the top layer and provide a bit of firmness.
  • Base Support Foam (4.5 inches) – The core of the mattresses is made of a thick sheet of 2lb density foam, which keeps everything in check and provides durability to the entire product.
  • Copper Infused Memory Foam (1 inch) – This is the first layer on the firm side and features 3.5lb density foam with copper infusions. Since it sits directly on top of the base, the layer provides some contouring, but the level of comfort is firm.

Flippable Firmness

Since we had the possibility to review both levels of comfort, below are our impressions.

Firm Side – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

While it’s not extremely firm, this side of the bed is indeed mostly suited for stomach sleepers. Some back sleepers will also enjoy it, but you have to like a firmer feel.

The side is supportive and will keep the spine aligned, but the contouring is minimal, and there is very little sinkage. Also, the foam reacts fast and will support your every move, and the edge support is quite decent.

Soft Side – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)

On the other side (the soft one), you get plenty of contouring, and the foam gives in when you apply pressure. As soon the pressure is removed, the surface returns to its neutral state so there will be no quicksand feeling.

This side is best suited for side sleepers and some back sleepers who like a softer feel.

Cooler Night Sleep

Sleep Bed Construction Audit

The copper infusions are indeed a fantastic idea if we consider the super-conductivity of this element. Not to mention, copper provides variable Support when you apply pressure and has powerful antimicrobial properties.

But the cooling system is not just supported by the copper-infused layers. The cover is also a part of it and participates actively in providing coolness when needed. Even more, the convoluted layer of foam provides ventilation and keeps the entire surface dry and cozy.

Motion Transfer

When it comes to all-foam beds, motion transfer is usually minimal, and Layla is amazing! The layers of foam combine perfectly when you apply pressure on one side, and the movement is completely absorbed.

As a result, your partner can toss and turn on their side, and you won’t be bothered on yours.


  • 120-night trial – The Company gives you four months to test, flip, and rotate Layla as you like. Still, you should give it a few days before you decide, as it takes a bit to adjust to a new bed. If you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back.
  • Free shipping & returns – The bed is sent to your doorstep in a box, no extra charges. Still, when it comes to returns, you will have to work with them to find a local charity that will come and pick up the product.
  • Lifetime warranty – For as long as you are the owner, your Layla will be covered.
  • Made in the USA – The manufacturing process happens in the country, which is how they can keep the costs so low.

Ratings of Layla Mattress Review

9.5 Total Score
Splendidly Unique

The unique features of this product attract and impress sleepers all over the country. Layla is a wonderfully simple and innovative surface that gives you plenty of options!

Quality & Materials
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Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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With such a mattress available on the market, you don’t really need to continue looking for the ideal level of comfort or the perfect cooling surface!

While there are other models that allow sleepers to customize the firmness level, Layla comes with a unique approach that’s simple and extremely easy to use. After all, you just have to flip it over, and you have a new level of comfort!

The copper infusions are a wonderful idea and come as a refreshing replacement for all sorts of cooling gels that lose their properties in time. Copper is a stable material, with super-conductivity, and firmness properties that improve any snooze surface.

Overall, we enjoyed reviewing the Layla and consider it a wonderful option that’s quite invigorating!

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