Snug Bed Review for 2018 (Our Guide & Ratings)

You know that joke “I’m so good in bed, I can sleep all day”? Well, we always say that this can only be done if you have an excellent mattress such as the one we are reviewing today.

Snug Bed is a UK company that works since 1997. They make mostly moderate firm beds that provide decent edge support, comfort, and full body pressure relief.

To be more precise, we reviewed Snug Super Coolmax, a mattress made of memory foam, which has moderately firm surface and felt incredibly comfortable.

We liked so many things about this bed, and we’re eager to share them with you; Snug is a cool, hypoallergenic bed that will always remain dry and will provide you with support where you most need it.

Our extended review is down below, but if you are a fan of short reviews, click here.

Like the Comfort of Snug Bed If You

  • Don’t have a preferred sleeping position – If you’re one of those people that tend to toss and turn until they find the best spot, then Snug will be excellent for you. Its moderate firm surface will allow you to find comfort in every sleeping position.
  • Are a fan of memory foam – Snug was made of several memory foam layers and provides excellent support, but also comfort. The first layer shapes according to your body and the soft cradling is beyond amazing.
  • Seek a mattress that will reduce pressure when you sleep – The memory foam is soft to the touch and as we mentioned, slowly adjusts to your shape, melting as it gets warmer from your body heat. No matter what position you’ll sleep in, there will never be unpleasant pressure (hips, knees, shoulders).

You Won’t Like the Snug Mattress If You

  • Prefer pocketed coils constructions – Snug has such options, but the one we’re reviewing contains foam layers only. People who prefer a mattress with coils may not enjoy the foam layers that much. But, even without the foams, it offers excellent support.
  • You prefer sleeping on firmer or softer surfaces – This is a moderately firm mattress, and if you seek a super firm or super soft sleeping surface then you may not find your preference here. We have to say that you will have a great comfort no matter what position you sleep in.
  • Don’t like melting into the foam surface – Many people don’t like the slow melting the foam layer provides. No matter how much we found it enjoyable and comfortable, if you dislike this feeling of sinking, then Snug won’t impress you.

Overview on Layers and Structure

Audit of Memory Foam Layers

This is a simple construction; it contains two layers and is 9 inches thick. The cover is removable and easy to clean, and in general, the mattress is breathable and always provides fresh sleeping.

  • Cover – We really love when a cover is easily removable and on top of that provides coolness to the sleeping surface. Snug’s cover works as a temperature balancer and protects you from overheating. The cover contains a natural material called Purotex; it was added to make this mattress hypoallergenic. Snug thinks of their customers and wants to provide them with a bed free of microbes, bacteria, dust mites and allergens.
  • First layer – Snug’s comfort comes from this layer that is about 3 inches thick. It is made of memory foam that responses to your body and gently melts as it gets warmed by your heat. Besides the cover, this layer as well will keep your temperature at balance, and you’ll never feel overheated (most people avoid foam beds believing that the foam will make their sleep super hot and unpleasant but that’s not the case with Snug). The foam was constructed with open cells and will reduce any pressure you usually feel in your spine, hips or knees. The open cell structure also lets constant airflow through the whole mattress.
  • Base – The second layer is actually the foundation; we love that Snug likes minimalism, so they added just enough layers to make it stable, supportive and comfortable. The base is 6 inches thick, and the manufacturer used thicker foam that gives longevity, durability and keeps the great shape of the mattress for a long time. It also provides enough bounce (since there are no springs) and will make your motions and get up easier. The foundation’s construction has channels that offer breathability and reduces body heat from the whole sleeping surface.

Firmness (How it Stacks Up?)

The company offers five mattresses with various level of firmness, but we can say that they are (more or less) moderately firm. Let’s check each of them individually.

Snug Super Coolmax- 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Our main focus was on Snug Super Coolmax, and we gave it a 6, which makes it moderately firm, ideal for people who sleep in every position (side, back, and stomach). It doesn’t add any pressure no matter how you sleep and feels beyond comfortable thanks to the memory foam top layer.  Your weight will get a proper distribution (don’t let the softness of the foam make you believe that it doesn’t have solid edge support, because it has).

Snug Superior Outlast – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Snug Superior Outlast has the same level of firmness, and it also provides lovely pressure relief. We recommend it for sleepers who like to toss and turn and to sleep on their backs, stomachs or sides.

Snug Original Outlast – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

This one has a great motion transfer just like the other “siblings,” and it also got a 6 for the firmness. It’s pleasant, comfortable, supportive and works miracles when comes to pressure relief. Again, you can sleep in whatever position you like, and it will feel amazing.

Snug Pocket Sprung 1200 – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

This mattress was made for people who prefer sleeping on their backs or stomachs. It’s somewhat firmer than the first three and will not allow you to sink. The support and the comfort are on a high level, and the stability is excellent. It’s excellent for heavier people.

Snug Pocket Sprung 2000 – 8/10 (Firmness Scale)

The firmest choice in the collection will keep you on the top without letting you sink at all. Made for people who are heavier and who want to avoid any sinking into the layers, Snug Pocket Sprung 2000 will offer you top-class support, as if it was especially to meet your preferences.

Our Complete Assessment on Cooling

Cool Max

Snug offers excellent cooling effect. Not only the cover provides breathability, but the memory foam layers as well provide coolness and let air flow through them. The foundation’s channels and the top foam open-cell structure reduce heat from the bed and allow constant airflow so you won’t wake up sweaty. The mattress will always be dry, pleasantly cool and free of odors.

Edge Support

We are aware that most people believe that foam beds don’t have the best edge support. The thing is that when you lay on foam, it gets compressed far more than a spring bed and that it takes some effort to get up (because the bounce isn’t the same as in spring constructions).

But, this isn’t the case with Snug. We rated this feature with a solid 9.2. Sleeping or sitting near the edges doesn’t feel any less supportive or safe than sleeping in the middle. It has enough bounce thanks to the supportive base; there is no chance you’ll fall out of bed, no matter what. Sitting near the edges causes a little sinking, but that is not strange when comes to all-foam beds.


  • 100-night sleep trial – Like most companies, the sleep trial here is also 100 nights. During this time you can decide whether you’ll keep or return it; in case you don’t like it the company will return your money. They guarantee a full refund.
  • Mattresses have a 5-year warranty – They have significantly shorter warranty period (it’s limited and covers only manufacturing issues) but don’t let it make you believe that they offer a poorly made product. These guys work hard since 1997 and know their job perfectly well.
  • Free shipping and delivery – Once you make your purchase, expect to get delivery within the next day, and they won’t charge you for that. If you want them to deliver it on the weekends, then they will charge you for the service.
  • Finance – This option is only available for UK permanent residents who have low income or are retired.

Ratings of Snug Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score

The company works for more than two decades and created a top-class product that offers breathability, comfort, pressure relief, support and is a fantastic choice for everyone that sleeps on their stomachs, backs, and sides. They have a great collection of mattresses for everyone’s preferences.

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We had a great time doing this review; this is an excellent bed made of two layers that provide so many things such as breathability and temperature balance, support, comfort and pressure relief.

They used open-cell structure memory foam that melts under your heat and takes your shape. It gives a lovely comfort and excellent pressure relief in all positions. The base is made of high-density foam that provides longevity and support. The channels in the base along with the open-cells in the top layer and the cover offer constant airflow, providing you with a fresh and cool sleep.

The company gives five years of warranty, 100 nights sleep trial, free shipping and a full refund guarantee if you decide to return your Snug.

Sleeping on it felt comfortable and pressure free, the edge support is surprisingly excellent and the motions are well absorbed which makes it an excellent choice for couples.

We believe that our review of Snugg has helped you.


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