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Did you know that by the time you turn seventy-five, you have spent about twenty-five years sleeping? That’s a quarter of a century, so investing in a good mattress is not a thing you should take lightly. It’s the place where you’d spend one-third of your life.

We reviewed an excellent mattress with a cute name – Simba, and overall we are quite content with what it has to offer. In fact, even if we weren’t so curious about the materials and the layers below the surface, we’d still have been impressed with how good it feels laying and sleeping on it. Simba is a beautiful mattress, semi-firm and beyond comfortable.

For those of you who want to skip the extended version of our review, you can read the short one here.

Sleeping Experience Will Be Improved by Simba Bed If

  • You like sleeping on multiple layered mattresses – In that case, you found the right choice, because Simba has five layers of an excellent combination of foams and springs that makes it incredibly comfortable, supportive and bouncy enough to prevent you from sinking in.
  • Springs are a must for your sleeping surface – Simba has 2500 pocket springs, and that’s a lot; the mattress has pocket springs located in the second layer, providing a conical shape which is the one ‘responsible’ for the support. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that each spring adjusts individually; it maps your body shape and posture and adapts to your body line giving you the best comfort and support.
  • Body support is Important for your – People who have constant pain in their joints or bones will benefit from sleeping on Simba. Your entire body gets helpful support, and the surface quickly adjusts to you no matter what position you sleep in. We woke up truly refreshed and without stiffed necks or shoulders.
  • Semi-firm is the best sleeping surface for you – We do agree that semi-firm mattresses are very inviting and give you everything a firm and a soft mattress can provide you. There is comfort but also bounce and enough support so you won’t feel as if you slept on the floor or on an exceptionally soft bed.

Your Sleeping Might Not Improve by Simba Mattress If

  • You don’t like combinations of foam and springs – You are not a fan of hybrid mattresses. Simba is a hybrid and has the right combination of both worlds, but you may not find it suitable if you seek a spring or a foam bed solely.
  • Tall beds aren’t an option – All Simba beds (Hybrid and Luxe) are 25 cm tall and may not be the best choice for children or for people who have a hard time getting up by themselves. In general, if you are into average mattress height, then this one may not be the suitable solution for you.
  • You prefer either firm or soft sleeping surfaces – We get it that some people like to lie down on a firm surface (or extra soft one) and may find semi-firm beds weird, not comfortable enough or too soft (too firm) for their taste. Simba is not going to the be your favorite choice if you prefer defined firmness or softness.

The Design – Assembly of Materials Used

Construction Assembled Layers

Simba is called hybrid for a reason; it’s made of five different layers of foams and springs and provides outstanding support, comfort and very cozy feeling when you lay down. We loved sleeping a little longer on it, and here is what the five layers are made of.

  • Cover/Top Surface – It’s covered with a soft and breathable cover that allows airflow and gives you a cool surface to sleep on. It’s ideal for people, who just like us, hate sleeping in overheated bed and often sweat through the night. The cover will help your body find the right temperature (it’s thermoregulated); it’s 100% polyester, nonremovable, but made to last. Also, it’s hypoallergenic, suitable even for the sleepers with most sensitive skins and lungs.
  • First Layer – This is the layer that gives comfort. It’s called Simbatex (developed by SIMBA) and is produced from synthetic latex. The second layer is added for soothing comfort and great support, as well as for the cool feeling of the entire sleeping surface.
  • Second Layers – This is where the springs are placed (2500 pocket springs, which you can agree is an impressive number). Simba has two comfort layers (the first and second one); this one is with pocket springs that have a conical shape that gives you the highest level of support. Once you lie down, you’d feel how each spring adjusts literally to every point of your bones, joints, and muscles. The comfort is without a doubt guaranteed thanks to these pocket springs. You’d wake up refreshed and well rest.
  • Third Layer – Layer number three contains Visco memory foam, which Simba smartly add it to take the shape of your body (as your body warmth softens it, it indents adjusting to your pressure points). This layer contours your figure (in any sleeping pose) and gives you the best support and comfort at the same time.  You can easily move while you sleep without any disturbances. This layer is well aligned with your spine and helps you keep a healthy sleeping posture.  This layer is also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial allowing you to sleep on a clean surface.
  • Fourth Layer – The bottom is reserved for the foam foundation which works as a base for the entire bed and gives the whole mattress stable support. Now, this last layer is made of seven separate zones (called Seventh Heaven); all of them provide different levels of support and responsiveness for your body (no matter your weight, height or shape).

Firmness Graded

Simba Hybrid – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Simba Luxe – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

When comes to firmness scale, Simba is somewhere above the middle. Just like Simba Luxe, it’s moderately firm, but both are very comfortable, supportive and responsive to the sleeper’s body shape. We liked that it isn’t too firm or too soft; all layers are joined together to give a pleasant surface. After a little while, the body heat will soften the foam that will adjust the surface to your body shape. In one word, we loved the reasonable firmness (the fact that it has 2500 pocket springs that give the support and the comfort is another big bonus).

Cooling Graded

The bed is covered with a soft and breathable cover, allowing airflow through all of the layers. We loved this because thanks to the cover and the first layer of foam (which provides the coolness) we slept on a thermoregulated surface without sweating or waking up because we felt overheated. The first layer will reduce the body heat during your sleeping hours.

Edge Support

Reviewing the Pressure of Edge Support

Simba is a tall and thick mattress, made for comfort and support, but besides that, it provides the sleeper with excellent edge support. Usually, when a mattress is made of both foams and springs, there is no chance that it’ll have poor edge support. There is minimum sinking in the surface, and even when it happens, it’s for a great cause – thanks to the body heat the foam softens and takes the shape of you.

We give top rates for the motion transfer as well; no tossing, moving, turning or even jumping can transfer to the other parts of the surface. It’s excellent for couples.


  • Free shipping – You’ll get your Simba compressed in a box within one day (this stands for orders placed on a business day before 4 pm).
  • 10 years warranty – Simba guarantees for their products up to ten years.
  • 100 nights trial period – You get up to 100 nights to make up your mind for this bed. In case you decide to return it, you’ll get a full refund.
  • Hygiene – Since the top cover is not removable, you can clean the whole mattress with a soft and damp cloth making small circular motions.
  • Certificates – All Simba’s foams have the CertiPUR label. The manufacturers don’t use any unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, flame retardants and so on.

Ratings of Simba Mattress Review

9.5 Total Score

Simba has a great design, and an excellent combination of foams and pockets springs, placed in five different layers. We enjoyed the comfort and the support, as well as the shape it takes according to the body line.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We reviewed a moderately firm, but exceptionally comfortable and supportive bed that did not let down our expectations. It’s made of four layers including a non-removable cover, that function incredibly well together – you’ll sleep on a breathable surface (hypoallergenic as well) that is comfy and supportive. The foams and the springs are a perfect blend that adjusts to any body shape, letting you move and turn without any discomfort. As a matter of fact, it even improves your body posture while you sleep.

The edge support and the motion transfer are on the highest level as well.

The company offers ten years of warranty, including 100 nights sleep trial and delivers the bed to your home within one day.

Our over rating says it all – it’s impeccable.

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