Our Complete Spindle Bed Review for 2018 – How it Stack Ups?

Natural fibers are quite a rarity in online sold mattresses which is why Spindle made us extremely curious and eager to review it.

But it’s not just about the Continuous Pour Dunlop Natural Latex (the main material in the layers); it’s also about how this bed is delivered and how it needs to be installed. It takes a bit more work and has you actually stacking the layers inside the mattress!

Made you curious? In this case, take a look at our in-depth review and learn about the one luxury latex mattress that can be bought online and is delivered to you in several boxes. Of course, for the short version of the story, there’s a summary here.

Like Spindle Bed Benefits If

  • You like the idea of an affordable latex surface – All natural latex is quite expensive and it’s not that easy to find online. But Spindle managed to find a way to make it more accessible to regular folks.
  • You like choosing the firmness level – Unlike most producers, Spindle allows buyers to choose from four different levels of firmness (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm).
  • You need a hypoallergenic surface – Latex is well known for its anti-microbial qualities and the fact that it doesn’t allow fungal growth to develop in the foam. So, if you have asthma or suffer from any other allergies, Spindle is the perfect surface for you.
  • You want 100% natural fibers – The cool thing with this snooze surface is that everything is natural. The inner-structure is designed with three layers of Continuous Pour Dunlop Natural Latex while the cover is made with wool and organic cotton.
  • You like the idea of assembling your bed – Yes, you read it right! Spindle comes in three separate boxes and you need to stack each layer in the cover.
  • You have a frame with slates or a platform bed – For the latex to be able to breathe, the surface must be installed on a frame that allows free airflow underneath. Of course, you can buy a new frame or simply order the one Spindle has.
  • You want a bouncy, supportive surface – Latex is well-known to be bouncy, which is why most medical facilities use such mattresses. Still, the one from Spindle has a bit of a soft side that contours the body and cradles the curves (at least on some firmness levels).

You Won’t Like Spindle Mattress If

  • You want the memory foam feel – Spindle is quite far from the slow, soft, sinking memory foam feel. But it is great for back support and keeps your spine well-aligned.
  • You need a lightweight foam surface – If you or your bed frame can’t handle a heavier snooze surface, you may want to reconsider your interest in Spindle. Natural latex is heavier than foam, and it requires at least two people for the installation phase.
  • You want a surface that will pop to life out of the box –This is a mattress with some assembly required. We know that not all clients will be up for such a task, but the result is pretty amazing!
  • Kind of high maintenance – Their beds require a specific type of frame because it needs plenty of airflow running around underneath. Also, because there is no glue in between the layers, there is a tiny chance these may shift in time. If this happens, you will have to unzip the cover and re-arrange.

The Layers

The Latex Layers Reviewed

The surface is 10 inches tall and is made of three layers of natural latex stacked on top of each other. The only difference between the layers stands in the level of firmness, starting with the base that is the densest and going up to the first layer that provides comfort.

The difference in firmness is decided by the type of mattress you order (soft, medium, firm, or extra firm), but you can also mix and match if you’re not completely happy with the standard order.

When you receive the product, you’ll get three boxes: a big one and two smaller ones. In the big box (which is usually labeled Open me First) you’ll find the base layer and the cover. Now, to install the mattress, you have to unzip and remove the cover’s quilted top and place each layer, in the order indicated on the boxes, inside the bottom part.

This task is quite difficult so it’s best to invite a friend over or have someone around to help you place everything right. Since you’re dealing with latex foam, each layer will feel heavy and stretchy so it may be a bit weird to shove it in the cover. Of course, there is a big chance that the layers won’t be perfectly aligned, but that’s OK.

When you’re done placing the sheets of latex on top of each other, simply add the quilted top and zip it up. And that’s it; you’re done! You can now enjoy your new, affordable latex mattress!

Each of the three layers is three inches tall, but the cover ads 0.5 to 1 inch due to the quilted top with circular knits. The soft and fluffy cover is made of organic cotton and natural wool to increase the general level of breathability of the Spindle. It also adds a bit of cushioning and is specially designed to wick heat and humidity away from your body.

Modify Your Firmness

The fact that you can assemble Spindle gives you the chance to create your own level of firmness. However, the layers you receive will follow the firmness configuration you ordered, so you can’t adjust the feeling too much.

Spindle gives you instructions on how to make your configuration feel a bit firmer by flipping the bottom layers with the holes facing up. There’s also the possibility to change layers’ order, but before you do so, you should contact the company and ask about the best way to do so.

Soft – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

According to reviews online, the soft version of Spindle is indeed soft and allows for plenty of contouring and some sinking in. Still, the surface is responsive and will react to your every movement. So, if it feels too soft, try flipping the base and intermediary layer with the holes facing up

In our opinion, the soft version works best for side sleepers who need more sinking to feel comfortable.

Medium – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Medium is the most popular configuration and comes with one Firm layer as the base and two Medium layers on top. The standard configuration has all the layers with their holes facing down, but again, it is your choice.

This is the version we reviewed and we have to admit, it’s extremely comfortable and supportive. The latex feels good through the quilted cover and it distributes weight evenly while absorbing most of the motion.

We think back sleepers are the ones who will enjoy this version the most, but side sleepers that like a firmer surface were also impressed by it.

Firm – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Now there’s not much of a difference between the Medium and Firm versions, but yes, the Firm is more bouncy and provides less contouring. This doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable!

Both back and stomach sleepers will like it, but side sleepers may as well be interested.

Extra Firm – 8/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Extra Firm is more to the taste of stomach sleepers as it doesn’t allow for that much sinkage, but according to reviews from users, it can be great for back sleepers as well. Spindle needs about 30 days to get used to it, and the latex will be slightly softened after a while, so you have to be patient.

Will it Sleep Cool?

Latex doesn’t retain heat the same way memory foam does, and all each layer has tiny holes that serve as channels for an improved airflow. Furthermore, the organic cotton and natural wool blend in the cover is specially created to provide the perfect sleeping temperature (absorbs heat when it’s hot and releases it when it’s cold).

How the Movement Feels

Movement and the Feel Audited

Natural latex used in Spindle is actually a type of foam engineered to absorb motion. The result is a surface that accommodates two partners with different sleeping patterns. It also absorbs most noises and responds immediately to your movements.


  • Free shipping – You don’t have to worry about paying extra for transport – Spindle will reach your door in a few days from your order.
  • 365-day money back guarantee – Spindle requires a bit of getting used to, but the good news is that you can do small adjustments. Still, if after 365 days you still don’t feel satisfied, all you have to do is donate the mattress to a charity of your choice. The company will fully refund your investment.
  • 10-year warranty – If the latex fails to provide comfort during the first 10 years, Spindle will replace your bed. Still, natural latex is usually more durable, and you might have it for more.
  • 25-year comfort life program – Spindle allows you to buy replacement parts at a discounted price so you can get the most out of the surface for as long as possible.

Ratings of Spindle Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score
Fantastic Product

All-natural latex mattresses are a rare occurrence at such affordable prices, but the features Spindle provides are even more difficult to find in other products. This is a fantastic, unique product, designed for people who love customization and good quality.

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We have to admit it: Spindle surprised us. We didn’t expect that an all-natural mattress could be so affordable and easy to shop for!

Besides the fact that there is indeed some assembly required and you need a friend to help you install it, the beds are extremely well-built! The latex is flexible but it still provides the sleeper with comfort and contouring, while keeping the spine aligned.

Furthermore, we loved the customization possibilities and the comfy cozy quilted cover made of cotton and wool.

At the end of the day, after reviewing a Spindle it is not for everyone, but if you want a latex mattress that won’t cost an arm and a leg, this brand may be just the right thing for you!

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