Our Detailed Wink Beds Hybrid Mattress Review for 2018 (Highly Recommended)

Most companies that sell luxury beds seem to take praise in making the process complicated and confusing. There’s lots of information about different luxurious materials, layers over layers, features that don’t actually make sense, and more.

Not to mention, the prices are sky-high and not everyone can consider such a mattress. That until you see the WinkBeds product! With a revolutionary platform, new technology, and a transparent selling process, this company managed to redefine the meaning of luxury in the bedroom!

Of course, we were curious to test the product that will (supposedly) make us feel in the clouds, and we weren’t disappointed when we reviewed it! Continue reading to check all the fantastic details or read the summary here, to get the short version.

Take On WinkBeds If You

  • Want good support and comfort – Support and comfort are not always naturally brought together in the world of mattresses, but the WinkBeds product does it beautifully. Reviews from users all over the country tell us WinkBeds is fantastic in both categories (and we can vouch for that).
  • Like the use of modern technology – The WinkBeds mattress is no ordinary snooze surface; it’s one that comes with new technology for highly personalized temperature control. CoolControl remote can actually be set using your smartphone (but more about it below).
  • Appreciate the power of a hybrid product – WinkBeds combines two worlds: the softness of foam and the firmness of springs in one incredibly comfortable surface.
  • Like the possibility of choosing the level of firmness – Firmness is very important and not everyone perceives it the same. This is why the company decided to offer three different versions rather than mashing everything in a one-level-fits-all product.
  • Want to invest in a durable product – Besides the nice features, WinkBeds is also durable. According to tests done by a third-party, the surface will resist wear and tear quite nicely and for a long time.
  • Value quality but don’t want to pay too much – The luxury industry is greedy and many producers will simply add a layer of foam that doesn’t do anything for the comfort, just to boost the price. This is why WinkBeds is one-third the cost of traditional products – the producers are honest and keep things simple.

Don’t Take on WinkBeds Mattress If You

  • Want a foam feeling – Hybrid beds are usually firmer than regular viscoelastic material, and the surface is more responsive. In the case you want to feel the mattress hugging you, WinkBeds may not be the perfect
  • Don’t trust a hybrid product – The Wink bed is a high-quality product and the combination of foam and springs is a fantastic idea. Even more, it’s not new in the industry as many brands practice it successfully.
  • Want a mattress to can be installed on any surface – WinkBeds is a product that requires a slatted frame or a platform, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle if you really like the product.
  • Are set on a 100% natural product – If this is the case, we recommend going with a different producer as the foam doesn’t contain natural fibers. The company doesn’t use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, but the inner-structure is still foam and coils.

What’s Inside the Bed?

Top Cover

It’s important to know that we’re not talking about a bed that can be compressed to fit into a box. It is thicker than regular hybrid mattresses sold online and the inner-structure is a bit more complex, to ensure maximum comfort for all kinds of sleepers.

Speaking of the structure, let’s take a look at what’s inside:

  • HYPERSOFT Foam – The surface starts with a thin, soft layer which will give WinkBeds’ product amazing contouring properties. This is the one responsible with the general plush feeling you feel on all three versions of firmness.
  • STABILIZING Gel – Once you go past the softness of the first layer, you encounter a buoyant layer that supports the softness on top and makes the transition towards the first layer of springs. This layer is the one supporting your back and creating that wonderful combination of firm and soft.
  • Air Springs (Pocketed)– Going deeper under the surface, we find the layer in charge of keeping everything cool and dry.
  • Support Pad for Lumbar – Making the transition between the comfort layers on top and the pocketed coils, this layer is the one that keeps your lumbar area well-supported.
  • Tempered Coils (Pocketed) – We finally reached the core of the bed, where steel pocketed coils provide push-back and compression when needed. The coils are specially designed to provide high movement isolation and react according to the movement on top. This is the layer that offers optimal spine alignment and it will relief a pressure from your back.

But the reviewing journey doesn’t stop here as the Wink bed has a bit more elements to consider. First, it’s the high ILD that goes around the coils to offer backing and protection. It’s also the element that helps keep the edge from losing shape under pressure.

Next, if you need extra cooling, the snooze surface from WinkBeds can be fitted with the coolControl base, that goes under the layer of coils and regulates the temperature according to your needs.10-year

Finally, the Tencel cover helps the cooling process by allowing the air to move in and out without an obstacle. The cover is soft and stretchy, and we appreciate the general look it creates.

Firmness Levels

You already know there are three WinkBeds versions and now it’s time to talk about each of them separately.

Soft – 4.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Designed with side sleepers in mind, the surface on top gives more sinkage. This happens because the coils are more flexible and there is an extra comfort layer of designer foam on top, to add to the contouring properties.

We recommend this to both side and back sleepers, but only if you like to sink into the mattress a little bit. The coils will push you back, but the surface is soft, which is great for pressure relief, of course!

Luxury Firm – 6.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Because it is the best version, we decided to make our review on it. After doing tests and having the team sleep on it, we agree that WinkBeds is indeed a medium-firm surface and offers the same performance as the products you usually encounter in luxury hotels.

The surface is still soft, with contouring properties, but the action of the springs is a bit more powerful here. Because it situates somewhere in the middle on the firmness scale, it’s the version we’d recommend when you share the bed with a partner. It’s also great if you don’t have a favorite sleeping position and tend to move around a lot during the night.

Firm – 7.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

According to reviews from other users, the firm version is perfect for sleepers who favor firmness or are heavier because the coils are a bit stronger and offer better compression and pressure relief.

So, if lumbar support is important for you and you like the idea of sleeping on the surface, rather than in it, the firm WinkBeds product is the best choice.

Quick note: WinkBeds also has a Plus product, designed for heavy set people (over 300lb). This one has more powerful coils, denser layers of foam, and better edge support.

Customize & Adjust Your Cooling Comfort

Wink Bed App

Besides the inner layers, WinkBeds can also provide interested buyers with a proprietary base that contains advanced cooling technology (coolControl). The base is quiet and energy efficient and it can be controlled using a smartphone app.

The app allows users to set different cooling on each mattress side of the bed. According to the specifications, the base allows users to raise the temperature by about 30 degrees and lower it by up to 10.

Edge Support

Support on the Edge of Mattress

The layer that dresses the coils is made of high quality dense foam which is why the edge is also extremely well supported. The translation here is that you can sleep close to the edge and you’ll not get the feeling that you’ll roll out of bed if you make any sudden moves.

The edge is also great for sitting because it doesn’t lose shape even after long periods of time.


  • 100% American-made product – All the materials used are of US origin and all the products are put together in the company’s facility in Wisconsin.
  • Handmade once you place the order – The work only starts once a buyer places an order because each WinkBeds product is handmade. So, all the materials used are fresh.
  • 101-night trial period – The trial period is a risk-free time for you to test the product and decide if it really fits your needs. It’s a way to compensate for the fact that you can’t try it before purchase.
  • Free shipping & returns – As we already mentioned, WinkBeds doesn’t come in a box, but it will deliver to your doorstep.
  • White gloves delivery – If you want the product delivered to your bedroom and installed, the company does offer this option, but for a few.
  • Removal of (old mattress)– Yes, you can ask for the delivery team to take your old snooze buddy, but again, may cost you extra.
  • Shipping only to the continental USA – Sadly, right now, WinkBeds only ships to the continental This means Alaska and Hawaii are not on their list of locations.
  • Full replacement warranty (10-year )– This covers the entire product and manufacturing defects.

Ratings of WinkBeds Mattress Review

9.1 Total Score

WinkBeds is a luxury hybrid mattress at the price of a regular one. Even so, it has all the great features you usually find in high-end products and plenty of customers are happy to own it!

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Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
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When we first started reviewing a hybrid luxury mattress, we didn’t quite expect to find all the qualities that actually make high-end products so desirable. But the Wink bed amazed us with good back support, high-quality materials, and clever construction.

We loved the fact that you can choose the level of firmness, the modern technology in the coolControl base, and the wonderful cover that holds everything together. At the end of the day, WinkBeds is a surface for sleepers of all sizes and shapes!

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