Honest Opinion for Sleeping Duck Bed Review (Are They Worth it?)

The Sleeping Duck bed was first presented to Australian customers and instantly became one of the favorite mattresses there. This fact seemed very interesting to us, and we decided to give it a try and see what it’s all about.

The thing with the Sleeping Duck is that you can adjust the firmness level just by unzipping the top layer and switching the layers. This way you get to sleep on two levels of firmness – medium and firm. We are always happy and ready to review a mattress that offers options like this and we have to say that we did have a very calm and restful sleep on it.

You can read our full review down below, but for those of you who are in a hurry, read the short version here.

Sleeping Duck Bed Will Boost Your Sleeping Experience If

  • You find it practical to switch levels of firmness – Just unzip the cover and switch the layers, zip the cover and voila – you got a new mattress. This is an excellent option for people who get tired of sleeping only on firm or only on medium-firm surfaces. We found it practical and quite helpful.
  • You love beds with pocket coils but also with foams – Sleeping Duck gives you both options. The tall base is full with pocketed coils, which provide excellent compression support and bounce, but the top layers (the foams below the zip cover) give the comfort and two different levels of firmness (and sinkage).
  • You love tall mattresses – Now this one is super tall (30cm) and would work perfectly well on any flat surface (whether it’s the floor or a bed frame). It looks nice and luxurious, and if you like tall beds, it will impress you.
  • You sleep in various positions – We’re sure you’ll find the adjusting of the firmness level practical, and you’ll enjoy in any sleeping position. But, also you get a bed that has a solid base (with pocket coils) that gets adapted to your body pressure points giving you a feeling that you are cradled from heads to toes.
  • Cool beds are important for you – The top layer is created from aerated latex and hybrid design, an excellent combination that allows the air to flow freely throughout the entire sleeping surface.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Might Not Boost Your Sleeping Experience If

  • You are more into soft beds – Even though this one can be adjusted to medium firm level, and you can sleep carefree on it in any position, if your idea of great sleep is on a super soft mattress then the Sleeping Duck won’t do you justice.
  • You don’t like the idea to switch layers – Some people find this to be an annoying activity and they prefer to have a bed that doesn’t require you to move anything. If you are one of those people, you may find this mattress a little too demanding.
  • Tall beds are simply not for you – Some people prefer thinner mattresses and would rather use no effort to get down on the floor. The 30cm of the Sleeping Duck may be a little too much for you.
  • You don’t like to sink into your bed – Although the sinkage here is minimal, it does exist, so for some people, this trait may be completely unacceptable.

The Design – Materials & Layers

Mattress Construction and Design Analysis

The Sleeping Duck is a sophisticated design made of two parts (top and base) and four different layers. The foundation that gives the support contains pocketed coils, while the top (which can be unzipped and adjusted based on the sleeper’s preference) has two layers of foams.

  • Cover – The cover is a combination of bamboo rayon (surface) and side panels made of polyester. The bamboo fabric gives softness and breathability, while the side panels are wrapping the mattress, keeping the layers nicely tucked in and protected.
  • Top Layer – The thinnest layer (1.9cm) is created from latex foam and is designed to provide coolness but also comfort. The latex is a responsive material allowing you to get up quickly and gives a little bounce.
  • Second Layer – This layer gives a suitable pressure relief and is made of 1.9 cm memory foam. This layer is glued to the bottom of the first layer, and together they provide pressure relief and some level of contouring.
  • Third Layer – The layer of support is 6.4cm thick and is placed under the latex layer; it “helps” the top layers provide enough pressure relief and support. The poly foam works as a safe and balanced transition layer between the top foams the base where the pocketed coils are placed.
  • Base – The final layer gives the support and works as a foundation of the mattress. It’s also the thickest layer (21.6 cm) and ‘home’ of the pocketed coils that provide the sleeper with deep compression support.

Our Firmness Test

Medium – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Firm – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Naturally, we tested and reviewed the firmness of both foams. We switched first to the one that is moderately firm, and we gave it a 6. It is quite pleasant to lay on it, feels pretty soft, and there is some level of sinking, but since we do love a little sinkage, especially when the bed adjusts to our body shape, it wasn’t a problem for us. We could have slept in any position – the comfort and the support were there, and there was absolutely no feeling of pressure.

We gave the firmer layer a 7.5; it isn’t the firmest, but it does feel much firmer than the medium. It’s a good option when you feel like sleeping mostly on your back because it does improve your sleeping posture and reliefs all back pains.

You can combine it to get a split version, a combination of half medium and half firm, but this is only good if you and your partner can’t decide which side to choose, so both of you can be content.

Sleeping Cool – Our Ratings

The Sleeping Duck has a decent cooling feature. As we mentioned above, the mattress gets to breathe thanks to the aerated top layer made of latex and its hybrid design. Both firm and medium firm levels feel fresh; there was no sweating or interrupted sleep because we didn’t feel overheated.

The mattress won’t keep your body heat, and the air will flow through it freely.

Edge Support

Pressure Support Reviewed by Experts

Depending on where you sit (in the middle or near the edges) there will be some sinking. Near the edges naturally, the sinking is more in-depth, while in the middle it merely noticeable. This doesn’t mean that you will sink into its core – that would be impossible because of the pocket coils in the foundation.But given the fact that both top layers are made of foams, a little sinking is inevitable.

When we laid down while reviewing, the body weight gets an even distribution. This bed has enough bounce and support thanks to its smartly designed foundation.

We have to mention that the sinking is more present when we adjusted the foams to medium firm.

The motion transfer is excellent; we gave it a high rate because you genuinely don’t feel any movement transferring to your side when your partner moves or even when they get up.


  • 10 years warranty – Like most companies, these guys are also generous when comes to their warranty time.
  • Free shipping – You get your mattress compressed in a box within 1-3 days.
  • 100-nights sleep trial – During this time you can change your mind and return it.

Ratings of Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score

It’s ideal for people who often like to change the firmness level of their beds; comes with a foundation that contains pocket coils and two foam layers that can be changed if you want medium firm or firm sleeping surface. We enjoyed the lovely cradling feeling and the support this bed gives to the entire body.

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Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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It’s always nice to do a review for a well-designed bed that offers much more than it looks on first sight. We believe that the Sleeping Duck is perfect for couples (and not only couples) who can’t decide what level of firmness their bed should be. Just below the cover, there are two poly foam layers (one medium firm and the other firm) that can be adjusted based on your preference.

The medium firm feels comfy and cradles the entire body, without any pressure, and you can sleep on your back, side or your stomach. There is some sinking in, but it’s normal because it’s foam. Near the edges, the sinking is a bit deeper.

For all of you who prefer sleeping on your back or side, just switch to the firmer layer (though when reviewed we didn’t feel discomfort when we slept on our stomachs).

The base has five zones with equally distributed pocketed coils that give the compression support which is why we found sleeping in any position so comfortable and without pressures.

The entire mattress provides coolness (thanks to the aerated top layer made of latex and its hybrid design) and has a decent level of bounce, making the getting up quite easy.

The cover is completely removable and easy to clean.

They offer a ten-year warranty and 100-nights sleep trial. You get it delivered compressed in a box within one to three days.

To resume our review – the Sleeping Duck surpassed all our expectations.

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