Our Comprehensive Voila Hybrid Bed Review for 2018

Voila is one of the few innersprings that comes compressed in a box. It’s also a wonderful combination of coils, memory foam, and Talalay latex that actually makes sense for the regular mattress buyer.

Unlike most bed-in-a-box concepts, the Voila stays away from the universal surface that features the one-size-fits-all model. With the size, users have the possibility to choose out of three different firmness settings, which is a huge advantage.

Since we were intrigued by the multi-layer construction, and the cool features, we did a thorough review of the Voila. Below you can read our impressions in detail, but for the short version, the summary is here.

Give Voila Bed a Try If You

  • Enjoy a bouncy, but soft surface – The Voila is a hybrid sleeping surface, meaning you’ll enjoy the best features of foam and innerspring beds. The top has the softness, while the core has the push-back action of springs.
  • Want a unique experience – We loved the inclusion of Talalay latex right underneath the first layer (quite a unique feature!). As we reviewed it, the surface did indeed offer a springy sleeping experience.
  • Need reinforced edge support – Because of the compression process, few products sold online come with any real edge support. However, with Voila, there is superior triple edge support.
  • Like keeping it cool – The fabric used to cover all the layers is porous and keeps the air circulation going unhindered. This allows the surface to absorb the body heat and send it away, through the surface.
  • Want an innerspring with little motion transfer – Most hybrid beds have the motion transfer problem solved, but Voila uses the technology of pocketed coils, supporting five zones of foam.
  • You don’t like that one-size-fits-all concept – Producers that sell online tend to make one type of firmness, to satisfy everyone’s needs with a single product. However, this also means there’s no personalization possible, and Voila wanted you to have some control over how your bed will feel.

Don’t Give Voila Mattress a Try If You

  • Are looking for memory foam feeling – Due to the coils, the Voila doesn’t have that soft, sink in feeling. So, if softness and sinkage is what you want, you should consider a different product.
  • Consider off-gassing a flaw – Each bed that contains foam needs a short off-gassing period, and for Voila, the period is reduced to one or two days. It’s not long, but it is necessary.
  • The concept of an innerspring bed-in-a-box is unsettling to you – No, the coils aren’t broken when the mattress is rolled into the box. The technology allows for the product and its insides to get to you in one piece, without any effects on durability or performance.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Layers of Mattress

With Voila, you get a showroom quality hybrid mattress that is delivered in a box. In our opinion, you get the best out of all the worlds since this is an innerspring bed, with the feel of a bouncy foam mattress that comes wrapped around in a box.

Voila’s height differs according to the level of firmness, but they all come with 12 different layers stacked over each other to create the ultimate snoozing surface with both comfort and back support.

Yes, you read it right! There are 12 layers, and we’ll discuss each and every one of them here:

  • Cover – Made of breathable fabric (polyester), the cover keeps everything together and allows the air to flow. This layer is thin but stretchy, and the sides are made of mesh, to improve the air circulation and help with temperature regulation. Immediately under the cover, there is a protective layer that will smother out flames in case of a fire.
  • Memory foam infused with gel (0.75 inches) – Here is where most of the temperature control happens. The layer absorbs heat from your body, and the gel infusion is responsible for transporting it to the entire surface. This is also a soft layer, which is why you’ll still get to enjoy that memory foam feeling.
  • Performance layers – This is actually an area of five different layers that help increase the overall comfort. So, you have another layer of gel memory foam, but thicker (1.75 inches), a layer of latex foam (0.75 inches), edge support foam (2.25 inches), support foam (0.25 inches), and one fiber insulator pad. The foam that supports the edge is hollow in the middle and encapsulated the latex layer. As we reviewed the surface, we appreciated the feel of latex, because it counteracts the softness of the thick viscoelastic foam.
  • Pocketed coils – each coil is individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer, and the entire layer is distributed on a five-zone layout to give support exactly where is needed. This gives the Voila a contouring feature you don’t see in regular innersprings. You should also know that each mattress comes with 768 coils – the number is important for overall firmness and quality.
  • Triple layer edge support – We start with another layer of edge support foam (6.25 inches) that wraps around the coils, and we continue with a fiber insulator pad, a layer of support base foam (1 inch), and a layer of base foam (0.5 inches).

As you can see, Voila is one complicated mattress! However, each layer ads to the overall comfort and feel so the number of layers shouldn’t scare you. It’s also a testament to durability, given the fact that the coils are protected by a layer of support foam.

When we were reviewing it (we chose the medium level of firmness), it seemed a bit stiff at first, but the surface will adapt to your body in a few days. We also enjoyed the motion isolation and the fact that there are five different zones of support.

3 Different Firmness Levels

Feel of Cover

The Voila offers three options for firmness and we’ll discuss each one here.

Plush – 3.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

According to Voila and reviews online, this level of firmness is similar to deluxe softness but with good support. So, if you prefer a soft surface, that allows you to sink in a little bit and melt your worries away, this is the firmness for you.

It’s like lying down on a cloud that’s 12-inches high (this is the tallest of the three mattresses) but you don’t sink in too much because the coils and latex layer will be there for support.

We believe that the Plush may be better suited for side and back sleepers because they need more lumbar support (when lying on the back), and pressure relief (when on the side). The thick memory foam layer will offer better contouring and the layers underneath will offer the amazing support needed for a good spine position during sleep.

Medium – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Outstanding support and cushioning on the same surface – That’s how it feels like to lie down on top of the medium Voila! This one is 11 inches high and has a firm, but gentle sensation. The top layer is still there with contouring and softness, but the bed feels firmer.

This is great for most back sleepers who like a more firm sensation, but could also work for side sleepers who don’t like too much contouring.

Firm – 9/10 (Firmness Scale)

If you’re more into tough love than anything else, or you tend to sleep on your stomach, the firm option may just be the right fit. This version is only 10 inches thick, but it doesn’t mean you’ll wake up with aching joints!

The Firm Voila is extremely supportive and the five-zone pocket coils technology feels amazing on this surface! You’ll also get the most kick out of the latex layer because you can feel how springy it is, but there is still a memory foam layer to cushion everything out.

If you are heavier and need more support, this is the option for you!

Cooling Effect While You Sleep

Bed in a Box Diagram

The body temperature tends to drop down when you sleep, which is why you are uncomfortable when it’s hot and you sweat. Even more, viscoelastic foam (which is the top layer of Voila) is known to sleep hot because of its naturally dense structure.

This is one of the reasons why this snoozing surface uses gel infusions in the foam. It opens the structure and reduces the temperature in the mattress, allowing air to flow and take your body heat with it. Another factor that helps with the cooling effect is the cover – because the top is porous and the sides are designed with mesh, the air can go in and out easily.

Triple-Edge Support Feature

You don’t usually find good edge support with beds that come in a box, but Voila managed to improve this aspect. They use two different support foam layers and 768 pocketed coils to keep the edges up. During our review time, the edge felt amazing and not once did we feel like we would be rolling out of bed.

This feature makes the bed great even for heavy set people and improves the overall durability and longevity of this product.

Other Features

  • 100-night trial – The company is happy to give you a trial period of 100 nights, after which you can return the product and get your money back. They’ll only request is to give it 30 days to adjust to new conditions.
  • 10-year warranty – Only covers defects in manufacturing and you will not be reimbursed if the bed has been used improperly.
  • One free exchange – If you’re not happy with the firmness you chose, the company will happily exchange it for a new one (once) during the 100 night trial period. However, you will have to cover the delivery cost as a separate fee.
  • Returned products go to a local charity – Voila doesn’t re-sell the products that were tested and refused, which is why, if you want to return it, they will put you in touch with a local charity.

Ratings of Voila Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score

Voila is a wonderful combination between the firmness of springs, the softness of foam, and springiness of latex! We loved the feel, the overall high-quality, and amazing support.

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Voila is a hybrid mattress, but even though it has innerspring, it comes in a box, as most mattresses bought online.

It features a rich inner-structure, with 12 different layers of foam, latex, and coils, but manages to keep it together on the surface. The end result is outstanding because it offers support exactly where you need it (the coils are divided into five different zones of support) but it doesn’t let you down on the edges either.

In our opinion, it is a durable mattress, with interesting features. Finally, the fact that you can choose the desired firmness is definitely a plus!


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