Zotto Bed Review for 2018 (Our Comprehensive Assessment)

We are especially happy to hear that what was once a Kickstarter campaign, has turned into a professional and successful company that produces quality-made mattresses.

After we checked Zotto and their work we decided to review their bed and see what they sell to their clients. We have to say that it was a pleasure to discover all the magic that Zotto offers.

The mattress is moderately firm, being somewhere in the middle of the firmness scale. The soft surface is inviting and pleasant when you lay down, but this bed is far more than that.

If you want to discover everything that Zotto offers, keep reading our extended review down below; if you’re in a hurry click here.

Have the Most Comfortable Sleep in Zotto Bed If You

  • Prefer softer mattresses – Zotto has a moderate level of firmness, ideal for people who sleep in every sleeping positions. The combination of four foam layers provides great contouring, comfort, softness and excellent support.
  • Love beds with great cooling effect – This one will keep you in an entirely regulated temperature during the whole night. We loved how fresh it feels the moment you lay down.
  • Are a fan of all-foam beds – Zotto is a foam construction and was built with four layers that have various density; each of them provides different levels of comfort, contouring, and support.
  • Seek a bed that will not provide you any pressure – We tested it in every sleeping position and thanks to its moderate firmness this bed does not provide any discomfort nor any unpleasant pressure that will keep you awake at night.

Zotto Mattress Is Not the Best Pick If You

  • Like spring constructions – Some people prefer sleeping on spring constructions, and if this is your preference as well, then Zotto won’t impress you.
  • Seek a firmer bed – Whether it’s because you sleep mostly on your back or because you are a heavier person, the moderate firmness of this mattress may not be the most suitable choice for you.
  • Aren’t a fan of sinking – Once you sit or lay down on Zotto you will feel a little sinking thanks to the top layer which is soft and responds to your heat. All-foam mattresses have this feature, and if you aren’t into it, you won’t enjoy it.

In-Depth Structure and Layers Analysis

Inside the Bed and Materials Reviewed

Let’s see the detailed construction of Zotto. As we mentioned before, this is a mattress made only of foam layers with different density. It’s 10 inches thick and offers terrific comfort, bounce, and support. The manufacturers used Springtex foam (originally made by them).

  • Cover – Made of a blend of polyester and rayon, the cover feels soft to the touch, and we loved that it’s thick enough to endure pressure, movements, and adjustments. You can quickly remove it and clean it, so you will always have clean and soft protection for the layers below.
  • Top Layer – This is also the layer that provides the comfort and is 2 inches thick. It’s made of memory foam infused with a gel that slowly responds to your body and takes your shape, as you sink into it. The gel infusion is an excellent addition since it provides a cooling effect and won’t let you overheat during your rest. This layer draws heat out of the entire mattress.
  • Second Layer – Right below the first one, there is a layer that provides a perfect contouring. It is two inches thick, and the manufacturer used CoolFlow memory foam that slowly melts under your pressure and provides a little sinking, a bit deeper into the core. We adored the contouring that comes from this layer. Besides that, as the foam name says, this layer provides impressive cooling effect and reduces and regulates your body heat during the whole night.
  • Third Layer – The upper layers transition towards the foundation through this layer that was made of Springtex foam that responses fast to compression and weight pressure. The third layer creates a great barrier between the firm base and the upper layers.
  • Foundation – The base is four inches thick and is a firm and thick polyfoam that provides the entire bed with stability and support. Thanks to the base you don’t get to drop into the center, and you get up quickly and without any additional effort.

Firmness (Our Complete Audit)

Zotto – 5.5/10 (Firmness Scale)

Zotto’s reasonable firmness is going to impress people who love sleeping on surfaces that aren’t extremely firm or extremely soft. It’s the right level and is ideal for people that sleep in every sleeping position.

There wasn’t any discomfort nor pressure in the spine, hips or shoulders. The first two layers slowly melt below your weight when you lay down, but the third and fourth layers are firmer so you won’t sink into it completely. If you love slow and gentle sinkage, then Zotto will win you over the moment you sit or lay down on it.

Our Thoughts on Cooling

The first thing you need to know when comes to foam mattresses is whether they provide cooling effects. It’s a well-known fact that foams do cause some extra heating, so make sure to check whether they have any special constructions such as open cells or gel infusion like it’s the case with Zotto.

The cover is breathable, but the top two layers also provide cooling and reduce the temperate from the sleeping surface. Layer number one is gel-infused, while layer number two was constructed with CoolFlow foam which also provides excellent temperature regulation. We didn’t feel overheated while sleeping on this mattress.

Edge Support

Analysis of the Support

Foam constructions will provide some level of sinking, and as we mentioned earlier, Zotto has two layers that slowly respond to your body pressure and heat. So, sleeping in the middle and near the sides has some difference; your body weight gets a proper distribution so you will not sink in completely (in the middle of if). But, near the edges, the compression is more defined.

If you are a heavier person, this may not be your favorite, but it has an excellent foundation and enough bounce so there is no chance you will fall or drop into the core.

The motion transfer is excellent, and you will hardly notice any vibration coming from your partner’s side as they toss and turn or even when they get up.


  • 100-nights seep trial – You can return it and get a full refund.
  • Ten years of warranty – Manufacturing issues are covered under warranty.
  • Free Shipping – The company won’t charge you for this service and will deliver the mattress, compressed in a box.

Ratings of Zotto Mattress Review

9.3 Total Score

Zotto did a fantastic job by combining four quality-made foams with different level of firmness that provides softness, contouring, and support. Also, it feels cool during the resting hours and will reduce every pressure from the usual pressure points.

Quality & Materials
Comfort & Support
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Price/Cost (Value)
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We hoped that our review helped you learn everything you need to know about Zotto and its pros and cons. We loved how four foam layers with different density and firmness give one great mattress of ten inches that reduces pressure and is comfortable for sleeping in any sleeping position.

The company used fabrics (for the first two layers) that reduce body heat of the sleeping surface and won’t cause you any overheating which usually is one of the reasons for disturbed sleep. Zotto is a stable and supportive with excellent contouring features; your body pressure melts into the first layers, and they slowly respond to you, letting you take any position without too much effort. The bed, even though made of foam has decent edge support and an excellent motion transfer.

You get ten years of warranty, sleep trial of 100 nights and free shipping (they will deliver it compressed in a box).


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