Sleep on Latex Pure Green Bed Review (Complete Guide)

Latex is a material that manufacturers often use because of its cooling and responsive features. And when a mattress is constructed with natural latex foam, combined with organic cotton and New Zealand wool, then you know you are about to rest on a comfortable bed that will cradle your pressure points and will keep you supported during the whole night.

Today we are reviewing Sleep on Latex Pure Green Bed. This mattress is unique for many things, starting from the materials, to the three adjustable layers that provide you different levels of firmness, its breathability, and plushy cover.

These guys designed a mattress that will satisfy even the pickiest sleepers.

Our full review is down below, but if you want to read all the info in a shorter version, just click here.

Enjoy Your Morning On Sleep on Latex Bed If You

  • Like sleeping on surfaces with different firmness every once in a while – The company designed this bed with the intention to provide their sleepers with three firmness levels; adjust it to soft, medium and firm any time you wish.
  • Are a fan of beds designed with natural fabrics  The manufacturer uses only natural fabrics such as natural latex and organic New Zealand wool and cotton. All the layers are protected by a soft cotton-made cover that gives a pleasant feeling to your whole body.
  • Like to invest your money in a long-term mattress – This is a progressive company that created a durable mattress that will meet all your criteria. Its natural materials are made to last, and the fact that you can change the layers will make you feel like you have a new bed each time.
  • Want to reduce the pressure on your body – All of the layers (no matter how you combine them) will provide an excellent pressure relief. Whatever position you sleep in, you’ll feel comfortable and will wake up refreshed and pain-free in the morning.

You Might Not Enjoy Sleep on Latex Mattress If You

  • Prefer mattresses that don’t require any adjustments – We don’t recommend Sleep on Latex if you’re someone who doesn’t feel like making adjustments because you already have a preferred level of firmness and you stick to it.
  • You are more into hybrid constructions – This is a latex foam mattress that has three layers but none of it contains pocketed coils. We don’t think you’d be impressed if you prefer spring constructions.
  • You prefer purchasing from companies with tradition – Sleep on Latex is a Chicago based company that is entirely new. They offer excellent quality, and we had a great time sleeping on the nine-inch bed, but for people that don’t easily trust new companies, this shouldn’t be the first option.

Architecture and Structure (Materials/Layers)

Latex Materials Used

All three layers create a bed of nine inches. Every layer contains Dunlop latex, and organic cotton cover enriched with one inch of wool padding. When you lay down the cover instantly provides softness and comfort, no matter what level of firmness you have adjusted.

  • Cover – You can easily remove it, all you have to do is unzip it. It was woven from organic cotton combined with New Zealand organic wool, which adds for softness but also breathability as well. The wool is known for its absorbing abilities, so you don’t have to worry that any moisture will remain on the cover.
  • First Layer – It’s one inch thick, and it’s made of quilted wool, which is an addition to the cover. The first layer is an excellent barrier between you and the second latex layer. The first impression was that the cover and the first layer provide a pleasant softness and comfort.
  • Second Layer – As the company’s name says they make beds that contain natural Dunlop latex in their composition. The second layer is two inches thick and contains utterly natural latex foam that provides softness to the sleeping surface. Also, natural latex is a material that gives coolness to the whole surface, but it also provides enough bounce for a more natural movement and getting up.
  • Foundation – The base is the thickest layer (six inches) and provides stability and support for the whole mattress. It keeps you comforted and cradled, not letting you sink too deeply into the core. It was also made of latex foam, so the entire bed gets a decent cooling and enough bounce.


You can adjust your Pure Green in three different versions and end up sleeping on three different firmness levels. Every level is different and we liked that the manufacturers added layers that don’t have similar softness/firmness.

Let’s check each level separately.

Soft – 4/10 (Firmness Scale)

This is the softest level and is combined by adjusting the top and second layer over the base. It feels very soft, and there is quite a sinking into the center, but this level feels very pleasant if you are a fan of softer surfaces. It feels amazing when you rest on your side because all the pressure from your shoulders and hips is reduced (thanks to the sinkage). For those of you who want to get rid of painful joints and sleep without any pressure, this is the right adjustment for you.

Medium – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

We enjoy sleeping on medium-firm surfaces, and this adjustment was excellent. Place the latex layer on top of the first one, and you get a medium firmness. If you sleep mostly on your back and side, this is going to be your favorite level as well. There is far less sinking here, but the pressure relief works equally good as for the soft level.

Firm – 8.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This level is quite firm. It gives so much support and feels pretty strong when you lay down. It’s the best for back and even stomach sleepers (you’ll especially enjoy if you don’t like sinking into soft layers). The latex is bouncy enough and will keep you on the top of the surface without even a slight chance to drop into the core.

Our Impressions on Cooling

Reviewing Mattress Sleep

The cover is made of a breathable material (organic cotton) with added quilted wool that absorbs moisture. In general, this bed breathes freely and the latex in the second layer and the base provide coolness so you won’t get to sweat at all. Every layer (although all of them contain latex foam) provides for the mattress’s coolness.

Edge Support

Sleep on Latex created a bed that doesn’t fail at any criteria. We were curious to see what sort of edge support it will have, and this is what we learned – Pure Green offers solid edge support. Many people aren’t prone to buy beds that only contain latex foam because they believe that it will make them sink down to the center, but that isn’t the case with this one.

The manufacturers use Dunlop latex which has enough bounce and also every layer has a different level of firmness; the base is firm enough to keep the layers stable and supported, and there is a minimum chance for you to drop into the core.

When comes to motion transfer it isolates a decent amount of yours or your partner’s movements; we didn’t give the highest rate here because you can feel when your partner moves, but in general, it isn’t that much disturbing.


  • 100-nights sleep trial – The company won’t limit you to a defined number of nights or days, but they would appreciate if you return it within 100 days from the day you purchased it. You can return your Pure Green and get a full refund. Since they only sell online, inform them via e-mail or make a phone call and they’ll pick it up and return your money.
  • 10 years of limited warranty – They will repair or replace it within the ten-year warranty.
  • Free shipping – They ship for free through most areas of the USA.
  • Online shop – For now they only sell online.

Ratings of Sleep on Latex Mattress Review

9 Total Score

This adjustable mattress is pure gold for people who like to invest their money in a mattress that offers three different firmness levels. It’s ideal for couples (and not only couples) that seek comfort, pressure relief, and great support.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We enjoyed reviewing Sleep on Latex mattress; it was designed specially to provide you with outstanding comfort and pressure relief, but also support, coolness and pleasant rest. The base and the second layer are made of natural Dunlop latex (with different firmness) and provide incredible support and comfort, while the top layer contains wool. The cotton cover gives you softness and cozy sleeping.

Depending on your preferences, you can rest on soft, medium and firm sleeping surface and you change the layers as often as you please.

This mattress provides decent edge support and (depending on your weight and on the firmness adjustment) it will keep you safe on the top of the surface. Sleeping on the breathable cover will keep your temperature balanced; the latex also provides coolness.

The company is quite new, and for now, they only sell online, but they ship for free and offer a ten year of warranty and 100-nights sleep trial.

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