Our Novosbed Review, Ratings & Analysis (Guide for You)

Reviewing a new bed is always a joy, especially if it consists several adjustable layers. We are happy to review the Novosbed, a foam mattress that includes three foam layers, which you can combine according to your preferences and needs.

The Novosbed offers you three different levels of firmness – soft, medium and firm and the only thing that separates you from having a new bed every week is just the zipper of the soft and removable cover.

We had a very comfortable rest on this mattress while testing every layer. It seemed that Novosbed made sure to offer comfort, support, and breathability no matter how you combine the layers.

Every option felt pleasant and comfortable for us, and we are eager to share it all with you.

If you are not in the mood for our long review, check the shorter version here.

Your Mornings On Novosbed Will Be Amazing If

  • You are fond of adjustable mattresses – This way you will always have a new level of firmness. Novosbed allows you to combine the foam layers and create the best sleeping surface.
  • You and your partner sleep in different positions – Adjustable mattresses are an excellent compromise; this way you can change the layers so both of you can be content.
  • You seek pressure relief – Novosbed offers a decent pressure relief, and the aerated top foam layer responds excellently to body pressure; depending on the layer adjustment, you will end having a restful and comfortable night without pressure in the usual points (hips, shoulders, knees, and spine).
  • You care to sleep on a breathable surface – Usually, foam beds (especially high-density foam) have a bit of a difficult airflow, but the aerated first layer allows constant and easy airflow, providing a fresh and cooler sleeping surface.

Your Mornings On Novosbed Mattress Might Not Feel Great If

  • You prefer sleeping on spring beds – Novosbed does not contain springs, but its foam layers provide enough comfort and support. If pocketed springs are something that you are more fond of, then this may not be the best bed for you.
  • You aren’t a fan of beds with adjustable layers – Although you get to adjust the layers and get different firmness, this may not be the dream activity for some people (especially if they prefer spring mattresses).
  • You (and your partner) have one preferred level of firmness – No matter what level it is you might not see how Novosbed can impress you. If by chance you are one of those people that don’t want to change anything, then we don’t recommend this bed to you.

The Architecture and Materials Used

The Construction and Architecture of Mattress

Novosbed is a mattress that has an efficient construction; its thick memory foam base provides support for the upper layers that give you comfort and pressure relief. When you sit or lay on the mattress, the sensation of softness and sinkage will prevail over your body, helping you relax and fall asleep without any problems.

Now, let’s check everything that this mattress contains, starting from the cover.

  • Cover – The thin and white cover is made of a polyester blend with included Tencel, a material known for its breathable structure. We loved the thinness of the cover fabric because it doesn’t impede the top memory foam layer.
  • Top Layer – This is 2-inch thick aerated memory foam; the holes in it allow better airflow and provide a cooler sleeping surface. The designers did a great job with this layer because dense memory foams usually keep the body heat trapped in the bed, which can cause overheating and sweating. In this case, the first layer provides a pleasant and regulated temperature. The top layer also slowly responds to your pressure as you lay down. You feel how it provides the much-needed pressure relief. This layer is significantly softer than the other two, and you get to sink into it a little bit (depending on your weight).
  • Second Layer – The middle layer is also 2 inches thick and is made of memory foam. Just like the top layer, it also slowly responds to your pressure; the main difference is that it gets to its original shape much quicker than the top layer. It works as a transition between the top and the foundation preventing you from feeling the big difference between the soft top and the firm third layer.
  • Foundation – The base is the thickest layer (7 inches) made of high-density poly foam. Most foam beds use thick poly foam bases because they are firm enough to provide support not only for the upper layers but also for the person that sleeps on it. Novosbed is thick and firm enough to keep you on the surface without any chance to fall or sink into the mattress’ core.
  • Optional Comfort+ Layer – Novosbed offers a Comfort + layer for no extra fees. This option works best if you don’t find the three layers comfortable enough. You can add the extra layer and create another level of firmness/softness just according your preferences. In case you decide to get this option, just inform the company, and they will send it for free.

Measuring Firmness

Firm – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

We adjusted and reviewed the layers to the firm level first; our general impression was that it felt decently firm. The firm layer is perfect for people that don’t like the sinking sensation that the thin aerated layer offers. This adjustment is excellent for back sleepers and sleepers that want to get rid of back pain. There was a minimum sinking (after all it’s a foam layer), but the support was top-class.

Medium – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Our favorite level was the medium firmness. It is perfect when you sleep on your side and back (but it feels quite cozy and without any bigger pressure if you sleep on your stomach as well). The medium firmness will cause some sinking, but in general, it responses slow and good enough to your body shape. Once you get up, it returns quickly to its original shape.

Soft – 4/10 (Firmness Scale)

The soft level will bring plenty of comfort to stomach sleepers. It feels extraordinary soft and causes no pressure when you sleep on your stomach or your side. You can rest in any position on this level, it won’t cause you discomfort or pressure, but this softness is perhaps best if you choose the stomach position. The sinking goes slightly deeper than the other two levels, and the aerated foam takes a little longer to respond to body pressure (it also take a little while to return into its original form). Changing positions is slightly tricky because of the softness of the first layer.

Impression on Cooling

Sleeping Experience Reviewed

Novosbed uses a thin a breathable cover made of natural materials that allow constant airflow. But the first layer (the aerated foam) also regulates the temperature; the air flows freely through the holes of this layer. Your body temperature won’t remain ‘stuck’ into the thick foam (which often happens with this material). We are content with the cooling feature, especially because even after two nights we didn’t feel overheated.

Edge Support

This feature is pretty important, especially when you buy a foam bed. When we reviewed it, yes, there was some sinking (depending mostly on how you have adjusted the layers and also on your body weight). Edge support may be a problematic thing when comes to these types of mattresses; we laid close to the edges, and we felt even support just like we had while sleeping in the center. There wasn’t this feeling of compressing even though we laid on the very edges.

Tossing and turning is easy as well (perhaps the first layer feels a little more difficult because of its softness).  Only when we sat near the sides (which means our weight wasn’t adequately distributed), we felt that we caused some compressing but only to the top foam layer. But this is a normal and common thing and happens with almost every foam bed.


  • 120-nights sleep trial period – There is four-month trial period.
  • 15- years of warranty – We are huge fans of extended guarantees.
  • Free shipping – They ship for free to most areas in Canada and the USA.
  • Delivery in few business days – They deliver the mattress compressed in a box.

Ratings of Novosbed Review

9.3 Total Score

Novosbed did an outstanding job with this product, offering every sleeper three different levels of firmness. Just unzip the cover, adjust the layers and set your bed according to your preferences. 

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Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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Novosbed is special for many reasons, and we hope we shared all of the important ones with you. We are always happy to do a review of an adjustable bed that offers multiple levels of firmness. Whether you’ll sleep on it by yourself or with a partner, Novosbed will provide you with enough support, comfort and refreshing sleep.

This is a mattress entirely made of foam, but each layer has a different thickness that offers different qualities – the base is the thickest and the firmest and gives support to the whole bed and prevents you from sinking into the core or falling on the floor. The second layer is a transition between the first and the foundation, responds well to your pressure and takes your shape while the aerated top allows you a pleasant sinkage, softness and a slow response to your body frame.

We really enjoyed reviewing Novosbed and with offers of fifteen years of warranty, 120-nights sleep trial plus free shipping they are worth giving a shot.

You’d make a smart investment if you purchase this mattress.

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