Our Comprehensive Guide & Quatro Bed Review for 2018

We’re reviewing an award-winning mattress, and we are very excited to tell you everything about it. Quatro Bed was specially designed to offer you the best sleep and to keep you supported and cradled during every minute of your rest.

Every material that is used in the construction was added to provide longevity, durability, and comfort like you always dreamed of having.

We are always happy to review a bed that doesn’t limit on one or two sleeping positions; Quatro is excellent for every position you sleep in, and the comfort and support are guaranteed.

Before we move on to the extended review, let us remind you that you can skip it and read every info in the short version, here.

Love the Comfort of Quatro Bed If

  • You sleep in every sleeping positions – Whether you find your best comfort on your stomach, side or back, Quatro will cradle your body nicely and won’t cause you any pressure. We tested every position, and it felt pleasant and without any pressure.
  • You are a fan of all-foam beds – Quatro is made of three layers of foams (with various level of firmness and thickness). It will meet all your criteria and then some, because every layer provides incredible comfort, contouring, bounce and great edge support.
  • You love moderate firmness – This one is right in the middle of the firmness range. It isn’t too soft, but it’s soft enough to make you feel as if you sleep on a cloud. The moderate firmness is excellent for every sleeping position and moderately heavy people.
  • You enjoy sleeping on cooling surfaces – The sleeping surface will provide you a pleasant cooling effect that will keep the temperature balanced during the whole rest.

You Won’t Love the Quatro Mattress If

  • Are into firmer surfaces – For some people, Quatro may come off as too soft. Therefore, they may not feel super comfortable sleeping on it (especially if they are on the heavier side).
  • You don’t like all-foam constructions – If you prefer hybrids or spring constructions, then this one will not put a smile on your face even though it has excellent comfort and support.
  • You prefer a bed without any odors – Since Quatro is delivered in a box, it contains some scent of a new mattress, which for some people may be a problem. The smell is completely gone in a couple of days, but if you have issues with this, then this may not be the best choice for you.

In-Depth Overview of Structure and Layers

High Quality Materials Reviewed

As we mentioned earlier, this is an all-foam mattress. Every layer has a different level of density and firmness, and together the three layers provide comfort, stability, and support. We were impressed by this mattress because the very first impression was that such soft foam bed couldn’t give that good of support and contouring. Let’s check every layer separately:

  • Cover – The cover is made of a thin and breathable fabric; it provides airflow and will protect the sleeping surface from overheating. Also, the fabric is quite firm, it won’t rip off, and you can easily adjust it on. If you want to remove it, just unzip it, wash it and pull it on the mattress again.
  • Top layer – The first layer contains memory foam (Plex-Air); it contains 1.8 pounds PSI, and it’s one inch thick. This layer provides the biggest comfort and allows you to relax fast. We loved how quickly we adapted to the first layer because it’s super responsive and adjusts well to your frame. It contours and cradles you while keeping any pressure off the usual pressure points. The Plexi-Air as the name says is breathable and provides airflow through this first layer.
  • Second layer – The middle layer contains support foam and is two inches thick. It gives support and deep compression. Thanks to this layer the body weight gets a proper distribution. This is why Quatro doesn’t cause any pressure points and helps you get rid of any pain in your joints and muscles. No matter what position you sleep in, your spine will always be properly aligned.
  • Foundation – It is a 7-inch thick and provides stability and support for the upper layers. It’s made of high-density foam, providing incredible edge support and absorbs the compressions and motions. The entire bed will keep its shape thanks to the solid support of the base. Although the first layer is quite soft, this layer adds more firmness and stability.

Firmness (Must Known Facts)

Quatro – 5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Quatro belongs to the middle on the firmness scale. It feels much softer than most moderately firm mattresses, but it isn’t super soft. We had an enjoyable rest in every sleeping position, and there was no particular pressure in the usual points (shoulders, spine, knees, neck) because the top layer adjusts well to your body shape.

The comfort is fantastic, but the support is excellent as well. The middle and third layer give solid stability and absorb deep compressions so you won’t drop into the center.

Our Assessment on Cooling

QuatroSleep Audit

Quatro is a pleasantly cool bed thanks to the breathability and the airflow that comes from the cover and top layer. We didn’t have any unpleasant experience with overheating or sweating.

The manufacturers made a bed that regulates the temperature entirely and will never trap your heat into the layers, which is a common case with foam constructions.

Edge Support

Edge support is a crucial feature for every mattress; if you have second thoughts about this one because it’s only made of foam, we are here to tell you that Quatro has great edge support. The second layer (made of firmer and thick foam) distributes your weight evenly, not allowing you to drop into the middle.

The base is really firm and dense, absorbs the compressions and keeps you contoured and on the surface. You can sleep near the edges and in the middle, and you will always be supported. The little melting that occurs in the first (soft foam) layer is normal because it’s responsive to body heat.

Quatro also offers a fantastic motion transfer; every movement your partner does will be absorbed into the base so that no vibrations will spread all over the surface. It’s ideal for couples.


  • Free shipping – The company won’t charge you for this service (ships with UPS or FedEx).
  • 10 years of warranty – A decade-long warranty like a proof of Quatro’s quality.
  • 100 nights sleep trial – During this time you can decide whether you like it or not; have you choose to return it, the company will give a full refund.
  • Online store – For now they only sell online.
  • Bed-in-a-box – You will get your Quatro carefully compressed in a box.

Ratings of Quatro Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score

Excellent choice for people that sleep in every position and who seek pressure-free comfort and support with excellent and constant cooling effect. All three foam layers adjust well and contour your body, letting you relax and fall asleep without any discomfort.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We reviewed Quatro, an all-foam mattress that offers fantastic comfort, lovely adjustment to your body and pressure-free rest. We are pleasantly surprised by the constant cooling effect that comes from the top layer and cover. The manufacturers added three layers of foam made of various thickness and firmness; you will always feel supported. The primary stability and support come from the base, while the middle layer helps body weight get a proper distribution so you won’t drop into the center. We especially loved the top layer that is super soft, melts under your body warmth and takes your shape.

This is a moderately firm sleeping surface that is ideal for sleepers who move a lot and who like to sleep in every position.

The company offers free shipping and a ten-year warranty, together with a 100-night sleep trial. For now, you can only make online purchases.

We are pleased with this award winner bed!

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