Our Impression & PangeaBed Review for 2018 (What We Learned)

Sleeping on Pangea Bed was our primary focus in the last few days. After several very comfortable and peaceful nights, we can say that this bed won our hearts and didn’t let us down.

Whenever we start writing a review, we always discuss what the most important things our readers should know are, and we always agree that the bed’s construction and how does it benefit your entire body are the most important ones. Besides that, we always share info on the materials, coolness and other things that are good for you as a buyer.

This review too shall try to do its best to help you learn everything about Pangea and its benefits.

Don’t feel like reading? Skip the long review and find the short version here.

Obtain an Amazing Sleep With PangeaBed If You

  • Sleep in every position – Pangea is a mattress that is not limited when comes to sleeping positions. Its medium firmness is excellent for stomach, side and back sleepers. You’ll feel enough support and comfort without any difficulties to adjust yourself to your preferred position.
  • Prefer medium firm sleeping surfaces – We enjoyed resting on Pangea, and it felt just right (not too firm, not too soft); it will be according to your taste if you enjoy great contouring without drastic melting into the core. This bed is going to be ideal for you if you want to improve your sleeping posture and get rid of back pains (spine receives a proper and natural position when you lay down on it).
  • Seek hypoallergenic mattresses – Pangea contains natural latex that is hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, mold, and is fungi resistant. You’ll always have a clean and safe mattress. It’s great for everyone, and mostly for people with asthma, skin problems, and allergies.
  • Enjoy sleeping on a cooler mattress – Pangea was constructed with natural latex (with open-cell structure) combined with copper; together they reduce body heat and keep the sleeping surface fresh and cool to the touch.

You Won’t Love PangeaBed Mattress If You

  • Seek either super firm or soft mattress – Perhaps moderate firmness isn’t your thing, and if that’s the case, Pangea may not win you over.
  • Prefer spring constructions – Spring constructions offer mightier edge support, and if that is your preference, then the latex and foam layers of Pangea won’t meet your criteria.

Our Detailed Thoughts on Layers and Construction

Foundation and Materials Reviewed

The manufacturers did a fantastic job with this bed; it has everything to make the sleeping pleasant, free of discomfort or overheating. Every layer works its best to give your muscles and bones a pressure-free rest, to contour you so you won’t feel as if you sleep on the floor and help you relax and fall asleep faster.

  • Cover – Pangea comes wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing cover. We love that it’s made of a thicker fabric, which provides comfort but also is hard to rip over time. The cover is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and feels very pleasant to sleep on.
  • Top layer – The first layer is made of natural Talalay latex infused with copper. This layer provides wonderful comfort and allows your body to adjust quickly. Its open-cell structure draws off body heat, leaving the sleeping surface pleasantly cool, dry and clean.
  • Second layer – The middle layer is made of gel infused memory foam. This is the part of Pangea that successfully reduces back pain and pressure. It’s one and a half inch thick, and besides the comfort, it also provides coolness. This layer cradles the body, allows you to find your right position easily and without too much tossing and turning.
  • Foundation – The base is the thickest layer (7 inches) and gives the bed’s solid core, made of thick memory foam. It provides stability and support but also contouring of your body weight.

Firmness (Our Impressions)

PangeaBed – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Pangea is a medium firm mattress that provides a pleasant comfort and great contouring of your body thanks to its high-density memory foam base. It allows you to sleep in any position (stomach, back or side). Pangea’s comfort comes mostly from the first (latex) layer; the Talalay latex with infused copper not only keeps it fresh but also prevents you from feeling the firmer middle and third layer.

However, this bed will let you sink in a little bit, but the sinkage feels more like the top layer cradles your body, rather than allowing you drop to the core. The latex (and the foams as well) give enough bounce for easy movements and getting up.

Cooling Assessment

We were especially intrigued with the copper-infused latex layer, and we couldn’t wait to test it. After an hour of laying on Pangea, we realized that there wasn’t a single minute when we felt overheated. During the night we had the same feeling of freshness and coolness; the latex and the memory foam from the second layer work incredibly good together.

The copper-infused first layer (which has open-cell structure) will reduce body heat and will keep your sleeping surface (and the entire bed) pleasantly cool and fresh during your rest.

Besides that, the materials used for this mattress will not keep any unpleasant odors trapped, so you’ll always go to sleep in a clean, dry and cool bed.

Edge Support

Edge and Support of Mattress

When reviewed, we loved the contouring that comes from the thick base; you’ll feel how you can easily adjust to the most natural position without feeling any pressure (spine, hips, knees or shoulders). The bed offers enough support and comfort, but when comes to edge support, we have to be honest and tell you that you will sink down, especially when you sit near the edges.

You will not fall by no means, not when you lay down because your body weight gets a proper distribution, but the latex that is significantly softer than the two other layers (provides comfort) will melt under your pressure. So, sitting causes deeper sinkage, while laying down will cause sinking, but not as drastic. We found this melting into the first layer pretty comfortable and pleasant, but some people may not enjoy it as much. This is why we didn’t give our highest rate for this feature.

The motion transfer is excellent, you can share it with a partner that moves a lot in their sleep, and you won’t lose your peaceful rest. The motions are well absorbed into the first and second layer.


  • 100 nights sleep trial – An extended sleep trial that will help you realize whether you want to keep Pangea or not. You can return it and get a full refund. Just call the company, and they will come to your home to take it away.
  • 10 years warranty on all mattresses – The company covers a limited warranty within a decade.
  • Free shipping – This is an American product that ships to your door without any charges for this service.
  • Online sales – For now you can only make online purchases.

Ratings of PangeaBed Mattress Review

9 Total Score

We reviewed a moderately firm bed that was beyond comfortable, supportive and had all the features we especially love (cooling, hypoallergenic, low motion transfer and contouring). This bed will benefit you no matter what position you sleep in and will help you get rid of back pain but also will improve your sleeping posture.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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Reviewing PangeaBed, an American product that contains only natural materials such as latex infused with copper for even better cooling and temperature balance, gel infused memory foam and thicker cover that will serve you for a long time. Made to last, this mattress provided us with gentle contouring, and let us adjust to whatever position we wanted without putting too much effort.

Made of three layers (without any springs) Pangea gets its bounce, support, and stability from its thick memory foam foundation; your body gets great contouring because of it, but also the middle and first layer will cradle your frame and let you rest without continually tossing and turning.

Everyone who seeks to sleep on a surface that will remain cool, clean of dust mites and unpleasant odor, should purchase Pangea because it contains all these features. We loved that it’s hypoallergenic (the cover is exceptionally soft to the touch as well) and along with the latex layer with open cells will keep your sleeping surface in a constant temperature balance.

No matter what position you sleep in Pangea will give you enough comfort, support and refreshing rest on their mattresses.

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