An Honest Nolah Mattress Review for 2018

If you are looking for an experienced mattress producer, based in the US, and capable of offering a simple, transparent shopping process, Nolah may just be the right name.

The brand is well-known on the market, and their factory is based in the US. Even more, they gave up on traditional products such as viscoelastic or latex and created their own foams that keep the platform cool and reduces pressure points.

What they offer is a luxurious high-tech mattress, designed to provide comfort and support without the hassle of traditional shopping.

But, we couldn’t take their words without a bit of testing, so we did our own review of the Nolah mattress. You can read about our experience below or check our summary here.

Nolah Bed Will Be the Perfect For

  • Side and back sleepers – The surface is soft towards medium and provides enough sinkage to accommodate people who usually sleep on the side. But it’s also supporting enough to provide good lumbar support for back sleepers.
  • People who enjoy the memory foam feeling – The cool thing about the Nolah proprietary foam is that it feels the same as a viscoelastic material, but it doesn’t overheat.
  • Buyers who don’t like the action of a spring bed – Innerspring mattresses are fantastic for their pushback action, but this also means you’ll feel every move your partner makes. Nolah is great at isolating motion so your partner may toss and turn in peace.
  • Persons who deal with pressure points – When you lay down on a mattress, the surface underneath will create pressure points with the heavier areas in your body (hips, knees, shoulders), but Nolah is specially designed to make you feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Nolah Mattress Will Not Be So Great For

  • People who want the innerspring pushback action – As we mentioned above, Nolah feels like traditional memory foam, so you won’t get the bouncy, flexible feeling of springs.
  • Stomach sleepers or people who want a firm surface – Nolah is about a five on the firmness scale, so it is pretty soft, with plenty of sinkage and fluff. So if you like a firmer bed, you should consider a different producer.
  • People who like more options – For now, the company only produces one model, but many manufacturers started with just one and added more in time. If you’re willing to wait a couple of years, they may have more options.

Layer & Construction Design

The Layers in Mattress

Nolah is a simple, 10 inches, all-foam platform, with a standard three layers construction. The layers work together to provide contour, pressure relief, and back support for side and back sleepers. Furthermore, according to the producer, because they use specially engineered foam, the result is four times better at pressure relief, it sleeps cooler than viscoelastic, and it is more durable than latex.

Taking this into consideration, let’s take a look under the hood, at the three special layers:

  • Cooling Nolah AirFoam™ (2 inches) – This layer behaves like memory foam and reacts to pressure, but it does not retain heat nor does it react to any changes in temperature. This is why the snooze surface will stay cool every night.
  • Supportive High-Resilience Foam (1 inch) – A layer that’s more durable and stronger than latex (which says a lot). Its role is to provide a gentle bounce for the surface and keep your back well-supported.
  • High-Density Base Foam (7 inches) – Provides durability and a solid base for the layer on top.

Everything is nicely wrapped in a cover of natural viscose that feels ultra-soft to touch and keeps you dry and cozy during the night. The side panels and bottom side are dressed in a nice, dark-brown material that protects the foam inside and provides an overall elegant design. Sadly, you can’t remove the cover for cleaning, but you can spot-clean it with warm water and soap.

How Stiff/Firm Is It?

Nolah – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

As we mentioned above, Nolah features a soft surface, that’s perfectly suited for side sleepers. Back sleepers will enjoy it too, due to the layer in the middle, that’s bouncy and provides plenty of support for your back. Furthermore, the second layer and the high-density base are capable of supporting heavier sleepers (we tested while reviewing it), which is quite nice considering that many foam beds tend to lose their features in such situations.

Overall, the surface will sink when you apply pressure, but it reacts fast to your movement, avoiding the sink in feeling of viscoelastic.


Sleeps Cool Performance

We reviewed Nolah in two different types of environments: one hot and one with low-temperatures, and we’re pleased to say it behaved great in both situations.

The cooling is provided by the top layer, that doesn’t retain heat, but the breathable cover is also part of the equation. Furthermore, the cover absorbs any humidity (great if you know you tend to sweat during the night) and wicks it away, keeping the surface dry and comfy.

Movement & Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer and the Movement of Mattress

When you share the bed with a partner or a pet, it’s important to check if it transfers motion. If it does, it means you will feel every move your partner makes, and this may be disturbing for you.

Nolah, being equipped with three layers of foam, is amazing at absorbing motion and dispersing it towards the base. This means that your partner can toss and turn all night long; you won’t feel a thing!

Of course, there is some motion transfer since we don’t yet have a type of foam to keep perfectly still when there’s movement on one side, but the transfer is negligible, and it won’t disturb your sleep.


  • Wildlife adoption – The company is implicated in campaigns for saving wildlife on our planet, so they donate 7% of their profits to charities and organizations that cover this activity.
  • Free shipping & returns – In true bed-in-a-box fashion, the transport to and from you is supported by the company.
  • 120-night trial – You have plenty of time to test the bed in your home and make sure it fits your needs.
  • 15 years warranty – Covers defects that are not caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Low-maintenance – The bed can be installed on any flat surface, it’s not pretentious, and it doesn’t void the warranty if you install it on the floor.

Ratings of Nolah Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score
Wonderfully Ingenious

Even though the Nolah doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a standard luxury surface, the materials used and the comfort it offers, definitely place it in the luxury products category.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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In a world where producers seem to have a contest on how many layers of memory foam and latex they can put in a mattress, Nolah comes with a new structure that proves better and simpler than anything else.

Yes, it only targets a certain category of buyers (side sleepers), but it has all it takes to fulfill their needs. It is soft but also supportive, it wicks away any shoulder or hip pain by eliminating pressure points, and it sleeps cool. While reviewing it, we also learned it is great for heavier people, which is indeed impressive for a foam design.

In our opinion, Nolah is one of the best all-foam surfaces on the market right now.

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