Sleep Republic Bed Review – Is It Worth the Money?

This review will be an honest review of Sleep Republic Bed. We’ll try to share all the info we know about the whole sleeping experience we had on it and of course its pros and cons.

This is a medium firm mattress that feels very pleasant when you lay on it because it’s made of natural gel foam, steel pocketed springs and latex which are known as materials that provide bounce, comfort, cooling, and support.

Besides that, Sleep Republic made a mattress that is quite great for sleeping in all positions, but we can easily say that it felt best when we rested on our backs and stomachs.

Our review continues in its extended form, so in case you’re in a hurry but still want to read what we have to say, here you can find the short version.

Sleep Republic Bed Will Make Your Slumber Amazing If

  • You adore hybrid mattresses – Sleep Republic designed a massive, tall and ultra comfortable bed that will cradle you and keep you supported during your sleep. The combo of steel pocketed springs, gel foam, and latex, are creating a sleeping surface that will give you the best rest of your life.
  • You sleep on your side and back – The medium firmness feels impressive if you sleep mostly on your back or your side. Sleeping on your stomach won’t be uncomfortable, but it definitely won’t be as cozy as sleeping on your back or side.
  • Pressure relief mattresses are your thing – When comes to sleeping on a surface that won’t cause you ache in your spine, hips, shoulders or neck, we can say that the Sleep Republic did a magnificent work with this bed. We loved how sleeping on the side gives perfect contouring while the latex provides a lovely plushy feeling.
  • You appreciate natural materials – Starting from the cover, the natural latex and the foam infused with gel, Sleep Republic made sure to use natural materials. When comes to its quality we cannot complain at all, because this mattress was made to last for a long time.

Sleep Republic Mattress Might Not Make Your Slumber Great If

  • You don’t want firmer sleeping surfaces – If that’s your case than this one may feel a little too firm for you. Depending on your sleeping preferences and your weight (if you are lightweight you may find it a bit uncomfortable) you may not be entirely satisfied.
  • You aren’t into pocketed springs – They give contouring to the surface but also support and bounce, but if you prefer sleeping on beds that are only made of foams, then the Sleep Republic might not amuse you.
  • You sleep mostly on your stomach – Stomach sleepers are usually seeking softer surfaces, mostly made of foams. So if this is your go-to sleeping position, then this mattress may not be the best for you. We slept on our stomachs, but it definitely didn’t feel as comfy as it felt when we slept on our backs and sides.

Layer Configuration (Construction)

Evaluation of Bed Construction

We reviewed a pretty heavy mattress (49 kg) which was among the tallest as well (31cm). But when you learn what it’s made of then the weight and the height seem quite all right. This is a hybrid mattress that has everything it needs to provide you with a supportive, comfortable and contouring rest. It was also made to last for a very long time.

These are the layers in details:

  • Cover – All the layers are wrapped in a soft cover that feels very plushy to the touch because of the cashmere fabric that was used. It was made to last, and it has a wave stitch pattern, so it allows constant airflow and therefore prevents you from overheating and sweating during your rest.
  • Top 2 Layers – When you touch it or sit on the bed, you get a very soft sensation. The top feels plushy and very luxurious, thanks to the first two layers (gel infused memory foam and latex).
  • Memory Foam – The memory foam is pretty firm, but this is why it was infused with gel beads; they instantly turned it into a softer and responsive layer that makes you feel as if your body melts into the mattress. The moment you lay on this first layer you feel instant relaxation.
  • Natural Latex – Placed below the gel-infused foam, the latex works as a transition between the top layer and the pocketed springs. It gives enough bounce, but it also has chilling effects, absorbing your body pressure and allowing your body mass a proper distribution.
  • Foundation – This is where the pocketed springs are placed. Every one of them is pocketed in fabric so you will never get to hear any of those annoying squeaky sounds or any noise in general (some people avoid spring mattresses because of this reason). Also, the springs absorb the motions and provide a surface with extra low motion transfer. The springs are pretty small and much stronger than those old-fashioned springs that were used in the past.

Our Evaluation on Firmness Level

Sleep Republic – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Its medium firmness makes Sleep Republic an excellent choice for people with moderate weight who tend to sleep on their sides and backs. This isn’t the firmest bed we slept on, but it definitely isn’t the softest as well.

The fact that it belongs a bit above the middle on the firmness scale makes it an excellent choice for people who seek bed that will keep them supported, contoured and cozy, and yet it would give them a great and soft feeling and sinkage when they lay on it.

This one has it all thanks to the way it was constructed.

Cooling Aspects

Sleeps Cool and Comfortable

The cover has a side pattern that allows constant airflow and pleasant feeling when you sleep. But, besides the cover, the latex layer also provides coolness as well. The great thing with hybrid constructions is that the layer where the pocketed springs are placed is usually tall which also allows constant air flow (contrary to thick foam layers).

Sleeping on it felt refreshing and pleasant, we didn’t sweat nor did we felt any discomfort because of overheating.

Edge Support

This is a thick and tall bed that responds well to your body shape and gives you the feeling of melting down as soon as you lay on it (thanks to the gel infused memory foam). There is a bit of sinking into it, but the body weight distribution is excellent. We didn’t feel as if we melt into the core. It feels beyond comfortable, but the top layer does sink a bit which for us felt pleasant and relaxing.

The foundation provides the support and the contouring, so you can easily get up and move. Sleeping or sitting near the edges will cause a bit of sinking, but there is no way that you’ll fall on the floor or feel like it has less support near the edges.

The motion transfer is excellent; the latex and the memory foam won’t allow the movements from your partner’s side to transfer to yours, so peaceful sleep is a guarantee.


  • 100-nights sleep trial – You can return it after this trial and get a refund; the company will donate your used mattress to Salvation Army.
  • Free shipping – They don’t charge for this service.
  • 12 years of warranty – They offer a decently long warranty period.

Ratings of Sleep Republic Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

We reviewed a wonderful Sleep Republic product that felt comfortable and supportive thanks to its hybrid construction that cradles you and reliefs any pressure. This mattress will feel excellent for side and back sleepers (and a little less comfy for stomach sleepers) who prefer natural materials and cooler sleeping surface.

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Our review was dedicated to Sleep Republic that was one of the heaviest and thickest beds we’ve rested on. It felt nice having your back nicely cradled in a hybrid made of gel foam, latex and high-quality pocketed springs that provide contouring, stability, and bounce.

The mattress is wrapped in a breathable cover that feels soft and plushy. Underneath, there is the top layer that consists two parts – the gel-infused foam plus the latex that works as a transition layer between the first one and the foundation (with pocketed coils).

Our impression after reviewing, is that this is a medium firm bed that will bring benefit to medium heavy sleepers who prefer side and back sleeping position. The edge support is on a satisfying level (there is slight sinking because of the foam layer), but the pocketed coils give enough contour and bounce, so we didn’t feel as if we melted down in the core.

The company provides 100-nights sleep trial (you get a refund if you return it) and twelve years of warranty.

We wholeheartedly recommend it!

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