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Tulo is a rather new bed-in-a-box product you can actually try in a showroom (of course, if you’d rather buy it online, the option is still available)! Produced by Mattress Firm, this snooze surface has three different versions of firmness and it is available at an affordable price.

The first thing we loved was the general design and the fact that, at the base, it is a foam mattress, with several different layers of density and firmness. This means the surface is soft and cozy, without being too springy.

To learn more about the Tulo and the level of firmness that suits you best, read our opinions below. To get a short review of our experience, read our summary here.

You Should Give a Tulo Bed a Try If

  • You like choosing the firmness level – Many beds sold online are only available in a medium-firm setting which can be confusing (is it firm, is it soft, who knows exactly?). Tulo understands that there’s no one bed for all, which is why it offers three different versions of firmness.
  • You understand the efficiency of a foam snooze surface – Foam is a fantastic material, especially when several layers of different densities are combined! This is one of the features that make this bed such a wonderful product.
  • You want to test it before paying – Tulo is one of the few mattresses you can buy online, but test first. Mattress Firm has over 3,400 locations nationwide so you can choose the one closest to you and give them a visit.
  • You want good motion transfer – If there is something foam is good at, it’s motion isolation! Because there are no coils to send the movement of your partner to your side, you both can enjoy your dreams in peace.
  • You want a cool-sleeping surface – Due to the different types of foam used for the inside, Tulo is one of the cool-sleeping foam surfaces you ought to try.

You Shouldn’t Give a Tulo Mattress a Try If

  • You want an innerspring – The surface is firmer than regular viscoelastic beds, but no coils have been used for the inner structure. This means there won’t be any push-back from the inside and there’s minimum bounciness.
  • Are not OK with off-gassing – Any foam snooze surface requires a bit of airing before using it. However, the smell goes away very fast and even the most sensitive of customers can’t feel it after 24 to 48 hours.
  • You are extremely interested in natural fibers – In this situation, you should consider choosing a different brand, because you won’t find such features in this product.

Construction and Design

The Layers of Tulo

Tulo is a 10-inch mattress, with a 3 comfort layers construction and a base layer of high-density foam. The general feeling is of pressure relief, a bit of hugging (different according to the type of firmness you need), and good responsiveness with little motion transfer.

Overall, there are four layers inside:

  • First, there is a layer of proprietary memory foam of 3.25lb. This is 2 inches thick and provides the sleeper with comfort and contouring. The foam is a blend of titanium particles and Cool Flow viscoelastic material that allows the air to move unhindered.

The first layer of foam is great for keeping the heat away from the body and distributing the weight evenly throughout the surface.

  • The second layer is Responsive Poly Foam and it is 1.5 inches thick. The peak and valley design takes the heat from the first layer and sends it forward to the edges. This is the layer that adds responsiveness to the surface and keeps things balanced with the softness of the first one.
  • Finally, the third comfort layer is 5lb High Resiliency Firm Foam and has 1.5 inches in thickness. Its main role is durability and reduced compression. It also ensures the transition between the top two layers and the base so you may feel it better if you are heavy set.
  • The base is 5 inches thick, is made of 8lb High Density Foam and it is responsible for supporting the other three. It also provides the bed with durability. This is the layer that comes in contact with the frame and keeps everything together, as a solid, well-designed product.

All these layers are encased in a knitted cover made of Polyester and Tencel that allows the entire combination to breathe and dissipate heat. During our review, we noticed the cover is elastic, and the fact that the band and Tulo label come in a different color for each level of firmness. So, there is orange for soft, hot pink for medium, and purple for the firm.

The Tulo base is covered with thicker, dark material, so you can’t actually flip it over. However, given the way the layers are arranged, it would probably be a bad idea to do so. You can rotate it though, so feel free to do that if you feel this will help increase durability.

Choose Your Firmness

As we already mentioned, Tulo comes in three different firmness settings: soft, medium, and firm. Let’s see what exactly each of these mean, and who are actually for.

Soft – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

This version allows for more sinkage and it’s great for side sleepers or back sleepers who love the idea of a plush surface. The main advantage is in the pressure relief action because it’s more of a ‘sleep in’ kind of bed.

Medium – 6/10 (Firmness Scale)

Because it offers a perfect blend of soft and firm, the medium version is the most popular. It accommodates all kinds of positions and it’s a perfect choice for when you’re sharing it with a partner with different sleep preferences.

Firm – 8/10 (Firmness Scale)

Finally, this is the version for stomach sleepers or people who enjoy a bit more firmness from their snooze surface. It works just as well for people who like more support for their spine without the plush comfort of a soft layer.

Cooling Comfort

Sleeping Great

Tulo is an all-foam bed and even with a clever combination of layers, some similar products still have an overheating problem. To keep things on the cool side, the company introduced a special layer that allows the air to flow through the mattress, taking the heat away.

The cover is also part of the cooling system because it is specially designed to allow air to move outwards and inwards as needed. However, if you know you are a hot sleeper, we recommend getting a firmer version. While reviewing a Tulo, we noticed that the soft version gets a bit hotter with heavier people.

Soreness Relief

Two Sleeping Positions

The first and second layers are designed to help with pressure relief while the third layer promotes back support and good spine alignment. In combination with the sturdy base, the entire surface is perfect for people who suffer from aching joints and lower back problems.

During our review, the team noticed another feature that helps with a good night sleep: great edge support. Most foam mattresses that come packed in a box are not that great at keeping it together around the edges, but Tulo behaves admirably! There will be no rolling-out-of-bed sensation and the surface won’t lose shape while you’re sitting.

Much More

  • 120-night trial period – Whether you buy Tulo online or from a regular store, the product comes with an extended trial period so you can test it in your home.
  • Free version swapping – If you’re not happy with the version you bought (soft, medium, or firm) you can ask for a different one, and Mattress Firm will swap them for free.
  • 10-year warranty – Covers the product and manufacturing defects.
  • Delivered in a box – Regardless of where you buy it from, Tulo comes in a cute box for easy installation and transport.
  • Free shipping & returns – It doesn’t matter where you chose it; shipping and returns are free.

Ratings of Tulo Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

A great snooze surface for all kinds of sleepers, with the possibility to test it before buying. We love the design, features, and easiness that are trait characteristics of the Tulo!

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Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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After reviewing and testing the Tulo we came to a conclusion that it’s a great company that’s not just offering offers customers the possibility to choose between firmness versions; they also give you the possibility to do some testing first! The product has interesting features, it is comfortable (when you get the right firmness for your needs), and has good support from the producer.

Not to mention, the price is affordable and the perks (extended trial period, good warranty, free shipping, and more) are a very nice touch!

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