Our Detailed Guide & Tomorrow Sleep Bed Review for 2018

Tomorrow Sleep is a brand of the Serta Simmons, a bed producer that’s been around since 1931. So they had almost a century to do research, learn about sleepers’ behavior, and create the perfect sleep-inducing surface.

Tomorrow is a hybrid mattress, with both coils and layers of foam, and promises customers a fantastic experience in slumber at half the price. The company is following the bed-in-a-box concept and produces the mattresses in their own factory, in Charlotte, NC.

Below you have the opportunity to read about all the cool features but also the weaknesses, so you can make an informed decision. Of course, we also have the short version, here.

The Tomorrow Sleep Bed Positives

  • Great soft and firm combination – The main advantage in the hybrid product is the comfort they offer: not too soft and not too firm, just right.
  • There are two versions of firmness – Most beds in a box follow the one-size-fits-all concept, but Tomorrow allows customers to choose between medium-soft and medium-firm.
  • Incredible back support – The mattress’s core is made of a layer of individually wrapped coils that provide support for each inch of the surface. The coils are sensitive, and they react to the weight on top, but each coil can be pressed individually. As a result, you have support where you need it the most.
  • Sleeps cool – The materials used to make the bed and the inner-coil structure absorb the heat away from the body, providing the sleeper with optimum slumber temperature.
  • Undisturbed sleep – Even if Tomorrow has coils, the individual wrapping and the foam layers on top offer ideal motion isolation. As a result, you won’t be bothered if your partner tends to turn in their sleep.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Negatives

  • It’s not a 100% memory foam bed – This can be seen as a negative by people who like the traditionally slower response of viscoelastic. Tomorrow uses designer foam that bounces right back, so there is no lag between the moment the pressure is removed and the surface returning to normal.
  • It’s a hybrid bed compressed to fit in a box – In our opinion, this is not a negative, but some people expressed concerns about this aspect. You should know that the compression process doesn’t affect the coils or the product’s general durability. It only makes the transportation and installation process easier.

How the Inside Looks

Deep Look at Materials and Layers

The inside of the Tomorrow mattress features a 4-layer structure:

  • Cool Memory Foam With Black Diamond Phase Change Material – When you first apply pressure on the surface, you’ll notice there is sinkage. In actuality, you are pressing down on a one-inch layer of 3.5lb memory foam that is improved to absorb heat and respond faster to your actions. The phase change material is something made of tiny diamonds that keeps the entire foam cool – it’s actually cool to the touch – and adds support and responsiveness.
  • Airy Comfort Foam Layer With Gel (0.5 inches of 2.5lb foam) – The second layer is memory foam infused with a gel that takes the heat from the first layer and helps dissipate it through the surface. The layer has a bouncy foam feel and adds to the general softness.
  • Dynamic Response Foam Layer (1.5 inches of 2.6lb foam) – The transition between the comfort top layers and the coils is assured by a slower type of foam that has the role to keep you on top of the mattress and not sinking into it.
  • Support Layer – 800 high-carbon steel coils pocketed using nonwoven fabric that adds stability. This is the bed’s base and supports all the layers on top. It’s also the layer that provides back support and firmness.

Besides the layers mentioned above, the company added 3-inch Ventilated Foam Side Rails that provide amazing edge support and allow air to move freely from one side to the other. There is also a 1-inch base foam, right under the coils, for increased protection and durability.

The breathable cover is made of polyester and nylon, and we find it to be stretchy and thin. Its main role is to improve the general design and provide sleepers with a soft, nice surface before they actually get to enjoy the layers. And because it’s thin, it doesn’t contribute to the general plushness.

The Firmness and the Feel

Tomorrow allows customers to choose between two different firmness versions: a soft and a firm product. We reviewed them both and below you can learn the main difference and details about each.

Medium Soft – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

As you can imagine, this surface will feel softer. While reviewing it, we learned it’s better fitted for side sleepers or lightweight people because it allows for a lot of sinkage.

While both mattresses have the same height, there are structural differences between them. For instance, the top comfort layer in the soft version is 4.8lbs density, instead of just 3.6lbs used for the firm version.

The second difference appears in the second layer, where we found 2-inches of Airy Comfort Foam (instead of just 0.5 used in the firm version). This improves pressure relief and gives the surface more sinkage.

Finally, we noticed that the third layer doesn’t exist in the soft version, and it was replaced by the increased Airy Comfort Foam layer. So, without a bouncy layer, the mattress is softer (given the name).

In conclusion, the soft version of Tomorrow only has two top layers, one layer of coils, and one base of foam. They kept the side panels for edge support, and the cover is the same for both models.

Medium Firm – 7/10 (Firmness Scale)

The Firm version from Tomorrow is also the most popular one because many sleepers find it comfortable and supporting. This is the type of snooze surface that will keep you top of all the layers, not sinking into them. It’s also the one that provides a good sleeping experience for both back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers can enjoy it too.

Temperature Regulating Technology

Analysis of the Mattress

There are three different technologies at work when it comes to keeping things cool in the Tomorrow mattress. First, there is the black diamond phase changing material, specially created to attract heat and send it away.

Second, the gel infusions on the second layer of foam continue the process, and third, the pocketed coils create an airy core with enough space for the heat to be dissipated. Not to mention that the side panels that support the edges have perforations! This supports the air movement and keeps things fresh inside your bed.

Motion Transfer

Balls on the Bed

Most of the time, we share a bed with a partner or a furry friend, and there’s nothing worse than being woken in the middle of the night because the other one changed positions!

With Tomorrow, this nightmare can be easily avoided. Even though Tomorrow does have coils, the pocketing technology is extremely efficient at isolating motion. Of course, there is some motion transfer, but during our reviews, we didn’t manage to wake the person sleeping on the other side.

In conclusion, if you’re not a really light sleeper, you won’t feel a thing when the other one tosses and turns.


  • 365-night trial – Tomorrow is one of the few brands that have so much trust in their product to allow for a full-year, risk-free, trial period. Basically, you can use the surface for a year and then decide if you like it or not!
  • Free shipping and returns – Like most bed-in-a-box companies, Tomorrow will send and pick up the product without charging you a transportation fee.
  • White glove delivery – The company won’t just deliver the bed, it will also install it in your bedroom, clean up after themselves, and take the old mattress off your hands!
  • A company with a long history – Serta Simmons, the Tomorrow brand owner, has been around for about a century. They have well-established processes, and they don’t test their products on you.
  • 10-year warranty – Tomorrow guarantees their product will be around for about 10 years.

Ratings of Tomorrow Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score
Wonderful Product

The product brings a lot of great features and for a good price! So, if you like the combination of coils and foam, you should put Tomorrow on your list.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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While reviewing the Tomorrow Sleep we were impressed with the level of comfort (on both versions), a proved devotion for high-quality products, 100% American work, and several technologies designed to keep the surface cool – what more could you ask from a mattress?

After having reviewed the Tomorrow brand, we don’t state it will be perfect for everyone. But we do state that most sleepers will find it perfectly soothing for their sleep problems. The combination of foam and coils is the hype right now, and this brand managed to find the sweet spot of comfort.

Overall, the product has a lot to offer (considering the price), and there are plenty of happy owners out there!

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