Snuz Bed Review for 2018 (Our Evaluation)

If you are reading our reviews carefully, you have probably noticed that we often speak of layers. Today we are reviewing a mattress that is one step further than others; not only it has layers, but it also has zones.

Snuz has seven zones made of polymer, and each of them provides pressure relief and out of this world body support. The moment we laid down we felt how every inch of our bodies was perfectly welcomed on this moderately firm surface. Snuz designed perhaps the perfect bed, especially for people who suffer from back pain or for people who continuously wake up feeling pressure in their knees, shoulders, and hips.

Our shorter review is here, but in case you want to learn more about Snuz, just keep scrolling down.

Obtain an Amazing Rest With Snuz Bed If You

  • Sleep on your side and back – It’s ideal for every sleeping position, but if your preferred positions are these two, then you’ll have a fantastic rest. The top layer has seven magical zones (made of polymer) that will support and hug your entire body from head to toes.
  • Seek a bed that provides pressure relief – Snuz is designed to offer the ultimate pressure relief and allows you to find your best position without too much moving. Its first layer is ultra responsive and contouring so no matter how you position yourself, your body won’t feel pressured.
  • Like sleeping on cooler mattresses – Although this is a foam bed its first layer is enriched with a grooved polymer that allows airflow, while the second layer contains charcoal that draws moisture off the sleeping surface, keeping your bed fresh. The cover also provides coolness.
  • Prefer sleeping on foam – This is a mattress that provides excellent comfort and support, and its foam layers and zones are skillfully combined, so your entire body gets enough pressure relief and contouring. You’ll never again wake up with pain in your body.

Snuz Mattress Isn’t for You If

  • You prefer spring mattresses – If you’re one of those people that like springs far more than foam, then this should not be your option. It has enough bounce and contouring, but if the foam isn’t your go-to choice, then you need to pick another one.
  • Prefer either firm or soft sleeping surface – Snuz is a moderately firm and is ideal for all sleeping positions, but some people may feel the best when they sleep on extra soft or extra firm surfaces.
  • You don’t need a surface that provides pressure relief – Snuz’s seven zones will relieve any pressure from your shoulders, spines, hips, and knees, but for people who don’t have problems with these points and don’t find this feature useful, then it might not be the ideal choice.

Our Outline of Structure, Materials and Layers

Construction of Bed Reviewed

Right below the removable cover, Snuz contains three layers that provide comfort and support. The first layer is divided into seven zones, and each of them gives ergonomic support and reduces pressure to the right spots.

Let’s check every layer in details:

  • Cover – The cover is made of breathable fabric, especially used to provide coolness to the whole surface. It also protects the bed from dust mites and is ideal for everyone with sensitive skin. You can remove it quickly, just unzip it, and you’re done.
  • First Layer – This famous layer is unique for many reasons. First, it’s a 2-inch high-density polymer that reduces pressure and gives coolness and freshness. Zones 1,3,5 and 7 provide you with support (head, spine, keens, and feet) while zones 2,4 and 6 are providing a sweet pressure relief (shoulders, hips and lower parts of your legs). Side sleepers will adore it because of these seven zones.
  • Second Layer – Infused with charcoal, this 2-inch memory foam layer provides a heavenly comfort. This layer is also responsible for absorbing odors, but it also absorbs moisture, keeping the sleeping surface always pleasant, dry and fresh.
  • Base – The thickest part of Snuz is its foundation; its 6-inches of thick and durable foam give stability and support.

Firmness Level (Our First Impression)

Snuz – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

We love a medium firm mattress; it’s ideal for sleeping on your side and back. Stomach sleepers too will have a comfortable rest on it, but we don’t recommend it for lightweight stomach sleepers. The top layer is impeccably made, and the seven zones are going to make your night rest peaceful and free of tossing and turning.

The zones are allowing you a little sinking (especially for side position) relieving the pressure in the usual pressure points. Snuz is excellent when comes to contouring, and if you seek a mattress that will reduce your back and joint pains, then you no longer have to search.

Our Valuation on Cooling

It reduces heat thanks to the first polymer layer that has three parts with an added grooved polymer that draws heat off the sleeping surface. This is important because without it the foam might not be able to keep the mattress cool. Besides that, these three zones provide airflow and heat excess.

The middle layer (also memory foam) is infused with charcoal, an excellent material that draws moisture away and keeps the Snuz dry, free of unpleasant odors and always fresh. The cover too, has cooling features, so Snuz is always pleasantly crisp to the touch. Final word – it’s a breathable and fresh bed.

Edge Support

Support and Pressure Relief

This mattress has excellent edge support. Thanks to its thick base the whole mattress has a stable and supportive sleeping surface. When comes to edges, there is some sinking, mainly when you sit and your weight is not distributed all over the surface. So, you won’t fall on the floor, but you can feel that the edges aren’t as supportive as the middle; there isn’t additional foam enclosure, which makes the edges not so solid.

Motion transfer is almost perfect; top layer contains polymer which produces some vibrating when you move. But it’s an excellent choice for couples, because even though the top layer does allow you to feel some movements, the middle and the base absorb everything else, making it quite calm.


  • 100-night sleep trial – You can test it for more than three months, and if you decide to return it, you can get a refund.
  • 10-year warranty – The company offers a decently extended warranty.
  • Order online – For now they only sell only on their website; order and save extra $100 on any purchase.

Ratings of Snuz Mattress Review

9.2 Total Score

This is the best choice for side and back sleepers who want to sleep on a surface that cradles the body and supports every crucial pressure point. This mattress is carefully designed to keep you supported, fresh and allows you to fall asleep fast and without any feeling of discomfort.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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Reviewing and testing Snuz was a delight; we slept on a bed that has a top layer divided into seven zones, and each of them is added to give you comfort and reduces the pressure off your shoulders, spine, and knees. We are fascinated with the knowledge that manufacturers have; it takes a visionary to design something as comfortable and supportive as Snuz. Literally, every joint, muscle and pressure point on our bodies felt cradled and supported. We agreed that Snuz seemed like a custom made.

In fact, its three layers are smartly combined to provide stability and comfort. We loved how well it reduces the pressure from the crucial pressure points; on top of that, the middle and the first layer give coolness and freshness. The charcoal and the grooved polymer reduce excess body heat and absorb unpleasant odors and moisture, so it always feels dry and cool.

It has decent edge support (with a little sinking) and a marvelous absorbance of motion vibrations.

For now, the company only sells online but offers a decade-long warranty and 100 nights sleep trial.

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