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Recommending a bed to someone is a difficult thing to do because not all people enjoy the same things we do. Sleepers’ preferences vary in every possible feature (firmness, springs, foam, breathability, bounce, motion transfer, etc.) and one man’s trash could be another man’s the ideal mattress.

After we reviewed OneBed, we agreed that this is perhaps the closest to the ideal mattress that fits if not everyone’s, then most people’s needs.

It consists several layers of firm memory foam and latex that adds bounce to the surface, making this bed pleasant, comfortable, bouncy and quite supportive.

Our first impression was that sleeping our backs and sides was beyond comfortable while sleeping on our stomachs didn’t feel as pleasant.

But let’s check all the features in the review down below; if you want to see the shorter version click here.

OneBed Will Make Your Sleep Improve If

  • You appreciate foam beds with enough bounce – It doesn’t contain pocketed coils but provides enough bounce thanks to the latex and the firm foam. There is some sinking when you sit or lay down but movements and get up are pretty easy because of these materials.
  • You are a back and side sleeper – OneBed will be most beneficial if you sleep on your side or back. Moderate to heavy body weight would be ideal for this mattress.
  • You are a fan of reasonable firmness – If you sleep the best on moderate firm surfaces, then OneBed will be just according to your taste. Although it isn’t the firmest bed, it still is decently firm to sleep on your side or back.
  • You seek pressure relief – Thanks to the components that the foams are made of, OneBed offers immediate pressure relief which is excellent for people who suffer from constant pain in their backs and joints.

OneBed Mattress Will Not Improve Your Sleep If

  • You are lightweight – The firm foam layers may not be the best choice for lightweight people. They may not sink in too deep, but on the other hand, this bed may feel a little too firm for them.
  • You sleep mostly on your stomach – Although sleeping on OneBed isn’t uncomfortable for stomach sleepers, it still won’t feel as good as sleeping on your back or your side.
  • Hybrid beds with springs are your first choice – OneBed has enough bounce, support and contouring and all because of the great combo of Dunlop latex and the firm foam it’s made of, but if your first choice is a hybrid bed then we don’t suggest it to you.

Architecture (Materials/Layers)

Architecture and Materials Audit

OneBed contains several foam layers that give the whole sleeping surface enough support and comfort. The smart design provides sufficient edge support and motion transfer, but the Dunlop latex and the firmer poly-foam also give stability, support, and comfort. The foam used for this bed is eco-friendly, suitable for people who have allergies or respiratory issues.

  • Cover – It wraps all the layers keeping them safe and clean. The surface is made of a poly-blend while the sides are made from a protective a bit firm fabric. The polyester gives a nice plushy feeling. The cover is easily removable and washable.
  • Top Layer – This layer contains natural latex (Dunlop) the first layer offers pressure relief, and you’d feel it the moment you lay on it. You will immediately feel how it softens up and the foam below takes your shape which will help you relax and fall asleep faster (at least we did).
  • Second Layer – This layer contains memory foam (visco-elastic) and provides compression which results in pleasant pressure relief. Once we laid on it we felt how nicely OneBed cradled our shoulders and spine (hips as well) and we slept like babies, waking up without any back pain in the morning.
  • Foundation – The base is made of thick poly foam that provides support and helps your weight get equal distribution (there is a slight sinkage of course, but the foundation prevents you from sinking into the bed’s core).

Firmness Level Evaluation

OneBed – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

OneBed is a medium firm bed, slightly above the middle on the firmness scale. In most cases, we had pleasant experiences with medium firm sleeping surfaces, and such was the case with this one. We are mostly back and side sleepers, and we had a delightful comfort during the whole night; it provides excellent stability, pleasant sinking and you feel how your body gets quickly adjusted to the first layer.

The mattress is not the softest one, there is enough support and contouring, and still, the foam gives you the comfort and the pressure relief you seek.

The Cooling Concept

Airflow of Mattress Reviewed

Since this is a mattress that contains natural latex which is known to provide cooling effects and also has a breathable cover, the cooling effect is guaranteed; we can’t complain about sweating or overheating. OneBed felt quite refreshing during the entire night.

Edge Support

When comes to edge support, we are quite content with that feature as well. The thing with this mattress is that it was created of firmer poly-foam and Dunlop latex which provides bounce and support, but also sinkage. Sinking into the layers depends mostly on your body weight. Heavier sleepers will cause more sinking, especially when they sit near the edges.

When we laid on it, there was a decent but not extreme sinkage because of the firm base that contours the body and provides equal mass distribution. The latex gives enough support (the base provides support as well), so you don’t get the feeling that you are stuck into the core and also getting up is pretty straightforward.

When comes to motion transfer, we agree that it has one of the best – OneBed is excellent for sleeping with partners that tend to toss and turns when they sleep. Even when they get up their movements are entirely absorbed into the foam so you won’t get to feel anything, let alone wake up because of this.


  • 125 nights sleep trial – OneBed offers a little longer sleep trial, and after this time you can return it (in case you don’t like it). You’d get a full refund, and the company will donate your used mattress to the Salvation Army.
  • Mattresses have 15 years of warranty – These guys offer pretty long warranty time.
  • Free shipping – No fees included for this service.

Ratings of OneBed Review

9.3 Total Score

Great choice for side and back sleepers who want to get rid of constant back and joint pain. OneBed contains several layers of firmer poly-foam and Dunlop latex; this combo provides a refreshing, comfortable and peaceful rest.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We reviewed OneBed, an exceptional product that won our hearts immediately (spines and hips as well). Sleeping on it felt quite refreshing, comfortable and pretty relaxing. This mattress is specially made for people who tend to sleep on their sides and backs and who suffer from ongoing joint, muscle and back pain.

What we loved about it is its composition – three layers made of Dunlop latex and thick poly-foam that are wrapped in a breathable and removable cover. The bed feels beyond comfortable and supportive from head to toes. The contouring comes from the firm base which protects you from sinking into the core. The latex layer also gives enough bounce for easier get up and movements.

After reviewing the edge support is quite decent, although there is a bit of sinking because of the foam materials; on the other hand, OneBed offers fantastic motion transfer.

The company offers free shipping and 125 nights sleep trial (and full refund in case you return it after the trial). The fifteen-year warranty is just a cherry on top of this fantastic mattress.

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